Useful Apple Watch Tips and Trick for New Users

Did you just get a brand-new Apple Watch? Well, you are in for a surprise because the Apple Watch is much more than a simple accessory. Apple’s latest Watch Series 4 is dubbed as the best smartwatch ever made because of the plethora of features that it has to offer. In fact, Apple packed so many features in watchOS 5 that most Apple Watch users don’t even know about them all. This is why we have scoured the internet in search for the most useful Apple Watch tips and tricks that all Apple fans who want to become power users need to learn. Without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Useful Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

#1 Track Your Sleep

Track Your Sleep

The first tip that we have for Apple Watch users is to start tracking their sleep pattern. Having the information on how many hours people sleep at night is essential to planning your day, especially for busy people who like getting everything done in time. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to install a built-in sleep tracking mode to Apple Watch and this means that Apple Watch users don’t have any other option than to pick a third-party app to help them with this. On the bright side of things, there are tens of premium watchOS apps which can help Apple Watch users track their sleep and get useful information.

#2 Utilize the Digital Crown

Utilize the Digital Crown

Yes, the touchscreen of Apple Watches is nice and it makes people feel like they are using a gadget from the future. However, this is not the most effective way of browsing through apps or contacts for example. The fastest and most efficient way to browse on an Apple Watch is by using the Digital Crown. Just like the Home button works on iPhones that still have it, the Digital Crown can be used to take users to the home screen or to active Siri once the button on the Digital Crown is long pressed. Another cool tip that we want to share is that double tapping on the Digital Crown will take the user back to the last app that was used.

#3 Multiple Haptic Feedback Levels

Multiple Haptic Feedback Levels

Talking about nice Apple Watch features that make the smartwatch feel premium, haptic feedback is surely among them. On the downside of things, the haptic feedback can prove to be quite annoying when users receive lots of notifications at the same time from apps such as Facebook or Instagram for example. Luckily, Apple has thought of this and it decided to introduce multiple levels to the haptic feedback. The haptic feedback can be adjusted by Apple Watch users to fit their liking better by accessing “My Watch” and then “Sounds & Haptics”.

#4 Change the Watch Faces

Change the Watch Faces

One of the things that nearly all Apple Watch users seem to forget is that they have access to multiple Watch Faces. Therefore, we advise all Apple Watch users to try out difference Watch Faces such as Vapor, Fire and Water for example. All Watch Faces look cool and picking a more unusual one can make a Apple Watch look different than the others.

#5 Pair Your AirPods

Pair Your AirPods

Apple was the first smartphone company to remove the classic 3.5mm auxiliary jack from its devices and doing this was a big risk. However, the risk paid off and now all other high-end smartphones available on the market have also removed the 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Nonetheless, Apple also launched the wireless earbuds called AirPods when it removed the headphone jack so that Apple fans could have an official alternative other than using cable headphones that connect via the Lighting Port. Our advice for all Apple Watch users is to make sure pair their AirPods to the smartwatch. Doing this brings many benefits such as synching pone calls or checking to see how much battery charge the AirPods have left as an example.

#6 Get Music on Your Apple Watch

Get Music on Your Apple Watch

We previously mentioned that all Apple Watch users should connect their AirPods to their smartwatch and now we want to show everyone the trick to getting music on an Apple Watch. The trick here is to download Apple Music on the Apple Watch and then simply sync your playlists with the smartwatch. We should note that Apple Music is not the only music streaming platform that works with Apple Watch.

#7 Customize the App Dock

Customize the App Dock

One of the downsides about Apple Watches is that they look the same. Fortunately, this is not an issue for tech-savvy Apple Watch users because the app dock can be customized. Customizing the app dock will not only make the Apple Watch look more unique, but it will also make it easier and faster for users to access their favorite apps. To make things even better, users can add up to ten apps to the dock and this can be done by accessing “My Watch” and then the “Dock” panel. Keep in mind that apps which are marked as “Favorites” will show up at the top of the dock.

#8 Customize the Control Center

Customize the Control Center

The app dock is not the only UI (user interface) element that Apple Watch users can customize. The Control Center can also be changed to look different and to feature special elements. Taking into consideration the fact that the Control Center is the first thing that users see when they swipe up on the Watch Face, customizing it to feature all the right elements such as Wi-Fi and DnD mode, for example, is quite mandatory. There are lots of modes that Apple Watch users can introduce in their Control Center so that they can find and access them with a single tap of the touch screen.

Wrapping Things Up…

These are our eight most useful tips and tricks for Apple Watch. We hope that you learned something new today and that these tips and tricks will help you get the most out of your Apple Watch. Also, Apple Watch users should keep in mind that Apple is regularly adding new features to watchOS and therefore, updating the operating system should be a high priority for all users.

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