Best Bluetooth Headphones for Nintendo Switch: Enjoy Playing Games On Nintendo Switch

Wireless headphones are your best partners while you are playing your favourite games on Nintendo Switch ($299.99).

Earlier, it was really frustrating for Switch owners who couldn’t use Bluetooth headsets to enjoy the immersive depth of some outstanding titles like the Legend of Zelda, and many more.

With Switch’s new update, the system now supports some handful best bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch.

There have been many tests which successfully proved that wireless headphones are working with Nintendo Switch.

From those handful few, we have picked up the best sounding ones to fulfill your need. Take a look at these best Nintendo Switch Bluetooth headphones.


Best Bluetooth Headphones for Nintendo Switch

#1. Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)

Bose bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

The QuietComfort 35 by Bose is found working with Switch. Cheers to those who already own this wireless Bluetooth headset. It is easy to carry around and deliver the best optimized EQ sound.

Moreover, this is a noise-cancellation headphone and lets you configure it according to your environment.

If you are a game addict and love to get indulged in the virtual world of amusement for long hours, then this headphone would be the right choice. With a full battery life, it can last as long as 20 hours. That’s pretty good.

Price: $349.00
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#2. Beat Solo 3

Beats bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

The Beats Solo3 has proved to be a successful travel companion and is now ready to couple with your Nintendo Switch.

Take your handheld console and these wireless headphones anywhere with you and forget about charging it again for a span of 30 hours.

This has got some power in it when it comes to battery life. All in all, it has a good balance of fine-tuned acoustics with maximum clarity.

Price: $246.60
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#3. Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

Bluetooth headphones from Skullcandy provide supreme quality sound with powerful bass to keep you clung with the Switch for hours.

Experience 7.1 surround sound with GMX Dolby built-in technology. You can configure the equalization settings for games to suit your need.

Overall, this wireless is recommended especially for those who love high bass and the PLYR 1 delivers a realistic audio environment, making your game play experience mesmeric.

Price: $109.00
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#4. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

The HyperX Cloud II is Hi-Fi capable wireless headphone conveying superior audio and rich sound quality.

It comes with pro-gaming configuration and noise cancellation technology which is beneficial when you are seating in loud or chaotic environment.

The build quality is premium and won’t pain your ears while playing for long hours.

Price: $99.99
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#5. SteelSeries Siberia 800

SteelSeries bluetooth headphones for Nintendo Switch

The Siberia 800 delivers 7.1 surround sound experience and low latency which speeds up audio depending upon lag.

It comes with swappable batteries and an OLED display on the side for complete audio control. On the build side, it has foamed ear cushion for long-lasting comfort and delivers performance for up to 20 hours of non-stop game play.

Price: $254.99
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