Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers: Spice Up Your Pool Parties at Home and Resort

Launched for the monitors that supplied power wirelessly, the wireless technology has been around us for quite some time now. One of the gadgets that have made use of this technology to the optimum is a Bluetooth speaker. What’s more, add some fun element to these speakers and you will end up with the best floating Bluetooth speakers.

These floating waterproof bluetooth speakers float over the dock and make use of wireless charging technology and magnets. The speakers are so popular among youth that they show sheer disregard to the price tag and buy some expensive levitating Bluetooth speakers for pool.

The floating bluetooth speakers will be your perfect partner for your pool parties or some alone time at the pool, all by yourself. Since the speakers are portable, you can carry them practically everywhere and enjoy music on the go. In this article, we have picked out 9 best floating Bluetooth speakers for you. Let’s have a look.

Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers

#1. Senders Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Senders Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Senders floating Orb spins over a magnetic base that is designed beautifully to perfection. It comes with a built-in NFC function and you can easily pair any tablet or mobile that has NFC with the speaker easily. It floats in the air above the ground, at a height of 10mm. It has a circular speaker that spins around 360 degrees so as to give the best music everywhere. The base unit and the orb, both have LED lights on them and thus makes it easy to use them at night as well.

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#2. COWIN COWIN-Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

COWIN COWIN-Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

Cowin Cowin floating waterproof Bluetooth speaker, as the name suggests, is 100% protected against dust and water. It has a 100-watt subwoofer that gives loud sound, 3 passive radiators that provide rich bass and a LED display on the speaker’s top that change to 5 different colors. If you have kids, then they will love the mini speakers. It has Bluetooth 4.0 version, the most ultra-optimized wireless connection. Since they are specially designed to float in the pool, you can enjoy swimming while listening to your favorite tracks.

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#3. Mars by Crazybaby

Mars by Crazybaby

Enjoy your favorite tracks while your UFO shaped mars floating speaker floats above the base. In case its battery gets low, it will automatically land on the base and will start charging itself via wireless capabilities. If you have Crazybaby app installed in your iOS or Android smartphone, you can enjoy your favorite tracks back to back in a hassle-free way. Since it has the quality of 360-degree projection, everyone will have equal reach to the sound.

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#4. ICE Orb Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

ICE Orb Floating Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This floating speaker spins above a magnetic base is designed with a sound guide cone design that facilitates increase in the 3D sound effect. It can easily pair with the smartphone and tabs that have NFC function, since it itself is equipped with NFC function. The speaker can easily work without its base for 8 hours if it is fully charged, as a portable Bluetooth speaker. The green illuminating band around the device makes it glow in the dark and thus makes it look better. One of the best things about this speaker is that the charging dock can also charge your smartphone while playing music.

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#5. NUWA Portable Bluetooth Speaker

NUWA Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker is a great water-resistant speaker, which is highly damage resistant. You can fully submerge it in your pool while having a swim and listen to your playlist. This floating Bluetooth speaker for pool can submerge in water up to a depth of 3 ft. and it will still blare in full volume and bass. With an IPX7 rating, this speaker is perfect for hiking, camping, pool parties, swimming pools, etc. You can stay carefree while carrying this speaker as it is completely damage resistant, splashproof, and dustproof.

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#6. B4M ORB Portable Speaker

B4M ORB Portable Speaker

This B4M ORB water floating speaker is designed in such a way that it floats over a magnetic base 10mm above the ground. It produces a 3D sound effect so that everyone can enjoy the same sound intensity. It is also compatible with all the NFC-enabled smartphones and tablets. The base not only charges this speaker, but can also charge devices like smartphones, tablets, and others. Its looks are a real feast to the eyes and serve to be the best speaker while listening.

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#7. 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Designed with a fusion of design and technology, 7 Arc star floating waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker it definitely stands out from other speakers of the same genre. The speaker revolves over the base at a certain height above the ground level and rotates to give 360-degree coverage so that all the people get to get the same sound quality. The highlighting feature is its water-resistance, which makes it suitable for floating on swimming pool and other water sources. It is a perfect speaker for making your pool parties much more fun, without even a hint of worry of your speaker.

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#8. Plox Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Plox Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Designed for the techie lovers as well as Star Wars fans, this Bluetooth speaker is one of the renowned names in the best floating pool speaker genre. Defying the laws of gravity, Plox brings forth, one of its best floating bluetooth speakers that have an amazing sound quality and appearance. The speaker can work for good 5 hours in one charging and gives 360-degree coverage so that all the people can get access to uncompromised music quality.

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#9. ZVOLTZ Portable Floating Wireless Speaker

Gear up for the last addition of our list. Its Bluetooth compatibility is great as it can easily connect from a large distance and can stream music from the Bluetooth-enabled device. You can easily carry this speaker while on the go, as it is portable. In addition to this, it’s a perfect fit for pool parties as it is waterproof and can be easily used under water as well.

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