Best Smartwatch for Kids

Smart gadgets are not just made for adults because kids too have developed a fascination to a degree. And what better way to delight those tender souls than gifting them a children smartwatch. Make no mistake; these smartwatches are not to entertain your kids. By this, you can also keep a track on them when they are away from you, playing in the garden or while you are visiting some places.

For your kids, a smartwatch can be a gadget to play with, but for you it is a part of better parenthood. We have listed some of the best smartwatches for kids; some of the useful features of these smartwatches are GPS tracker, SOS, Safety Location, Emergency Call, Two way talk etc. Check all the smartwatches and choose the best for your kids.

Best Smartwatches for Kids

Note that children smartwatches can make a perfect gift idea your kids can think of. Before s/he hits any party, you can buy a smartwatch for his/her friends; albeit first, you have to impress your own kids with one or more than one smartwatch.

1. Children Smartwatch GPS

Children Smartwatch for kids

This smartwatch for kids has got all the features worried parents look for. Set a safety range on this Children Smartwatch GPS and it will give you a signal when you kid goes out of the range. Two-way talk facility allows you to call your kids quickly. You can also feed 13 phone numbers in the smartwatch to use them during emergency. Leave a voice message to your kids if you need them anytime; some more features are healthy pedometer, historical trace, sleeping monitor, alarm, remote shutdown, message note etc. The watch is compatible with iOS, Alibaba OS and Baidu OS. Since it is a smartwatch for kids, it boasts 2G network transmission that radiates lower than other mobile phones. Kids would love to flaunt this smartwatch in vibrant blue, pink, and orange colors.

Price: $43.86 [While Writing on]
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2. VTech

Vtech Smartwatch for Kids

VTech presents Kidizoom smartwatch DX for kids between the age of 4 and 9 years. The smartwatch is packed with kid-centric fun games and activities they would love to do during Christmas or winter vacation. Keep your kids busy with 3 activities, 5 games, 3 action challenges and a motion sensor. Let them indulge in photoshoot spree as this smartwatch has more memory; your kids can click and shoot photos and videos, and store them in the watch. They would alos like to explore other features like photo effects, video camera, voice recorder with voice-changing effects (now this is no kidding) and touch screen. Tell your kids to make the most of calendar feature and calculator so that they can do some basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Since this VTech smartwatch is splash-proof and sweat-proof, you are worry-free even if your kids are having fun near water or under sun. Care should be taken that your kids do not submerge the watch; moreover, the watch is not suitable for showering or bathing. Your kids can use Micro USB cable to upload photos and videos as well as recharge its Lithium ion battery.

Price: $64.99 [$44.99 While Writing on]
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3. Orbo kids Smartwatch

Orbo Smartwatch for Kids

Orbo presents an adorable kids smartwatch that teaches little ones to read time while ensuring hours of entertainment. The smartwatch engages young minds with its vibrant display and highly intuitive menus served on capacitive touch screen. Kids can connect their smartwatches with smartphones with the help of Bluetooth; though kids can’t make any call from the smartwatch, they can always receive calls from parents or grandparents. If your kids love photography, this smartwatch can be a perfect gift from you. The watch has a built-in tiltable camera that allows your young angels to click photos and videos. With 1GB memory and 32GB expandable memory, they can save their favourite photos and videos in the smartwatch. When the watch is running out of battery, kids can easily charge the internal battery with the help of Micro USB cable.

Price: $41.99 [While Writing on]
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4. Glzee

Glzee Smartwatch for Kids

Train your kids to press the SOS button when s/he is facing any frightening situation. You will immediately receive a distress message from this Glzee smartwatch worn by your kid. This multifunctional watch offers GPS positioning, GPS enabled positioning, LBS base station location, remote monitor, emergency call, two-way communication, remote alarm, and security fence. Ensure double safety for your kids with GPS + LBS dual mode positioning, which gives you real-time location tracing. You can constantly check the position of your kids anytime, anywhere. Track the location through SMS, website, iOS and Android app. The watch doesn’t cause any harm to your kids’ skin or eyes as it is made of superior quality material, which is eco-friendly. It boasts lower radiation and hence, protects eyes of your kids. The watch supports Micro SIM card and is compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 8 and later.

Price: $43.00 [While Writing on]
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5. Top Watch

Top Watch SmartWatch for Kids

Top Watch looks like any other analog watch but has got some features that make it worth buying. This smartwatch uses GPS and LBS double location to obtain accuracy in positioning. Parents can use its Safe Setting feature, which allows them to set familiar numbers; this enables kids to receive only the familiar numbers. Parents need to create a whitelist in the app. When there is any situation, kids can press SOS or familiarity number button to call their parents. Set a digital fence on the watch and it will send you a reminder when your kids go out of that digital fence. By this feature, you can get to know where exactly your kids have gone. If you want to listen to your kids’ voice, you can without disturbing them; you will never miss your loved ones. The watch is safer than other watches as it doesn’t have any digital screen; this means there is no radiation. Kids can wear this watch around the year as it doesn’t offer any entertainment features like games and videos. This will enable them to focus on their education.

