Whatsapp Web Not Working On Android/Tablet: Find Possible Solutions

Ever since smartphone users have heard that they can make landline calls from WhatsApp (along with Viber and Skype), there has been a surge in WhatsApp downloads especially in India.

Those who used to hate this social media app are now happily using this facility on their own Android phones. Quite a few who know something more than ordinary users have now started using WhatsApp web so that they can type in chat messages quickly. But does it give them a facility to make landline calls? No idea!

For the last couple of days, there is a rising concern over WhatsApp web not working with Android phones. Users are facing tough time as the smaller screens of smartphones test their thumb strengths while typing long chats.

As a result, WhatsApp web has gained popularity quickly. Irritated by recent hiccups, users have thronged online forums with hundreds of grievances.

But this problem can be resolved by following some easy methods. Check out each one listed below and chat with your loved ones on the web browser.


How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working With Android Phone or Tablet

Solution #1. Is your Android phone connected with Internet?

ways to fix whatsapp not working with android phone

You might laugh off this solution but believe me there are many digitally illiterate users who completely fail to turn on their mobile data or connect their smart devices with Wi-Fi network.

So better check if your Android phone is hooked to Internet.


Solution #2. Move to Another Browser

Users sometimes open websites that should not be opened on their browsers. This can corrupt the browser and consequently cause issues not only for WhatsApp web but also for general browsing experience.

Moreover, if you have downloaded a wicked plug-in, it can show its wickedness at times. In this situation, users should change the browser and then check WhatsApp web.

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Solution #3. Spring-Clean Your Browser

clear browsing data

Constant browsing can pile up cookies and cache in your browser, and this can create problems.

Cookies and cache can corrupt the browser and it begins to behave abnormally. Simple solution is to clear the cache and cookies from the browser and then check Whatsapp web.


Solution #4. Log out – log in

Either your Wi-Fi connection is throwing tantrums or WhatsApp web is not working properly. In either case, log out – log in method works.

So first log out from your Wi-Fi connection and then log in and next, log out from WhatsApp web and then log back in.


Solution #5. Use Latest Version of Browser

browser update

Every browser update comes with some changes, which may not be accepted by your older or even the latest plug-ins. But that should not stop you from updating browser.

The latest version of web browser can possibly fix some plug-in issues. So why not take a chance and update the browser to its latest version?


Solution #6. Check the Extensions

checking chrome extensions

For Firefox and Chrome users, they should frequently check the extensions they have installed on browsers.

Any extension can create a stumbling block on your way to connecting WhatsApp web on Android phones. Delete the tricky extensions and then check the WhatsApp web.


Solution #7. Run a Scan

While browsing the World Wide Web, users tend to download hell lot of stuff. This can corrupt your PC by inserting malware.

You may not notice any short-term danger but in the long run, your PC is at risk of breakdown. Better take some improvement measures, which primarily include scanning your desktop computer or laptop.

Install a good anti-virus on your system; and there is nothing wrong in scanning your Android device too.

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Solution #8. Use WhatsApp Web on Another Computer

whatsapp web

If every above solution fails to work, you should use WhatsApp web on another computer as a last resort. If it is good, there is some major problem in your desktop comp or laptop. Uninstall browser and reinstall the same; change the Windows or go for the system format.

There can be a few users, who face issues even after administering all remedies on their computers and Android phones.

In this case, take your system or device to the related repairing centre. You can also inform WhatSapp team about this issue; there is possibility that WhatsApp doesn’t know about this glitch.

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