Have you launched your new app or looking forward to launch it soon?

If so, one of the paramount questions running through your mind would be about how to market this new app, so that it gains popularity and gets increasing downloads.

How could you provide your app some quick publicity and enhance user growth while sustaining impetus? Moreover, how can you do all these for free?

Successful apps don’t get downloaded gazillion times of their own. A coordinated marketing strategy is necessary to get and build upon this momentum.

However, always make sure that your app should deliver what you have marketed because all said and done, the best promotion is word of mouth marketing even in this ultra-mobile world.

There are some tried and true methods to promote your new app. These methods can be applied to generate some much needed early buzz about your app.

Best Free and Unique Ways to Market Your App and Boost Downloads

Create an Appealing Demo Video:

Videos give a visual outlook of your app to show people how good your app looks and works. Generally most app developers create screenshots of their app that needs to be submitted for your app profile.

But this alone will not give the users the complete picture of how your app works. To entice people to download your app, create a little demo video and talk your way through the screens.

This gives people an idea of why your app is worth downloading. What’s more, you can leverage this video for SEO purposes by tagging and titling it with relevant keywords.

Make Your App ‘Iconic’:

Icons are an important part of your app as far as marketing and public eye is concerned. People love inspiring icons and a large number of app downloads are based on their icons.

How can you make your app’s icon distinct and away from the crowd?

  • Go for a unique shape that looks different
  • Use minimal text
  • Don’t use too many colors, about two is good enough to create a smart contrast
  • As much as possible do not use a photo for an icon as it might blend too much with the background

Complete And Optimize Your App:

When it comes to the point of submitting your app, always make sure of its completeness. Never release a partial or poorly finished app.

App Store Optimization (ASO) is quite similar to Google or other search engines. This method focuses on keyword closeness, search relevance and the keyword density in your description.

App description is very important and in app marketing it is all the more crucial. Also, localization is an aspect that is often overlooked.

You can also research your competitors using platforms such as App Annie so that you know the keywords that they are optimized for.

Use Social Media And Blogging:

Blogging is a very effective tool for marketing your app. Regular blogging about your app and its features can get more limelight to your app.

You can write a guest blog post covering the development process of your app, what your app does, why you should download it along with detailing its utility, ease of use and quality.

This guest post can then be submitted to related sites who accept guest articles within the niche.

You can also use social network to get traffic like for e.g. mention the blog post in your email signature. This way you can ensure that people in your contacts get to know of your new app.

Similarly, social media can be a powerful ally in marketing your app. Despite being targeted by many businesses, social media still is a very less used channel of promotion.

Plan to transmit the message about your app multiple times over a period of a month for better impact. Also you can incentivize, for eg. if the user of your app shares the app with his or her contacts, offer some incentives.

The perfect example of this is Dropbox. You can also submit your app to selective social bookmarking networks like Digg or Reddit and if liked you will find a significant surge in downloads.

Be Prepared For Press:

Getting into a PR agency who despite being free can reach valuable crowd can be very beneficial. To ensure that your press release will be published or at least getting a good chance of getting published, you will need a proper PR kit.

This includes, an app summary guide, your actual release, screen grabs, design elements like your app’s icons or logos, videos like demos and the app developer or founder’s bios with pictures.

Apart from this there are some free press release submission sites that have good authority. Take a look at this below list here

  1. businesswire.com
  2. newslink.org
  3. hungarynewswire.com
  4. www.newswiretoday.com
  5. www.24-7pressrelease.com
  6. www.npr.org
  7. www.betanews.com
  8. www.clickpress.com
  9. www.pressbox.co.uk
  10. www.filecluster.com

Apply for Awards or lists:

Taking part in app awards is quite recommended and you should definitely take advantage of this. Doing so can provide you a whole lot of press, publicity, feedback along with increased downloads.

Winning the award will depend on your app ides and the way you present it but you can certainly gain some spotlight if this step is done right.

Almost every city or region has regular awards and there are numerous awards that your app will be eligible for. Most such competitions are free of charge.

Pursue Co-Marketing Opportunities:

If you have partners or friends in the domain that have a significant sway over the audience on their own, you should try to leverage their reach.

This is particularly true if both your target audience is similar. The idea is to create partnerships or relationships that reach the same audience but solves a different issue than what your app does.

For e.g. if you are doing a workouts based app, it might make sense to reach out influencers who have a good nutrition app as both of you target health conscious people.

Co-marketing is a win-win for both of your app marketing campaigns. You can post blogs on each other’s site or share posts on social media while promoting the content. A step further can be hosting online events or webinars.

Consider Alternative App Stores:

Other than the widely popular Google play store, there are other stores where you can submit your app. Some like the Amazon app store are equally well known while others also receive a steady flow of visitors.

In fact submitting your app to lesser popular stores can increase your app downloads vastly.

Some alternatives are, Amazon Appstore, GetJar, Opera Mobile store, AppsLib, etc.

There are still more free ways to promote your app, but we have given some important ones to make note of. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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