3 Most Innovative American Universities

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Of course, academic writing is a valuable skill that is necessary for success in any career, but the technology advances, and the competitive job market is changing the concept of a “good education.” A number of colleges and universities have already adapted to the change and are using innovative approaches and teaching methods to prepare their students for the jobs of tomorrow. Here are 3 of the most innovative colleges and universities throughout the USA that are providing a progressive learning experience to their students.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University has been developing and implementing technology innovation programs for decades. The university was the first to build the net-zero energy building which uses no more energy than it creates and to offer a VR biology lab to online students who can complete dissections and manipulate DNA, using headsets. It offers more than 200 research programs in different fields of study. ASU encourages entrepreneurial approach in all their students and interdisciplinary research, so they developed Knowledge Enterprise Development program and are working on many cross-discipline solution-focused projects, for example, a study that combines biology and engineering to analyze protein structures. ASU’s Project Hieroglyph encourages students to take inspiration from science fiction for future innovations.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is world-famous for its science, math, and engineering education. It was designed to deliver practical education, so the practical approach and the emphasis on learning by doing are infused into the programming and entrepreneurship curriculum. There are several centers, labs, and departments that promote innovation, for example, the MIT Innovation Initiative, the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund Program or MIT International Center for Air Transportation. The university has an open-source platform MITx that offers a great opportunity for students from all over the world to enroll and take free online classes from MIT professors.

Stanford University

Stanford University has always been at the forefront of innovation. Their researchers did a lot to invent new technologies, advance science, and power new industries. Stanford alumni founded such companies as Netflix, Intel, and Google. Stanford’s research and patents are often cited by scholars from all over the world. The university’s recent research programs include several projects in the fields of AI, for example, development of simulators that can predict how new drugs can interact even before they are tested on humans and creation of advanced camera systems which can guide self-driving cars.

The university focuses on collaborations between faculty members and students of various departments. For example, Stanford’s interdisciplinary institutes provide innovative research across humanities and science and encourage all students to take part in a lot of research projects that cross the traditional boundaries and prepare the young people to meet the challenges of our changing world. They have several different schools in one campus (Medicine, Education, Business, and Law) and that allows faculty from different disciplines to collaborate and do innovative research in areas that include solutions to global economic and health concerns, medical technologies, and potential energy sources.

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