Best Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

One of the often heard quibbles from iOS users is the lack of storage space that comes bundled with the system. However, many companies have been selling flash drives for iPhone 6/6s Plus or iPhone 7 and 7 Plus right from when the initial series that came out with inbuilt Lightning connectors. Such a tiny and weightless lightning iPhone flash drive straightaway connects to your device and overcomes the restrictions of existing onboard storage.

Before selecting an iPhone USB storage or iPad thumb drive, there are certain points to think over for choosing the apt Lightning drive. Some of these drives have a battery that needs charging, some need associated apps for managing them and content streaming from each of these drives provide different output quality. To help you out in making the right decision according to your needs, we have listed best iPhone thumb drive available in the market.

Best Flash Drives for iPhone 6/6s Plus or iPhone 7/7 Plus  and iPad

1. SanDisk 128 GB Flash Drive

SanDisk Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

SanDisk is a popular name as far as thumb drives are concerned. The SanDisk iXpand flash drive allows you to rapidly clear up the space on your iPhone’s or iPad’s and also lets you automatically back up your photos. With this efficient wireless storage for iPad and iPhone, you can even watch videos directly from the drive. The versatile lightning connector functions well with almost all major cases and the USB 3.0 connector simplifies the transfer of content between devices. You also have password protection encryption to safeguard your content.

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2. Omars

Omars Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

Omars gives you a quick boost of storage space on your lightning devices. This iPad and iPhone flash drive adapter lets you transfer your images, videos and other documents with complete ease between two such iOS devices or with your computers. With USB 3.0, you get amazing transfer speeds while reading and writing. Additionally, you get the free Witstick app that automatically shows up when the drive is connected. You can just opt to download it from the App store. Using this app, you can browse the contents of the drive with ease. It supports the browsing of a wide range of file formats. You can also backup your contact list and restore the same with a single click.

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3. RAVPower

RAVPower Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

The RAVPower iPlugmate or RP-IM005 is a latest MFi certified iPad and iPhone thumb drive connecting to USB 3.0 along with a lightning connector for your MacBook computer. Using this drive you can transfer your files at great speed from your phone to computer and at the same time get fully charged. The cable design comprises of a smaller lightning connector base that actually facilitates connection to most phones with bigger cases. This helps prevent the headache of removing the case when connecting has to be done. Another great advantage is the presence of the free iPlugmate app that also complete support for most major video and music formats.

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4. G-Ting

G-TING iPhone flash drive

G-Ting’s USB flash drive makes the data transfer easy for you. It has high transfer speed with its dual 8-Pin and standard USB connector. You can easily format the drive to support iPhone and iPad devices by simply using ‘i-Easy-Drive’ which saves time. You can also record videos and take photos directly through the flash drive and view those on your device.

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5. HooToo

HooToo Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

The best part of HooToo is its versatile free app iPlugmate that supports all types of major media files that can be streamed straight from the thumb drive. This helps to save important space and time. There is a comfortably extended Lightning connector base with proper MFi certification and fully compatible with Lightning iPhone and iPad. This connector works with most cases without having to take them off due to the additional 4mm extension. The drive comes in an aluminum build making it look and feel premium and robust.

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GMYLE Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

This is a smooth working Apple MFi certified lightning connector that is helpful for added storage space and is fully compatible with the iOS devices. It is very compact and user-friendly for frequent portable usage. You can keep your personal media safe by locking them down with your own passcode. You can clear the non-prioritized yet necessary clutter from your iPhone or iPad and transfer them to your drive and this way you can keep your devices free while still having the content in your drive.

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7. PNY

PNY iPhone flash drive

Use your PNY flash drive to instantly transfer and stream data, photos and videos between your iPhone and other Apple devices. It has duo-link USB 3.0 compatibility and doesn’t require any charging. It has a lightning connector which reflects whether it is in use or not and you do not need a wireless connection or a cable or computer to connect it with your device.

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8. iMoreGro

iMoreGro Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

This is an extremely high speed thumb drive that supports both iPhone and doubles up as an OTG device for any secondary Android devices that you may have. There is a convenient dual interface to differentiate between MAC/iOS and PC systems. This drive supports plug and play and helps skip iTunes to copy files directly to and from iPhone and iPad. This makes a seamless storage expansion of iOS devices very simple and effective.

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OLALA Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

This is an Apple MFi certified 8-pin lightning connector that makes sure of total compatibility that syncs with Apple lightning devices. You can connect the drive through USB to iPad and iPhone with support for iPhone’s right from iPhone 5. There is no necessity to sync with iTunes or iCloud while letting you stream photos, audio and videos directly from flash drive through an app. You can also automatically record your photo or video straight to this flash drive and with different capacity options for memory expansion, you get ample space to free up mobile or tablet memory.

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10. Nulaxy

Nulaxy Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

This drive supports USB 3.0 and works up reading speeds up to 80MB/s and writing speeds up to 40MB/s. With the Lightning port, it gives you around 20MB/s reading speed and about 10MB/s writing speed. Apart from various media formats, this drive also supports a wide variety of other files such as DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, etc. making it a great companion for work purposes as well. The extended lightning connector helps plugging in even with the presence of a case and the protective caps help to securely hold it in place. An added benefit is the presence of a tiny hole in the side end of the drive that has a small lanyard which can be used to attach to a keychain.

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11. E-MART

eMart Flash Drives for iPhone and iPad

This is a universal thumb drive with support for all kinds of USB systems and interfaces with the iPhone and iPad series lightning connectors. With a capacity of 64GB and impressive read and write speeds, this is very efficient for your daily storage portability purposes. You get an associated app called i-Easy Drive that helps for smoother and quicker operations with the drive. Being universal, you can seamlessly transfer between PC, Mac, Android and of course iOS Devices with complete ease.

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iPhone flash drives are small wonder devices that are very useful and serve their purpose at their cutting-edge best. Choose and buy from our list of best flash drive for iPhone 6/6s Plus or iPhone 7/7 Plus. Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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