How to Watch Videos from YouTube on Android Wear

Android Wear is best used to measure your fitness regimen. From dawn to dusk, it stays with you sending you essential alerts. But then a little bit of diversion in this monotony is always welcome; by this diversion, I mean that you should allow yourself to watch some interesting & entertaining videos from YouTube on Android wear.

Given the small battery, it is difficult to watch long videos; you should prefer short clips like movie trailers, health & fitness tips, cooking recipes and more. How will you manage this is a problem for you.

Video for Android Wear & YouTube is an app you can download on your Android wear. This app has every basic feature that you enjoy on YouTube; you can search video on the app, use forward/rewind and control volume. But what makes users go gaga is the app’s ability to cast videos on Chromecast.

How to Watch Videos from YouTube on Android Wear

How to Watch Videos from YouTube on Android Wear Smartwatch

Step #1: Open Google Play Store and download Video for Android Wear and YouTube app.

During this process, you should keep your Android Wear connected with your smartphone. Once the download is complete, you will be able to see a video icon on your Android Wear.

Step #2: Now launch Video for Android Wear & YouTube app on your Android Wear. Search or browse for your choice of video. Here, Google Voice Search will be a great help to you. You can select any video from your subscribed YouTube channels.

Step #3: Now is the interesting part of this information. You can cast videos to your TV from Android Wear; just swipe right on the screen and tap on ‘Cast’ button.

Here, you can check all Chromecast devices available to the Android Wear. Browse this list and select the right one and tap on that device to cast video from your Android Wear. During this process, you are not required to touch your smartphone; however, keep the phone synced with Android Wear.

If you have purchased an Android Wear very recently, you may need to pair it with your android smartphone. And if you have not bought any smartwatch, you should browse this list of best Android Wear smartwatches to buy a perfect one for you.

Day by day, screen size of our digital devices is getting shrunk. Though there are many advantages of the miniature screens, on the flip side these can create stress on your eyes. You should protect your eyes from strain caused by the smart devices. People are consuming tons of content on different devices to gain more knowledge on the areas of their interests.

Smart watches have been all the rage among kids as well. While for kids, smart Android Wear can be a fashion statement, for parents it is an important tool to stay connected with their kids. Android smartwatches have features like GPS tracker, SOS, Safety Location, Emergency Call, Two way talks and more; all these features help parent keep an eye on their kids.

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