Price: $50.88 [While Writing on]
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6. KKmoon

KKmoon Smartwatch for Kids

Perhaps this one could be the costliest smartwatch in this list. KKmoon brings a quad band GSM universal for kids and parents. The watch tracks your kids’ location by SMS query; you can also track location online.
Among the major features of this smartwatch are:
1) It sets an electronic fence around the house, schools, cafes etc. So whenever your kids are beyond the scope of the fence, it sends an alert.
2) It has a call firewall function, which activates only 3 SOS numbers. This automatically stops cold calls made by marketing agencies. So there is no harassment for your kids while they are playing away. Moreover, this feature protects your kids against impostors, who tend to call with fake names. The watch replays historical running data.
Price: $147.03 [While Writing on]
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SMFR Smartwatch for Kids

SMFR smartwatch boasts excellent features like GPS + AGPS location and has capacity of 50 metres range. You can talk to your kids with its two-way communication feature and experience large and clear voice quality. While playing with friends, if the watch is dropped accidentally, its anti-drop off alarm will start ringing to make your aware of watch’s location. You can track the history of last 3 months; keep monitoring your kids through your smartphone and web. Its strong 400mAh lithium polymer battery can last up to 72 hours in sleep mode. Designed for kids between the age of 3 and 10, this smartwatch is packed with features like waterproof, anti-demolition, intelligent power saving, real-time positioning, SOS, smart anti-lost, two-way communication and more. It is compatible with Android 2.3 and later, and iOS 5 and later. This smartwatch can work everywhere in the world.

Price: $58.00  [While Writing on]
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8. LP

LP Smartwatch for Kids

One smartwatch that plays many roles. LP presents a smartwatch for smart parents only to keep track of their kids. This watch can be used as Pedometer, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Tracker, Message Reminder, Call Reminder, and for answering calls. This watch is enabled by Bluetooth 4.0, and supports Android 2.3 and later and iOS 6 and later devices. To install Android or iOS app, you need to scan the 2D code. If the watch battery is running out, it sends a low-battery alarm so that you can put the watch to charge. If your kids want to play a trick and remove the watch from their wrists, it sends you an alarm on your smartphone. Connect the watch with your smartphone by Bluetooth and it will alarm if the Bluetooth is out of safe distance. Its pedometer terminal has vibration sensor, which gets started during your exercise. One of the glaring features of this LP smartwatch is the way you can shut it down; there are three ways you can switch it off: press the Power Switch on the watch, APK remote shutdown and power-off. This smartwatch has also got a feature of emergency number dial.

Price: $31.68[While Writing on]
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9. GBD

GBD Smartwatch for kids

GBD presents a smartwatch that is compatible with Android 4.0 and iOS 8 and later. This smartwatch has got dual function of making and receiving calls with a Micro SIM. This gives a major relief to parents, who want to keep an eye on their kids. Guardians can achieve all day real-time location tracing and check the position of their kids at anytime, anywhere via SMS, website and iOS or Android app. The watch is made of superior quality material, which is eco-friendly. It radiates less and therefore, doesn’t cause any detrimental effect on your kids’ eyes or skin. Since the smartwatch is waterproof, your kids can participate in any sports activities or can wash hands without any worry. This smartwatch works as watch, alarm clock, GPS locator, smartphone, SOS, and activity tracker.

Price: $39.99 [While Writing on]
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10. Linsay

Linsay Smartwatch for kids

Touted as new world’s smartest watch on the earth, Linsay smartwatch for kids is the best companion of your 4-year old kids. This super watch has so many features that it is everything from a smart toy to a kids’ learning device. It is a lightweight touch screen toy for kids; if you wonder what it does, you must read all the features of the watch. This watch is not only about fun, but also offers education as you can install loads of educational media on its 32GB SD card. Perhaps the only one smartwatch in this list that has the ability to capture selfie with its 90 degrees high definition moving camera. Kids would love to capture videos and pictures that come by their ways. Kids can also change 20 analog and digital clock face designs, alarm clock, countdown timer and mimics sentences. Moreover, they can change the background of the watch by clicked images. Let your kids enjoy listening talking hippopotamus, who also imitates sentences spoken by your kids. This smartwatch is loaded with many games, which can educate your kids in amusing ways and boost your kids’ memory.

Price: $95.05 [While Writing on]
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11. Mi Bunny

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Smartwatch for Kids

Mi Bunny is recently launched smartwatch for kids from Xiaomi. Some of the common features of this smartwatch is embedded pre-paid SIM card, standalone mobile connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. But what sets Mi Bunny apart from the list is its ability to save contact details of six family members on this watch. Kids can easily make and receive calls from their family members. Parents can fix electronic fence on the watch, and when kids cross this border, parents immediately receive alerts. One feature that requires special mention is that kids can record seven seconds of audio with a single tap along with sending an SOS message. Kids can enjoy (though they are least concerned with this) six days of standby time with Mi Bunny’s 300mAh battery. Xiaomi has used plastic and silicone straps; you can connect this smartwatch with your Android phone running on 4.4 KitKat and later.

Price: $50.00
Buy it from Xiaomi’s Website

I bet that you would certainly like to buy one of the smartwatches for your kids. And don’t forget to share your experience with us. We would like to receive your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ .

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