Is Your Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo? Here is How to Fix

Is your Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo? If yes, don’t run amok. There are many watch users, who have experienced similar issue. Normally, your Apple Watch gets stuck after the watchOS update; recently, Apple has rolled out watchOS 4, and post this, many watch users faced this Apple Watch stuck in infinite loop and it doesn’t turn on. So what can you do when your Apple Watch stuck on Apple logo?

The Apple Watch 1, Series 2 or Series 3 boot loop can be fixed by following a couple of solutions. Before you follow the solutions, you need to ensure that your watch battery is charged 100%; it is better you keep your Apple Watch on its magnetic charger while fixing the issue. Note that Apple has not yet released any official statement about this issue and its fix; the troubleshooting actions given below will help you go past Apple logo screen.

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck at Apple Logo

How to Fix Apple Watch Stuck at Apple Logo

Solution #1: Force Restart Apple Watch

Force restart gets the thing done on your Apple Watch; simply press and hold both Digital Crown and side button until you see Apple logo on watch screen. Most probably, this should fix the issue; if one attempt is not enough, you can go for multiple efforts. And if the problem persists, you need to contact Apple Support for further help. If this solution yields good results, go further and read this tutorial.


We believe that you have gone past the boot loop on your Apple Watch, and now it is time to reset your watch. In case you have set up a passcode on your watch, press and hold the watch screen to invoke reset options. When you see the options, simply go for factory reset.

Solution #3

When you are done with reset process on your watch, pair it with your iPhone. Many users failed to pair their watch with iPhone even after several attempts. Keep restarting your Apple Watch; it should be working after a couple of failed efforts.

Solution #4

Care should be taken that you don’t restore your watch from backup as this might bring back the bugs, and you will be back to square one. Hence, you need to setup your Apple Watch as new.

Solution #5

Once everything is done, you should begin to sync your apps and your smart watch is good to go.

Solution #6

Sometimes, your Apple Watch enters Screen Curtain accessibility mode; this mode normally appears when you restart your watch and see the Apple logo, but the watch screen goes dark again and you can listen to a description of what is on your watch screen.

To come out of Screen Curtain:

Launch Watch app on your iPhone → General → Accessibility → Voice Over and then toggle Screen Curtain Off and also turn off VoiceOver.

Also Check:

Above six solutions should fix the issue. If you have to add something to this tutorial, you can share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.

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