VRS Design LG G6 Protective Cases: Crystal Bumper and High Pro Shield

People have special liking for bumper cases, and when they get crystal bumper, they don’t like to leave the opportunity. VRS Design, one of the leaders in manufacturing smartphone accessories, has come up with a range of bumper cases for LG G6. Crystal Bumper and High Pro Shield are two celebrated series from VRS Design, and we have got one case each from the two series. Take a look at the two VRS Design LG G6 protective cases and get one that catches your attention!

These LG G6 cases from VRS Design are arguably the best cases for your smartphone; price of the case may prevent you from clicking the order button, but once you go through its excellent features, you will be convinced why should you invest your money here.

LG G6 Bumper Cases from VRS Design



There cannot be a sturdier bumper case than VRS Design’s crystal bumper case for LG G6. You will like the thickness of this clear case that protects your LG G6 in all conditions. If you don’t believe my words, take this case in your hand, install it on your LG G6 and simply place your phone with its back touching the surface. Your phone’s camera and fingerprint sensor do not touch the surface. To protect the touch screen of your LG G6, this crystal bumper case has raised edges; so that, your phone’s touch screen never touches the surface even when you put the phone face-down. The transparent case allows you to showcase the real beauty, colour, and design of your LG G6.

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High Pro Shield is a strong shield for your LG G6. It takes you to a new era of smartphone accessories with high simplicity and uber technology. On the first look, you can easily put it aside as an ordinary case. But when you take it in your hands, you will realize that the case is made with immense care and intelligence. You will be impressed by its textured design that not only catches your attention but also keeps your case fingerprint-free. When you touch the back of this high pro shield case, you will feel that it is sand-blasted. But it is a brushed back design that creates an impression. Whether you put your phone face-down or you keep it on its back, the phone has strong grip with the surface, and this ensures it doesn’t fall from your hands when you pick it up.

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Both the cases listed above are perfect protectors of your LG G6. You may consider the price factor while placing an order for one; but given the excellent features of crystal bumper and high pro shield, you will forget the price. And you get the best product from one of the leading brands that deal in smartphone accessories. If you buy any of the cases, it will be a good judgement to protect your investment: LG G6.

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