How to Check Recent WhatsApp Chat Without Opening WhatsApp in iPhone or iPad

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best chat clients used by millions of smartphone users. In a day, users access WhatsApp for countless times to check messages, videos, audios, images etc. If you frequently chat with your friends, family, and colleagues on WhatsApp, you would certainly like to know who you have chatted with last or recently.

Until a couple of days back, there wasn’t any facility to check recent WhatsApp chats in iPhone. But very recently, an update has enabled users to check recent chats on their WhatsApp in iPhone.

How to Check Recent WhatsApp Chats in iPhone and iPad from Notification Center

Before you follow the steps given below, check your App Store and go into Updates to check if your WhatsApp needs to be updated. Keep your iPhone connected with mobile data or Wi-Fi network – it goes without saying.

Step #1: Hold your iPhone in your hands and bring up Home screen (if you are using any other app on your device).

Step #2: Next, swipe the screen from left to right.

This takes you to Notification Center screen, where you will find many widgets like UP NEXT, SIRI APP SUGGESTIONS, NEWS, WEATHER, MAPS DESTINATIONS, CALENDAR, REMINDERS, STOCKS, TODAY SNIPPET etc.

RECENT CHATS Widget on Notification Center

At the end of all widgets, you can see a widget titled RECENT CHATS; you can add this latest widget from the Notification Center screen or if you can’t see this widget, tap on Edit button.

Step #3: Once you tap on Edit button, you will be landed on Add Widgets screen.

Tap on Edit button

Step #4: Scroll down to MORE WIDGETS section, where you can see this Recent Chats widget at the end.

Step #5: Tap ‘+’ sign and the widget, i.e. Recent Chats, will be added to Notification Center screen.

Tap plus sign to add widget and finally tap on done

Finally, tap on Done from the upper right corner of your iPhone’s screen.

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From now onwards, you can easily watch all your recent chats on WhatsApp in your iPhone. If you are using too many apps on your iPhone, you have to swipe screens to reach out to WhatsApp; by adding this widget, you can quickly check recent chats.

Moreover, if there is any WhatsApp message delivered recently on your iPhone, the widget shows a digit in blue circle. For example, if you have received one message, you will see ‘1’ in blue circle. Also note that the widget shows you profile picture of your contacts or group you are associated with.

Tap on Show More

You will get to see total four contacts/groups in RECENT CHATS widget; tap on Show More button on the top right side of widget window and you can see four more contacts and groups you have chatted recently.

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