How to Remove Emergency Call Button from the Android Lock Screen

Once your Android smartphone is locked accidentally, only feature accessible to you is Emergency Call. And almost all users must have noticed that the feature of Emergency Call is as useless as sixth finger on a hand. And therefore, you wish you could remove this useless Emergency Call button from Android lock screen.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove this button unless you download a third-party app or root your Android smartphone. This worsens the situation for an average Android user. But believe me, this is not a rocket science. It is as easy as running your fingers through your hair.

So, here are two solutions to turn off Emergency Call button. Read this information carefully and follow the steps.

How to Get Rid of Emergency Call Button from Android Lock Screen

In first method, users are required to download CM Locker – a privacy risks repairing app for Android users. This method is particularly recommended for users who have brand new Android devices and are in no mood for rooting the device.

Step #1: You have already downloaded CM Locker, and therefore you can go to your Android phone’s Settings app.

Step #2: Go to the Lock Screen feature.

Step #3: Here you will see some Lock Screen options like Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password, and None.

Step #4: You should select None.

Step #5: Now open CM Locker app on your Android phone.

Step #6: Tap on the first option, which is Set password.

Step #7: You will see different patterns including numbers (0 to 9) to set passcode.

Step #8: Choose any one pattern to set password.

Step #9: Now set the passcode or pattern that you can easily remember.

Step #10: Enter the passcode or pattern again.

Your password or pattern will be registered in the app. Now you can exit the app and press the Power button to lock the screen. Now again press the Power button to wake up the phone. You will see a pattern or numbers on the home screen. Enter the number or draw the pattern to unlock the screen.

Note that you can Disable Password or Pattern from the CM Locker app. Launch the app and then tap on Reset Password option. You will find Disable Password as the very first option. Once you tap on this option, your pattern or password will be disabled.

If you want to go back to the Emergency Call button on lock screen, just remove the app from your device. Apart from CM Locker, you can also use similar apps like Echo Notification Lock Screen, Go Locker, and Slide Lock Locker.

Now, let’s check second method; in this, you don’t need to download any third-party app. This method is perfect for those who want to root or already have rooted their Android devices. And better part of this method is that your phone screen will remain the same and the Emergency Call button will disappear.

CyanogenMod users can use app like Tweakbox (for Official ROM users) because it has a feature to conceal emergency call button. For official ROM users, xSense or Wanam can work wonder.

CyanogenMod ROM users can download Wanam Xposed. If Wanam doesn’t give you any result, you can download xSense.

So these are the two methods you can use to remove Emergency Call button on your Android lock screen. Do you know any other method? You can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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