Best External Hard Drive for Mac / MacBook Pro and Air : Feed All Your Data and Backups

There is no substitute for an external hard disk for Mac. iPhone and iPad users use flash drives to carry or store data, but the fact is that flash drives for iPhone or iPad can keep not more than 128GB data. A flash drive that can store 1TB of data is rare. And therefore, it makes sense to have the best external hard drive for Mac/MacBook Pro/Air.

Hard disks or hard drives are one of the best laptop accessories for Mac users like to own. Even as Mac is built to endure many security threats, people don’t want to keep all their data at one place; hence, they buy the best external hard disk for Mac.

Here in this list of best external hard drive for Mac, we have sourced high quality Apple external hard drive. The hard disks mentioned here are made by leading accessories brands like Apple, Samsung, Seagate, Western Digital, and SanDisk.

If you running a small start-up, you can easily load all your data in a 2TB or 3TB Mac external hard drive. You don’t really have to buy on cloud, where you have to pay yearly instalments.

Don’t forget to check our list of best hard drive for Mac / MacBook Pro and Air available right now in market.

Best USB C Hard Drive for Macbook Pro or Air

Best External Hard Drive for Mac / Macbook Pro and Air

#1. Apple Time Capsule

Apple Time Capsule

If you look at the price, you may reject the product, but when you check the excellent features of this Apple Time Capsule, you will be convinced that the price is too low. Whether you buy 2TB or 3TB time capsule, this Apple backup drive is the external hard drive for MacBook Pro. One of the notable features of this time capsule is cable-free backup solution; you can connect this backup drive through Wi-fi with any Mac. Moreover, the capsule has three Ethernet ports on its back to expand network. You can use USB cable to connect your printer with this external hard drive to take prints for shared printer network. Now it is far easier to backup your Mac with Time Machine.

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#2. Samsung 1TB Hard Drive

Samsung USB C Hard Drive for Mac

This amazing portable hard drive for Mac by Samsung is compatible with Mac, Android OS and PC. It is portable and has warranty up to 3 years. The MacBook Pro hard drive is faster in reading and writing up to 450 MB/S. This small packet product is very efficient, and it can store data store up to 1 TB. It boasts compact design which makes it highly portable during travelling.

The shock-resistant metal case and internal frame protects your fastest external hard drive for Mac and AES 256-bit encryption protects your data.

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#3. Glyph 2TB Hard Disk for Mac

Glyph USB C Hard Drive for Mac

Glyph presents one of the best external drive for Mac. This hard drive has internal capacity of 2 TB. The writing speed is up to 140 MB/S. It is having the unique features of fan-less heat dissipation and is time machine compatible, which is usually not seen in any other hard drives.

The cable of USB- C to USB 3.0/2.0 is also included in this MacBook Pro external hard drive. If features are compared, it is having adequate space as well as portable, easy to handle and economical at the same time. What more can one ask for? This is perfect storage drive if one wants to save all the big data at one place.

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#4. LaCie 1TB USB C Hard Drive for Mac

Lacie USB C Hard Drive for Mac

This backup drive is made of aluminium and still would have light weight and having the high-polished edges. It has the speed up to 5GB/S which can transfer all your data fast and easily.

LaCie boasts reversible USB – C connectivity; moreover, it is compatible with USB 3.0 points. The storage capacity of this hard drive starts from 1 TB.

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#5. SanDisk Portable SSD for Mac

SanDisk USB C Hard Drive for Mac

This Mac compatible external hard drive is combination of aluminium and rubber which would make it more durable and the quality is worth the value of the product. In addition to this, it comes with the shock-resistant solid state core to protect your drive.

The storage capacity is 1.92 TB. The external disk drive for Mac is really good if the data transfer speed is compared, as it can quickly store images, videos or graphics. It offers speed 9 times higher than the normal USB type C external hard drive provides.

The only problem is if the hard drive is used for Mac, you need to reformat it. It encrypts all the private files easily and within less duration through encryption software. The portable SSD will get all the power through the USB port itself, one doesn’t need to use additional cords and power supplies. The best backup drive for Mac is perfect for the high-resolution photos, videos and graphics files. The product is easy to be used and storing the data would be equally easy.

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#6. G- Technology External Hard Drive for Mac

G--Technology USB C Hard Drive for Mac

G-drive is one of the perfect companions for your new MacBook or Windows Laptop. This MacBook external hard drive is made of the aluminium and is very light in weight. The storage capacity of this hard drive is 1 TB. The data can be transferred at the speed of 5 GB/sec. The external storage for Mac comes with 3 years of warranty and it is very easy to set up and transfer data.

The another best configuration is it has time machine ready, so you don’t have to plug and set up on Mac OS. The data transfer would be much faster as it has USB 3.0 interface and so there would be no need to have separate power connection.

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#7. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

Seagate external hard disk for mac

Seagate is a leading name in the world of data storage solutions. This backup plus slim 1TB hard drive for Mac creates customized backup plans with Dashboard software offered by Seagate. This external hard disk is time machine compatible – set it up once and your data will be backed up. Seagate hard disk runs on USB power and therefore, it doesn’t require any external power supply. You can quickly transfer data with USB 3.0 connectivity.

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#8. Western Digital External Hard Drive

Western Digital portable hard drive for mac

Western Digital hard disks are known for data security as the hard drives made by this brand offers password protection to users. This 1TB Black My Passport for Mac Portable External Hard Drive is Time Machine ready. Its reimagined design boasts features like password protection and hardware encryption. Mac users always trust Western Digital’s security features. The best hard drive for Mac comes with USB 3.0 port and it is also compatible with USB 2.0.

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