For a true-blue Apple lover, every product related to iOS devices is a must-buy. Perhaps this inspires accessory makers to come up with products to protect every small product introduced by Apple. A couple of weeks back, we featured Apple TV Remote wall mounts, and the products were enthusiastically welcome by Apple fans. This time, we have sourced the best Apple TV Remote charging stands.

There are only two Siri remote charging stands as of now; but we are sure that more brands will engage in producing charging stands for Apple TV remote. Till then, you can explore features and specifications of the two remote charging stands/docks listed below.

Best Apple Tv Remote Charging Stand

Best Apple TV Remote Charging Stands/Docks

#1. TwelveSouth

Twelve South Apple Tv Remote Charging Stand

TwelveSouth presents a multipurpose charging stand that also charges your Apple TV remote. You may first reject this as an iPhone 7 charging dock, but take a good look and you will realize that this Apple TV remote charging stand charges your iPhone, iPad, mouse, keyboard, Apple Pencil etc. This HiRise range of Apple TV remote charging stand is a perfect accessory to embellish your workstation at office or at home. Once you put your Apple TV remote on this charging stand, you can easily operate your Apple TV without taking the remote off the stand.

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#2. Elago

elago Apple Tv Remote Charging Stand

This Apple TV remote charging stand is compatible with your Siri remote and other iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, wireless keyboard and magic mouse. The round shape of this charging stand imparts a high level of elegance. To give a stronger base, Elago has used solid aluminium in manufacturing the middle cylinder. While the top and bottom is made from scratch-free silicone to protect the products.

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Many users think that accessory makers bring useless accessories for apple products. But you should remember that Apple’s 4th generation TV comes with Siri remote, which needs charging and protection both. Therefore, accessory brands manufacture Apple TV remote charging stands that can safeguard and charge the remote. Normally, kids want to play with such remote in every household; and to keep Apple TV remote out of reach of kids, these remote stands can be the best solutions.

For a single purpose of keeping Apple TV remote out of reach of kids, Apple TV remote wall mounts are enough; but charging stands for Apple TV remote serve the double purpose of protection and charging. The fourth generation Apple TV remote is equipped with battery, and hence, it needs extra protection.

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