As an avid Apple TV enthusiast, you will certainly need a great pair of headphones, in addition to Bluetooth speakers for Apple TV, to intimately enjoy your favorite content during those late night hours. Even better suited for you are a pair of Bluetooth headphones for Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation that keeps your space free from clutter. If you already own one, we suggest you check out our article how to pair Bluetooth Headphones with Apple TV. There are different kinds of headphones that work with Apple TV.

You can choose your suitable headphone depending on the usage and needs including all the features as laid out by headphone manufacturers. Apple TV is compatible with almost all the Apple based Bluetooth source such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. To come to the right decision, given below are some of the best Apple TV Bluetooth audio headphones.

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Apple TV

Best Apple TV Bluetooth Headphones Compatible with Both Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation

#1. Avantree

Avantree Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Avantree wireless headphones are high quality Bluetooth headphones to transmit best music from your Apple TV. These headphones are also compatible with low-latency supported Bluetooth transmitter and give you minimum audio delay. Its Hi-Fi sound lets you experience excellent music and voice clarity. The headphones include bass boost and noise cancellation features that allow you to customize audio to wireless Bluetooth headphones. Since the headphones play music for up to 40 hours, it is a perfect headset for music aficionados. The best part of these headphones is that you can save battery by using its 3.5mm cable to listen to music.

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#2. Sony

Sony Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Sony presents 900MHz wireless stereo headphones that reduce noise to give you decent clarity of voice and music. One of the glaring features of the headphones is that it offers you 45 meter reception range; it is almost 150 feet. Now, you can roam around with Sony’s Bluetooth headphones without keeping your device in hand. Enjoy up to 25 hours of battery life; control volume on headphones and connect them easily on TV. These headphones give you comfort for long hours.

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#3. iDeaUSA

iDeaUSA Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Take a look at the beautiful design of iDeaUSA Bluetooth headphones. You will instantly fall for one to feel the music. Enjoy high performance audio with bold bass on these collapsible on-ear headphones. The headphones are ergonomically designed and therefore, they have lighter on-ear design. Its aluminum frame imparts long lasting strength; moreover, the earpads are covered by soft touch leatherette and comfortable padding. Check out those triangular shaped ear cups that completely cover your ears, giving you passive noise reduction while you are listening to your favourite songs. You are not advised to wear the headphones while driving as the headphones keep ambient noise out.

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#4. BÖHM

BÖHM Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

These BOHM headphones help you in getting away from your regular day with your most loved tunes and audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. These are quite advanced Bluetooth earphones without the trouble of wired tangles. You get completely active ambient noise cancellation for attentive listening. Two top end drivers put out spectacular, thumping bass with distinct mids and remarkable highs. With an approximately 18-hour rechargeable battery, you get long hours of continuous music.

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SEDUCED AUDIO Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

These Apple TV 3 Bluetooth headphones contain Comfort ear technology with soft ear pads with an adjustable headband design suited for long hours of listening pleasure. Designed efficiently, you get ultimate performance with 40mm drivers along with superlative bass along with clear highs and stereo enhanced sound technology. There is CVC technology providing AAA grade with 400mAh battery that lets you have a long usage time.

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#6. Beats

Beats Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Beats is a world class name in the audio universe. With these Bluetooth headphones for Apple TV 3rd generation, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of multi-day usage. It gives you flexible fit with adjustable conveniently cushioned ear cups for daily use. As a bonus, you can also use it these Bluetooth headphones for iPhone 7 /7 Plus to accept calls, control your music and also activate Siri with the on-ear controls provided. They can be as effective as the Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 7/7 Plus.

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VOLTZ Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

These high performance over ear Bluetooth headphones from VOLTZ deliver superlative hi-fi stereo sound. There over ear noise isolation pads providing passive noise reduction. Being compact, lightweight and sweat-proof, these headphones are ideal for long hours of gaming with a console connected to your Apple TV. The soft, lush ear cups allow wearing these headphones continuously without any discomfort.

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#8. Sound Intone

Sound Intone Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Sound Intone headphones comprise of Bluetooth CSR4.0 version with a 30 feet plus range without obstacles. Due to this you can easily use these headphones with your Apple TV over a fair distance without any significant loss in sound quality. Like some of the other premium Apple TV 3rd generation Bluetooth headphones, these also deliver deep bass and clean treble. The headphones are foldable with adjustable headband for handy storage and portability. There is a multi-function button for convenience which lets you perform tasks such as controlling volume, play/pause a track, etc. with ease.

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#9. Bose QuietComfort 35

Bose Apple TV Bluetooth Headphone

Bose is a formidable name in the world of audio. With such an awe-inspiring reputation, it is not a surprise that these QuietComfort 35 headphones are among the very best you can get for your Apple TV. It comprises of world-class noise cancellation that renders the music sound better while canceling out the noise. There is volume-optimized equalizer for balanced audio at any volume. In addition to the Bluetooth wireless convenience, you also get NFC connectivity. To top it all, you can get the most out of your headphones with a free app that gives more control and makes switching between devices a breeze.

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#10. Jabra

Jabra Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Jabra Move Wireless is designed exclusively by some of the world’s foremost auditory specialists. They are built to give out unmatched sound quality. With their trademark DSP, you get to experience crisp and accurate digital sound with terrific depth and clarity. The design is the best part of these headphones comprising of Scandinavian inspiration for a minimalist and simple build, but one that houses an aural powerhouse. Even the colors are imbibed from the lights and scenes of a present day metro city but with maximum durability to match the looks with an adjustable stainless steel headband.

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#11. JayBird

Jaybird Bluetooth Headset Best Christmas Gifts 2015

JayBird is a wonderful pair of Bluetooth headphones for your Apple TV. With premium, stereo Bluetooth audio, there is hardly any fall in the quality of the streaming audio. You get about 8 hours of continuous music play time with complete remote controls. You also get secure over ear and under ear fit options to match your needs. In addition, you also get top quality sport memory foam ear tips, patented secure-fit ear fins and silicone ear tips among other stuff for making it an utterly comfortable usage experience.

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#12. Picun

Picun Bluetooth Headphone for Apple TV

Picun’s BT series headphones comprises of Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 technology offering you very good Hi-Fi Stereo quality sound and deep immersive bass. This is a full size headphone that comes with a built-in mic for easy call access. The latest Bluetooth technology delivers greater streamlined performance for fine connectivity as well as supreme audio or video syncs. The foldable design is great for on the go portability. The best part of the headphones is the custom fit supra-aural luxuriously soft ear-muffs. The ear-muffs are made with synthetic protein leather and are attuned to the human skin patterns. This ensures long-lasting comfort while enjoying your favorite content on your Apple TV.

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Choose and buy from our list of these tremendous Bluetooth headphones for Apple TV 3rd and 4th Generation. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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