The popularity of wireless speakers have increased manifold over the past few years with wireless speakers coming out in various sizes, shapes and types of wireless connectivity. Going with the trend, Apple has brought out the AirPlay wireless audio feature which streams music to multiple speakers supporting this feature. Apart from this, a typical premium Apple TV speaker utilizes Bluetooth technology, which is probably the industry standard for wireless audio connectivity. In the case of Bluetooth, an Apple TV Bluetooth Speaker generally works by pairing.

Popular wireless speakers are generally portable with the presence of rechargeable batteries and are great for travel. However, if you like big and bombastic, there are also wireless speakers which are large and powerful. With the advent of the latest stereo Bluetooth version and other modern wireless connectivity options such as AirPlay and Sonos, there is very minimal loss in audio quality. Check out the following compiled list of wireless speakers for Apple TV for helping you make your choice.

Best Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation

#1. Sonos Sound bar

Sonos Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

Sonos Apple TV Wireless Speaker is the soundbar for music enthusiasts. This is due to the fact that you get multitudes of features such as nine amplified drivers that give out clear dialogue, immersive sound effects and deeper lows. This wireless, wonderfully constructed speaker provides remarkable audio for any kind of content on your Apple TV right from movies, TV shows, sports and games. You also added features such as Sonos speech enhancement for clearer dialogues, Sonos night sound for lowering intense sounds while enhancing quiet sounds intelligently and regular software updates over WiFi. You also get to control the whole setup with a single Sonos app.

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#2. Bose Sound Bar

Bose Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

One of the best Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation Bluetooth speakers, the Bose Solo 5 TV sound system has a single soundbar that produces uniquely enhanced sound quality for all your beloved TV programs. You get total clarity to the audio progressing from dialogue to sound effects with amazing consistency. With built-in Bluetooth technology, you can easily listen to your favorite track wirelessly. You get a special dialogue mode that makes it easier for you to understand every single word without having to mess around with volume levels. The soundtracks are also equally richer with great effects and deeper bass. With the flexible placement option available for the soundbar, you get pretty good versatility. The remote included is a universal one and lets you control both the system and most video sources connected to your Apple TV.

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#3. TaoTronics

TaoTronics Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

TaoTronics offers you quite dynamic, absolutely clear sound with the help of the 2 x 10W speakers and the 2x passive radiators. No matter whether you are partying, exercising, or just relaxing at home, you can experience superlative bass and high frequency sound. For its price, this speaker punches way above its weight in comparison with more expensive brands. These Bluetooth speakers for Apple TV come with elegant portable design made with aluminum out case and robust body. With Bluetooth connectivity present, you get wireless connection for up to 33 feet.

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#4. August

August Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

August MS515 speakers provide top notch stereo quality sound over wireless. The speakers are powerful and stylish with efficient performance and appearance. These speakers use Bluetooth to pair with the Apple TV quickly and easily. The 2 x 5W speakers give out warm, rich and balanced stereo sound while giving you surround sound wherever you go. With a 15 plus hours of battery life, these are wonderful portable companion speakers. This is compatible with all versions of Bluetooth and the integrated remote control lets you move through your track list and manage the volume effortlessly.

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#5. Samsung Sound bar With Subwoofer

Samsung Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

Samsung HW-J355 is an Apple TV Bluetooth soundbar subwoofer that lets you take advantage of the wireless convenience of Bluetooth along with a wired subwoofer for rich, dynamic bass. You can wirelessly connect the soundbar to your Apple TV and power it on to stream music from your device. The wired subwoofer with inbuilt woofers delivers incredible bass to just uplift your movie or TV show watching experience. The Samsung HW-J355 features 120 watts of total power, with 60 watts being sent to the subwoofer and 60 watts to the Soundbar. This results in rich and dynamic sound for your home theater system.

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#6. Philips Sound bar

Philips Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

This is another Bluetooth based wireless speaker with a 2.1 channel system of 60 W power perfectly suitable for Apple TV. Just let fantastic wireless Bluetooth music fill your room or home with this sound bar. This sound bar produces a lot of punch and makes sure that the dialogues are very clear with no muffled sounds due to its two dedicated tweeters. Other features such as Double BASS and Virtual surround sound give an extra dimension to your favorite movies.

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VIZIO Apple TV Bluetooth Speakers

The VIZIO 2.1 Soundbar system instantly lifts up your Apple TV audio experience. The subwoofer is powerful enough to produce thumping bass and the system features potent speakers paired with this wireless subwoofer to give you an enthralling home theater experience. The audio delivered is best in class with up to 100 dB of clear sound with less than 1% harmonic distortion. With the presence of DTS TruSurround, you get realistic surround sound and the DTS TruVolume provides a consistent and comfortable volume level after you set it just once.

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