watchOS 7 for Apple Watch – How to Use Sleep Tracking Like a Pro

A couple of months after Apple announced watchOS 7, the much-anticipated operating system has now arrived and it comes with a plethora of improvements and features that are taking the performances of Apple Watches to the next level. While the update might be introducing a bunch of improvements, the one that stands out the most is the added functionality to sleep tracking and sleep-waking routine. With that being said, today we are going to show you how to use sleep tracking on watchOS 7 like a pro.

How to Active Sleep Tracking

The first thing that we want to mention Apple Watch’s sleep tracking functionality is that it needs to be manually enabled in order to function. Fortunately, this doesn’t take longer than a minute to do. Follow the steps below and you will be able to start tracking your sleep in no time.

  • Access the “Sleep” app on your Apple Watch;
  • Set your first schedule to either monitor “sleep every day” or “specific days of the week”;
  • You can also go ahead and select your preferred “Wakeup Time” and to “Set an Alarm”;
  • The next step is to select the target “Bedtime”;
  • Tap on Next to finalize the process.

What Data Does Sleep Tracking Record?

Apple didn’t reveal exactly what is the data that the sleep tracking app records. However, we know for a fact that the Cupertino based tech giant uses machine learning technology to monitor when you go to sleep by tracking your wrist activity. To make things even better, Apple’s software will also record “micromovements” so that it can provide you with accurate data on the quality of your sleep.

What Modes are Available in Sleep Tracking?

What’s great about the new and improved sleep monitoring function that watchOS 7 introduces is the fact that it gives users access to multiple modes. Let’s go ahead and check them out.

Do Not Disturb

As the mode’s name implies, users can enable it when they don’t want to be disturbed so that all notifications are silenced.

Wind Down Screen

Don’t you just hate it when you get a notification and your iPhone’s display lights up? This makes it difficult to fall asleep. Fortunately, here is where the Wind Down Screen mode comes in. When this mode is enabled, the display brightness of the Apple Watch and iPhone screen will be dimmed.

Watch Sleep Mode

The last mode that Apple Watch users can access is called Watch Sleep Mode. What makes this mode stand out is the fact that it dims the screen and also sets a gentle alarm to wake the user up in the morning. The gentle alarm works with the haptic touch that will slowly buzz without waking up anyone else.

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