Apple Notes App Keeps Crashing in iOS 11: Let’s Troubleshoot the Issue

Apple Notes app keeps crashing on my iPhone and iPad especially after the iOS 11 update. I had to take this seriously as I store my important data and information in Notes app on iOS devices as well as on my Mac. Fortunately, I have synced Notes with iCloud, and therefore data loss was never my worry; however, this problem needs attention before any user plans to transfer data to other third-party apps. So here is how to fix Notes app keeps crashing in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone Notes app crashing continuously issue is registered by other users as well. Basically, Notes app failed to work properly in iOS 11 and this issue requires quick fix.

How to Fix Apple Notes App Keep Crashing on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

How to Fix Notes App Keeps Crashing in iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Apart from iPhone and iPad users, Mac users also grumble over the issue as they cannot open Apple Notes app. Also note that the issue also popped up in iOS 10 last year; this time, you don’t have a choice to downgrade your iOS as Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11.

Solution #1: Reboot and Force Restart your iPhone

A simple reboot or force restart of your iOS device can fix many issues. If the problem is negligible on your device, this would surely solve the issue. For different iOS devices, there are different methods to restart and force restart. Check our tutorials below:

If your iOS device keeps restarting, you can follow our guide to fix iPhone keeps restarting issue.

For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you need to follow a simple method to force restart. Press and hold power and home button simultaneously until your device shuts down; still keep holding both buttons. Release them once you see Apple logo on the device screen.

Solution #2: Turn ON/Off Notes in iCloud

If you have created countless notes in the Notes app on your iPhone, you should go for this workaround to solve the issue. When you turn off Notes in iCloud, your notes will be deleted from your device; however, if you have synced Notes with iCloud, your data will remain secure in the cloud, hence, do not bother about Notes data loss.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2: Tap on your name.

Step #3: Next, tap on iCloud.

Step #4: Find Notes app under the list of APPS USING ICLOUD.

Tap on Notes Under icloud on iPhone

Step #5: Toggle the Notes OFF.

Step #6: A pop-up will ask you to confirm your action; tap on Delete from My iPhone.

This will delete all iCloud notes from your iPhone. After some time, turn on Notes app in iCloud by following the above steps. All your notes will settle back in your device. Make sure your device is connected with a strong internet connection.

Solution #3: Turn Off Cellular Data or WiFi Connection

Turning off internet usage will stop iPhone Notes snyc, but you can still open Notes app, write and edit it. After a couple of minutes turn On cellular or Wi-Fi connection to sync your Notes.

Solution #4: Remove Unnecessary Notes

Some users simply overuse Notes app and create hundreds of notes in the app on their iPhones. This obviously makes Notes app unusable or at least your Notes app freezes on opening or it hangs on reopen or it locks up on edit. A simple solution is to remove unnecessary notes from the list. If you think that all your notes are important for you, transfer notes from iPhone to Windows PC or Mac.

Solution #5: Delete Notes App and Reinstall

With iOS 10, Apple has enabled users to delete the stock apps; this feature has always helped users, who face app crashing issue on their iPhones and iPads. Since your iPhone notes app not working, you can uninstall this default app and then reinstall the same on your device.

Solution #6: Update iOS Software

This might test your patience as you will have to wait for the next iOS update. But this has fixed the issue for many iPhone users and probably you should wait for some time to save your notes. Till the time, you can transfer your notes to your computer or Mac as mentioned above. Evernote is one of the popular notes apps for iPhone and iPad users; so better switch to this app and once your iOS device is updated, you can move Files from Evernote to Apple Notes on iPhone and Mac.

Solution #7: Restore iPhone from Backup

If there is a hidden bug in your iOS software or should there any bug in the recently installed apps, a simple restore of your iPhone from backup will help you. First take backup of your iPhone and then restore your iOS device from iTunes and iCloud backup.

Hope that the above solutions will fix Apple Notes Keeps crashing in iOS 11 issue on your iPhone or iPad. If Notes app still not working on iPhone in iOS 11 even after performing different solutions, you may need to contact Apple Support to fix this bug.

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