Best Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus: Make Your Stationary Life More Exciting

Your iPhone is a premium device, and hence it is entitled to premium care. Instead of just leaving it lying down on the table during your sleep, or while it is in charge, you can keep it on a charging dock. Here we have piled up some of the best Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus.

All of these iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus charing stand with Speaker will function as your charger stand as well as alarm. They will also be a great aesthetic addition to your bedside table. So without further delay, here is our list of best iPhone Speaker dock.

Best Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus

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#1. iHome iPL24 Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio with Lightning Connector

Starting off our list of the best Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone we have a product from iHome. It comes packed with a lightning compatible connector which can be used to not only charge your iPhone, but also your Apple Watch, iPad and other compatible Apple devices.

Other features of the dock include the dual alarms function which you can use to separate wake times and alarm sources, sleep to FM radio, iPhone or iPod with shut off and much more. Furthermore, Reson8 technology is also integrated which helps to generate great sounds. Auto Sync feature is there to help synchronize the display time to iPhone time.

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#2. iHome iDL44 Lightning Dock Dual Clock Radio

Up next is another model from iHome which is a bit more expensive than the previous one. This iPhone docking Station With Speaker comes with all the basic functionalities as we discussed earlier, like, Lightning connector, AUX line-in, dual alarms, USB charging and a universal 100-240v adapter. The major point of difference would be in design, where this one has a broader design with more buttons.

You can use it as an iPhone stand, charge all your Apple products, set timers for waking up or going to bed, manage snooze times, and sync the dock’s clock with that of your iPhone. It also comes accompanied with Reson8 speakers for great quality stereo sounds.

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#3. Bose SoundDock Series III Digital Music System with Lightning Connector

Bose Docking Station with Speaker for iPhone X and iPhone 8, 8 Plus

If you are looking for something more premium, then this might be your pick. Bose is a company primarily focused on building high-quality audio equipment and hence their iPhone speaker docks are also audio-centric. Once you have your iPhone docked into the stand, you can listen to all your favorite iTunes tracks with a wide range of sounds, consistency, and clarity. There is also an Apple Lightning Connector which can be used to charge your iPhone while you’re listening to your favorite beats. On top of all this, you will get remote control access to the speakers.

Besides all this, other notable features of the device are its brief, compact design, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and built-in Wi-Fi. If you are a person who listens to a lot of music, this would be a worthy inclusion in your living space/bedroom.

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#4. Richsound Research DS406 Docking Speaker with Bluetooth

Here is another feature-packed Speaker Dock with Alarm Clock for your iPhone; this product has a lightning connector, dual charging, dual alarm, FM radio, and an aluminum alloy panel. You will also be amazed at the great quality sound the device can reproduce with the strong bass.

You can use the device to stream music from your iPhone or other Apple devices with the use of Aux-in jack or Bluetooth. All the while you can keep your phone on the integrated stand and keep it fully charged by connecting it to the lightning cable. You will also be able to adjust the LCD background lighting to find the right lighting for bedtime and waking up.

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#5. VELOUR Apple Lightning Speaker Dock

And to end our list of the best iPhone Speaker dock, we have an Apple MFi certified, modern looking iPhone dock that also comes on a budget. Here you will be getting a sleek and compact dock for your iPhone which displays the time and also rings the alarms. Just like all the other docks mentioned here, this too comes with Apple Lightning Connector which helps to charge your device.

There is also an in-built Bluetooth which will allow you to stream music from your phone. There are two high fidelity speakers to help you listen to music. And if you don’t want to put your iPhone up on the stand, then you can also listen to FM radio with 20 FM radio presets available with the station. Also, needless to say, you can also use this for alarms.

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