Best Android Smartwatches in 2022

It’s been a while since we did our last best Android smartwatches list and now, we are ready to introduce to a bunch of new smartwatches that are going to blow you away. The smartwatch technology has advanced at a rapid pace during the last two years and these wearable devices are so powerful nowadays that you don’t even need to carry a smartphone with you. Android smartwatches are equipped with support for artificial intelligence assistants, place phone calls, listen to music, and many other useful features.

With that being said, we have selected the top five best Android smartwatches available in 2020 and we are going to present them in the list below. We want to mention that the rule of thumb when selecting these products was that all of them to be of premium quality so that there is no “wrong choice” to be made here. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 5 Best Android Smartwatches in 2022

#1 KOSPET Smartwatch

KOSPET Smartwatch

If you are a big fan of watches and technology, then you are probably already familiar with the KOSPET brand. In case you are not, then you should know that KOSPET is a leader in the smartwatch industry and the product featured above is its flagship device. This is a premium smartwatch that uses 4G technology and provides users with access to a plethora of amazing features such as Face ID. Your data is always going to be protected if you with the KOSPET smartwatch.

The highlight feature that this premier smartwatch offers is a massive 1,260 mAh battery that runs for days on end. The battery lasts 1-2 days under heavy use and for 3-5 days when using the power-saving mode. If we take a look under the device’s hood, we are going to see that it ships with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space. To make things even better, the smartwatch features a 1.6-inch IPS display that has a 400 x 400-pixel resolution.
Price: $199.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung is a household name in the tech industry and this is all thanks to the fact that the South Korean based tech giant always launches high-end products that impress with their performances. The Galaxy Watch Active is a prime example of how amazing Samsung’s devices are. The smartwatch can be used casually, but it was designed especially for people who live an active lifestyle and want to track their workouts.

Galaxy Watch Active has a battery that lasts for days and it can automatically detect up to six exercises. You can start doing push-ups and the smartwatch will record your data instantly. To make things even better, the Galaxy Watch Active can track up to 39 more exercises that you can manually select. In addition, the Galaxy Watch Active does an amazing job sending users real-time alerts when detecting a low or high heart rate.
Price: $149.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2

Since we previously mentioned Galaxy Watch Active which is designed for sports, we figured that its best to continue with the Fitbit Versa 2 that is known for monitoring the user’s health and workouts. If you go for the Fitbit Versa 2, you will always have reliable data about your health. For example, the heart rate monitor is tracking 24/7 and providing users with reliable information. The smartwatch also provides information on the following activities: steps, distance walked, calories burned, sleep schedule and floors climbed among others.

One of the coolest things about the Fitbit Versa 2 is that it works great as a smartwatch replacement. You will get all your calls, texts, calendar, and smartphone app notifications on your smartwatch. You can even send quick replies text and voice from your smartwatch. In addition, the design of the Fitbit Versa 2 is truly outstanding. The smartwatch will look great on your wrist for any occasion.
Price: $149.95
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 YAMAY Smartwatch

YAMAY Smartwatch

Are you looking for a product that is a bit more budget-friendly? If that is the case, your search ends here. The YAMAY smartwatch is available on Amazon for a super affordable price and despite that, it still ships with a slew of features that are going to blow you away. Even though you would think that a budget smartwatch doesn’t to that much, the YAMAY smartwatch proves everyone wrong. The device is IP68 waterproof, features automatic activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and a big display.

The YAMAY smartwatch is going to give you complete control over your workouts with its ability to set a do not disturb mode, alarm clocks, stopwatch, and play/stop the music. We should also mention that the device’s sleek design looks similar to the one that Apple uses on its smartwatches. You can get the YAMAY smartwatch in four color models and they all cost the same price.
Price: $34.84
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The reason why we have chosen to go with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on the last spot on our list is because it is an affordable product that caters to users who workout regularly. This is more a fit band and it falls into this category because it features six workout modes: treadmill, exercise, outdoor running, cycling, walking, swimming, counting steps, distance, and calorie burned during sports. However, you wear the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for any activity and it will still look great.

The display of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 measures in at 0.95-inch and it uses AMOLED technology. AMOLED is known for producing excellent color quality and it is represented quite well by the 120 x 240-pixel resolution of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. In addition, the is powered by a 135mAh battery that runs up to 20 days after a full charge!
Price: $31.12
Purchase it from Amazon

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