The Siri Remote is designed specifically to interact with Siri-capable Apple TVs. The curvature itself is comfortable to hold and has a track pad on the upper part of the remote, which allows clicking and navigation in all the four directions. This article deals with the topic on how to use trackpad on Siri Remote.

You may feel that the area of the pad is limited and would like to use your own Magic Trackpad which offers more space.

The Trackpad gives you more control over your movement while navigating around the screen, playing games, browsing files and many more. You can calibrate the Track Pad to suit your need, change the sensitivity to improve your touch response and configure the speed based on your utility. Let’s get started with using the Trackpad on Apple TV Remote or Siri Remote.

How to Use Trackpad on Apple TV Remote

How to Use Trackpad on Siri Remote

How to Move one step at a time with Trackpad on Siri Remote

Navigate around the TV with your own pace by tapping on the pad. Here’s how:

Step 1: Touch the Trackpad with your thumb and tap in any of the four directions to move one step at a time in that direction.

Step 2: Tap till you have reached your location.

How to Swipe the Trackpad on Siri Remote

Fastest way to browse through the contents of the TV is by swiping.

1. To scroll on the TV, place your thumb on the Trackpad and swipe left, right, top, or bottom.

2. Control your pace of scrolling by slowly moving your thumb in the desired direction. To scroll fast, move your thumb from an edge of the Trackpad all the way to the other side.

3. To move around the screen, swipe left, right, top or bottom throughout the Trackpad.

4. While scrolling through lists and tables, quickly swipe up and down repeatedly.

5. While playing games packed with hack and slash, move your thumb around the Trackpad in a circular motion for faster response.

How to Adjust the sensitivity of Trackpad on the Siri Remote

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” application on your Apple TV.

Step 2: Then select “Remotes and Devices”.

Step 3: From there you have to select “Touch Surface Tracking”.

Step 4: You’ll be displayed three options to choose from which are: slow, medium, and fast.

The pace of navigation is now at your fingertips.

How to Select Trackpad to start using it on the Siri Remote

Step 1: To select an item, place your thumb on the Trackpad and press down.

Step 2: For supported games and applications, press the Trackpad twice to double – click it.

Step 3: While selecting an app, press and hold the Trackpad to activate the jiggle mode.

The functioning of Trackpad on Siri Remote is no more complicated if you have gone through these simple steps. If you do not have the Magic Trackpad or not quite surprised with the interface, Apple Watch and iPhone can be used as a substitute too. All in all, these are the mediums to enhance your experience and spend quality time using Apple TV.

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