With Apple TV, watching television is a never-before experience. On your Apple TV, you can stream your favourite music, movies, television series, videos, photos and what not. In this new era, all you need is an appropriate app to watch whatever you like from sports to television series to news. One of the recent features added to the Apple TV is that its search is not restricted to iTunes but also third party Apple TV apps like Netflix.

Apps give you the power to choose what you want to see and when do you want to see your favourite stuff. Once you have installed the app, it’s a matter of quick touch to experience the deep horizons of entertainment and information. Given is the list of 10 best Apple TV apps with different features which might interest you.

Best Apple TV Apps

Best Apple TV Apps

#1. Netflix

NetflixNetflix is definitely one of the best Apple TV apps which gives you access to thousands of media files including movies, television series and on demand original series. Netflix is popular all around the world and its accessibility though Apple TV gives a magnified experience of picture and sound quality which is a huge success in the entertainment industry. No matter what’s your preference, it shows you everything. You might want to stream you entertainment wish list via Netflix and become addicted to it!


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#2. Smule Sing

Smule SingKaraoke is one of the best stress busters when it comes to dealing stress in our daily lives and it also helps to build healthy relationship with your family, friends and people you know or want to know. Smule Sing, a karaoke app for your Apple TV could just be the right choice for you. It converts your TV into a full blown Karaoke machine with an ability to connect with 2 phones or microphones simultaneously to sing a duet, if you have a company. It has its own library consist of 100,000 songs for a limited period. So try now!

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#3. Streaks Workout

Streaks WorkoutStreaks workout is the most appropriate apps who are want to invest their time for better health and fitness without enrolling for a gym membership. If you are self-driven and looking for a personal trainer at your service, the app is just the right stop for you. It gets you going into a fitness regime to earn the desired results. You can choose from a wide range of exercise techniques without any intervention health equipment. It not only prepares the schedule for you depending upon how much time you have but also maintains statistics to track your results.

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#4. Carrot Weather

Carrot WeatherCarrot Weather app has been awarded as an Apple’s Editor Choice Award and many of you would already know about it for its accurate, detailed information regarding weather across the world and weather maps as well. Its reports include short term, hourly, 24 hour, and 7 day forecasts including humidity and air pressure levels which for a lot of us is quite useful to plan our days. You can have multiple locations and is the only Apple TV app which uses Dark Sky weather service to predict the rainfalls.

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#5. Earthlapse

EarthlapseNow you can take a space trip whilst sitting in your living area with Earthlapse app on your Apple TV. Its unique feature to transpose real space images in a television would amaze you to its fullest. It has 18 unique videos captured by ISS astronauts which create a real time imagery with 8 different soundtracks with 5 different playback speed. The images received from NASA doesn’t have good picture quality, hence Earthlapse re-build the images with higher resolution with appropriate details and enhanced colors.

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#6. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen StoriesAre you fond of cooking and ready to learn the art of serving delicious food? If yes, Kitchen Stories is the app for you which you can view on your Apple TV to add a creative and unique experience to your kitchen. The app offers numerous recipes which you can try at home starting from breakfast, main course dishes, deserts and savoury. You get everything under one roof! To add on, you can also view inspiring stories, rendezvous with the famous chefs and photo instructions for recipes that could work for anyone and everyone.

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#7. Madefire Comics and Motion Books

Madefire Comics & Motion BooksLet your kids or yourself (if you are fond of motion books) be exposed to the world of Madefire comics and motion books which works really well with Apple TV. Experience an evolving yet immersive visual, audio and motion reading mode. It takes original comic book content and graphics to present in a creative and dynamic format. You can also create and share your own comic story with its Motion Book tool to bring your imagination into experience.

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#8. Plex

PlexPlex is one of the popular media player apps which enables you to create your own media library including movies, music, videos and images. Till now, to access Plex on your Apple TV, you were required to jailbreak it or use AirPlay to play it on Apple TV. However, with Apple’s 4th generation of Apple TV which features third party developers as well, you can access Plex with no cost involved. Plex has been rated first class for media streaming and to explore new things to watch and is even more popular now!

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#9. Wikify

WikifyNow you can have Wikipedia on you tips with Wikify app which enables you to explore the tiniest place in the world with all the information available on Wikipedia with maps. It makes you navigation simpler along with shares a lot of information about the place you are searching for. Simply select the target are on the map to explore the Wikipedia recommendations which shares interesting facts and historical information to make your exploration venture even more interesting and knowledge. You can also scan the Geo QR code for navigation.

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#10. Zen

ZenRelax and meditate at home with relaxing and meditation session on Zen app via your Apple TV. It can definitely benefit you to live calm, healthier and balanced lifestyle. There is meditation session offered basis different categories like stress relief and deep sleep which would take you away from daily mess. It’s beautiful and soothing images just add an element of solace to the sessions. Enjoy the blissful ambience created by this wonderful app.

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Hope these options have given you quite an insight of what you can do with your Apple TV. You will be excited to know that Facebook soon could be accessible on Apple TV as well where you will be able to view the photos, videos and other media files!

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