How to Watch Netflix Offline on Mac and Windows

Entertainment apps like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime have received tremendous response from iPhone and iPad users. Apart from monthly or yearly subscription, these apps burn your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. To avoid this situation, you can always download Netflix TV shows and other contents on your iOS device. But what if you want to watch Netflix offline on Mac/MacBook Pro/Air?

There is a workaround. You can download Netflix movies and TV Shows offline on Mac and Windows by using screen recording feature. Since it is a trick, it is not easy; it includes a few steps to follow on your computer. Moreover, downloading Netflix contents means you are violating terms and conditions prescribed by Netflix. We never recommend our readers to do this frequently; this is just a piece of information/tutorial that also shows how you can watch Netflix offline on Windows PC or laptop. And if you want to do it regularly, you can do it on the risk of termination of Netflix subscription.

While recording Netflix shows, you need to keep screen recorder running when your Mac is on. This can be a tiresome method to download Netflix movies and TV Shows offline, but this is the only efficient way.

How to Watch Netflix Offline on Mac and Windows

How to Watch Netflix Offline on Mac and Windows

How to Watch Netflix Movies and TV Shows Offline on Mac

Step #1: First off, you need to install software that enables you to record your Mac’s screen. There are many pieces of software available to record screen on Mac, but you need to choose one wisely. Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder is a good option. Other options are Snagit, ScreenFlow, and Camtasia; if you want to record screen with a free piece of software, you should try Monosnap.

Before you go ahead with Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, note that the software gives you three minutes of recording at a time; for limitless recording, you need to go for the paid version.

Step #2: After downloading and installing Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, you need to adjust the settings in the software. Make sure that the software is set up to record system audio and not microphone.

For this, click on Audio Input icon to bring up a drop-down list, which lets you change the input. To record Netflix content, you need to choose ‘System Sound’. When you change the settings as mentioned, you can see that the software changes the default audio output to software and not your speakers.

Open System Preferences on your Mac and check ‘Audio’ section; you will notice sound inputs and outputs of your Mac computer.

Step #3: In the settings of Apowersoft Mac Screen Recorder, you need to explore the Options tab and choose the settings you want to include. A neat and clean output video can be achieved by removing ‘Show recording boundary’, ‘Show recording toolbar’, and ‘Record mouse cursor’.

You can also set up a custom hot key and explore your recording options.

Step #4: The default browser, i.e. Safari has no role to play here. Remember that Safari enjoys QuickTime Player integration and this disables you from recording Netflix, which shows error when you try to start recording Netflix. You can use Chrome on your Mac.

If your Mac is connected with Apple TV, you need to disconnect it as this will help you not recording any unwanted screens. Moreover, this can stop you from recording Netflix on your Mac.

Next, you need to define the ‘Output’ location of the completed recording. Click on small dots seen near ‘Open Folder’; note that your default location will be saved under username → Movies→ Mac Screen Recorder.

Step #5: Now you can login your Netflix account and select any program/show/movie you want to record.

Click on ‘Record’ button on the app and choose ‘Full screen’ or ‘Region’.

After clicking Record icon, you can see a countdown of 3 seconds (you can disable this option from software settings), and then you can click full-screen on the browser.

Step #6: After recording is completed, minimize Netflix tab and locate Apowersoft logo at the upper right corner of your Mac to stop recording.

When you discontinue recording, a .MOV will automatically appear in another window. This action may take time as it completely depends on the length of a show or movie.

Step #7: Once recording is finished, you can see the file in Apowersoft main tab. Here you can check file’s name, size, duration, and date of creation. You can rename the file, check its properties and delete the file from Mac.

You can now watch .MOV file offline on your Mac.

Apowersoft boasts a feature to convert .MOV file to MP4 as this enables you to transfer .MOV files to your iOS devices. All you need to do is to click on ‘Convert’ icon seen on the recorder. A separate window will open and you can locate your file by navigating to the location where you saved files. Click on the file to import it; and then convert it to MP4. Don’t forget to select your output location; based on the size of file, this feature may take some time. Once the file is converted to MP4, a pop-up tells you the process is over and you can enjoy the content on your iOS device.

How to Watch Netflix Offline on Windows PC or Laptop

You can use the same software – Apowersoft – on your Windows PC or laptop and watch Netflix offline on Windows PC or laptop.

Netflix is one of the most popular companies that provide streaming media. Since users love to download content on their smartphones, they need some space to accommodate heavy video files. To save memory on your phone, you can download Netflix movies or shows on SD card.

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