Why iPhone 7 Plus Demand Higher Than iPhone 7 in Pre-Orders

Ever since Apple began to launch two iPhones in its product launch event, industry insiders have been buys comparing both products. It was September 2013 when Apple first launched two iPhones: iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Recently, the brand released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

This has supplied enough fodder to people to compare features and specifications of the two smartphones. Surprisingly, those who never want to buy any one of the two are taking interest in this debate. Anyway, you are a true-blue iPhone aficionado and therefore, must be in a dilemma: which iPhone to buy?

Apple has already started taking pre-orders and therefore, it is the right time to make up your mind as to which is the best iPhone for you. With your eyes, you can only differentiate one iPhone from another from size; however, inside its deluxe body, there are many things that can tip a scale.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus: Which you should buy

iPhone 7 Plus Way Ahead in Size & Weight

If you have a weakness for long size (strictly gadgets), your obvious choice is iPhone 7 Plus. Note that larger screens offer a pleasant browsing experience – whether you are browsing websites or apps. It gives you a good deal of comfort and roominess during your interaction with a smartphone. iPhone 7 Plus is 19.9mm taller, 10.8mm wider and .2mm thicker than iPhone 7. Moreover, it is 1.76 ounces heavier. Note that accessories, like cases and covers, add to the above dimensions; if you have smaller palms, the iPhone 7 Plus will look like a beast.


This can be a real game changer. Apart from larger display, iPhone 7 Plus has to offer more pixels for sharper text and better images. The phone offers you 401 pixels per inch with its full 1080p resolution; while iPhone 7 gives you 326 pixels per inch. The latter has a 1,334-by-750-pixel resolution. The only benefit iPhone 7 has (in display) is higher contrast ratio of 1400:1 against iPhone 7 Plus’ 1300:1. However, iPhone 7 Plus has a strong edge over its sibling in terms of display.

Battery Life

Whether you buy a phone for professional or personal life, battery life certainly plays a major role in your buying decision. A bigger phone comes with a bigger battery life – that goes without saying. If you take a look at the specifications of both iPhones, it becomes crystal clear that 7 Plus is the winner.

Usage iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
Talk Time Up to 14 hours on 3G Up to 21 hours on 3G
Standby Up to 10 days Up to 16 days
3G Browsing Up to 12 hours Up to 13 hours
LTE Browsing Up to 12 hours Up to 13 hours
Wi-Fi Browsing Up to 14 hours Up to 15 hours
Video Playback Up to 13 hours Up to 14 hours
Audio Playback Up to 40 hours Up to 60 hours


Camera is another major factor that can change buyers’ decision. Like battery, Camera also sets iPhone 7 Plus easily apart from iPhone 7. Along with wide-angle 12-megapixel iSight camera (which is found in iPhone 7 also), iPhone 7 Plus has a second telephoto lens. This creates a bigger chasm between the two iPhones. The telephoto lens gives users 2x optical zoom and improved digital zoom; moreover, this feature also offers unbelievable depth-of-field effects. iPhone 7 Plus users will certainly get better photos than taken on iPhone 7.


Price has always been a crucial factor. If you are buying iPhone 7 off-contract, you will be paying $649 (32GB), $749 (128GB), and $849 (256GB) respectively. For iPhone 7 Plus, you will have to pay $769 (32GB), $869 and $969 for 128GB and 256 GB respectively.

If larger size and price are not issues with you, I would suggest you go for iPhone 7 Plus. This phone has got three plusses over iPhone 7: larger screen, better battery, and excellent camera.

Still not convinced? Check out Slice Intelligence data that reveals that for the first time, Plus model is the most pre-ordered. According to this website, in the first 48 hours of availability, 55% ordered for iPhone 7 Plus.

Now the picture is as clear as day. Plus model has come out victorious in the game. Need we say anything more?

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