Failure of HomePod setup can disappoint many users as the device is relatively new, and such issues surely spoil the reputation of this Siri-based speaker from Apple. Users have complained about HomePod setup fails on several forums; they have also registered about the message they keep getting “You must be connected to a WPA/WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi network“. If you have faced this issue, follow the solutions to fix WPA/WPA2 error when setting up HomePod.

To get rid of this HomePod setup bug, you need to follow four different solutions listed below. The solutions are simple to perform and won’t take much of your time. While you are exploring this page, don’t miss some other errors HomePod users are facing these days.

Getting WPA:WPA2 Error When Setting Up HomePod

How to Fix WPA/WPA2 Error When Setting Up HomePod


Reset HomePod

Given the gravity of the issue, we advise you to reset your HomePod first to quickly solve the problem of setup failure. We have discussed two methods to reset HomePod.

Change Wi-Fi Network

Your iPhone or iPad should be connected to a WPA/WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi network. HomePod is not compatible with Wi-Fi networks like public or subscription networks, which require sign-in. Further, HomePod doesn’t support Enterprise-style deployments, using 802.1x.

Also note that Personal Hotspots may work, but aren’t recommended.

The HomePod setup process is impossible without a strong Wi-Fi network. If you think that the current Wi-Fi is not competent enough, you should select another Wi-Fi network for successful setup of your smart speaker.

Disable Auto-Join and Auto Login

Auto-Join and Auto Login options in the Wi-Fi section of Settings help you connect your device automatically with captive Wi-Fi networks (Captive networks are public-access networks available at business centers, airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and other locations that offer free Wi-fi hotspots for internet users). Such networks are not reliable, and it is advisable to turn off Auto-Join and Auto Login options on your iOS devices.

Settings  → Wi-Fi  → Tap on Wi-Fi information icon (i)  →  toggle off Auto-Join.

Reboot Router

A router comes with a manual, which tells you how you can restart it. When you reboot your router, you will have to type the Wi-Fi password again. Then, resume the process of setting up your HomePod. This time, you won’t face WPA/WPA 2 errors.

Change Your iOS Device

Maybe your iPhone or iPad has some issue and therefore, you are not able to set up your smart speaker. If you are using an iPhone, switch to iPad and vice versa.

Among other errors HomePod users are facing these days are:

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