Apple Music is now becoming social after the release of iOS 11. Now you can share your playlists with your friends on their iOS devices. Your social circle should also be subscribed to Apple Music to listen to the shared Apple Music. In this tutorial, we will deal with three topics: share Apple Music playlist with friends and family, view which playlists you are sharing with friends in Apple Music, and view your friend’s shared playlists in Apple Music.

Before you go ahead, you should ask your friends if they have enough space on their iOS devices. Remember, music files will occupy more space on iPhone and iPad.

How to Share Apple Music Playlist with Friends and Family in iOS 11

You can share a playlist that you can edit by using Apple Music profile.

Step #1: Launch Apple Music app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Now tap on Library (if you are already there, skip this).

Step #3: Next you need to tap on Playlists.

Step #4: It is time to choose a playlist (you can select a list created by you or created by another Apple Music subscriber and added by you to your library).

Step #5: Tap on Edit button from the upper right corner of playlist.

Step #6: Toggle the switch next to Show on My Profile and in Search to the on position.

Step #7: Finally, tap on Done.

How to View Which Playlists you are Sharing with Friends in Apple Music

Step #1: First off, launch Apple Music app.

Step #2: Now tap on For You tab.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on your avatar from the upper right corner.

You can see your shared playlists in the top row of shared items.

How to View Friend’s Shared Playlists in Apple Music

Step #1: Go to Apple Music app.

Step #2: Next, tap on For You tab.

Step #3: Now tap on your avatar from the upper right corner.

Step #4: You need to tap one of your friends under Following.

You can see playlists they have shared on their profile in the top row of shared items.

That’s it!

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