With the recent launch of Apple TV 4th generation powered by gaming feature, there has been increased demand for its accessories like best Apple TV remote cases. One of the things to keep in mind while looking for a suitable case is that 4th generation case is unique and cannot be replaced by 2nd or 3rd gen remote case. Hence, be careful when you look for an appropriate Apple TV remote case for yourself!

Given below are some of the best Apple TV remote cases for 4th gen and some for 2nd/3rd gen as well to make it easy for you to close the deal.

Best Apple TV Remote Cases and Covers

Best Apple TV Remote Cases and Covers

#1. Griffin Technology

Griffin Technology Apple TV Remote Case

Griffin Apple TV remote case for 4th Generation, is made from molded silicon which ensures a firm grip whilst operating it whilst its rugged surface ensures protection. With 4th generation Apple TV equipped with gaming feature, the utility has increased and is an apt choice if you are obsessed with gaming. It has tactile buttons which are easily accessible with complete access to touch screen, lightening charge port and mice. It is extremely user friendly and won’t take too long for you to adapt its features. It comes with a year warranty to ensure that you have all the support you may need.

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#2. Elago

elago Apple TV Remote Case

One of the simplest configurations, Elago Apple TV remote case has a perfect fit for 4th generation. The case is made from ergonomic silicon material with a magnetic neodymium which holds the remote firmly. You can also attach the remote to a TV, refrigerator or any metal surface. There is a connected strap with each case which can be adjusted up to 240mm in length and is helpful to prevent damage from sudden drop. Its minimalistic design ensures that you have complete access to all the remote’s features. The case is available in 5 colors to suit your style including red, solid white, frosted white, black and indigo.

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#3. Fintie

Finite Apple TV Remote Case

Available in 11 color variations including shades of blue, pink, green and standard black, Apple TV 4th gen remote case has an impactful design with honey comb pattern and ergonomic side grips which has anti-slip features and is easy to hold. Its thick silicon coverage protects the remote control from sudden drops and raised bezel protects the screen from coming in contact with the surface. It is extremely lightweight and you can wash it as well. It provides complete access to all the remote functions including buttons, sensors, etc. Easy to install, simply slip the remote in the open pocket and it will secure its place.

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#4. Akwox

AKwox Apple TV Remote Case

Akwox’s 4th generation Apple TV remote case has an ergonomic design made from silicone material which provides strong grip & drop protection to allow you enjoy games and other content to the fullest. It has anti-slip and anti-dust properties which make it easy to wash and clean the case as in when required. It allows full access to the different ports and buttons and comes with a lanyard which you can wear on your wrist to ensure that you are not hitting it to the surface! The case is available in blue as well as black, green, orange, white and watermelon red colors.

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#5. HokoAcc

HokoAcc Apple TV Remote Case

Apple TV remote case is especially designed for 4th generation Siri remote. It is made from premium silicon quality, which provides a soft touch and has anti-scratch & anti-slip properties, safeguarding your remote from scratches and drops. It is highly durable and easy to install or uninstall. Every case is complimented with a strap which can be used to wear it on your wrist or to hand it anywhere you like. The clear cuts ensure that you have clear access to remote’s features like buttons, volume keys, sensor, etc. with sufficient coverage on its edges.

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#6. Fintie

Fintie Apple TV 3rd and 2nd Genertation Remote Case

Apple TV remote case 3rd generation by Fintie lets you enjoy all the features of the remote controller ensuring protection from sudden drop, dust and slips. It is not compatible with 4th generation remote control. It has an ergonomic design which is easy to hold and provides firm grip along with the honey comb pattern which absorbs shock. It is also available in multiple colors which include 7 different shades apart from blue. Enjoy the funky look of your remote whilst enjoying all the features of an Apple TV.

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#7. Sikaicase

SIKAI Apple TV 3rd and 2nd Genertation Remote Case

Compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TV, Sikaicase’s Apple TV remote case is one of the best accessories in its range. It provides 360 degree protection with covering all the edges yet providing complete access to the different features of a remote controller. It is highly durable with an ergonomic design ensuring a strong grip. To validate its durability and security claim, it has been tested by RoHS test from UK and CPSIA test in US as a proof of non-toxic and natural material being used. Hence, the case is fully environmental-friendly and safe for kids to play around.

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These are some of the best Apple TV remote cases available in the market for you to ensure that your Apple TV remote is safe and protected from any unforeseen events and most importantly extending the life span of your Apple TV remote!

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