Apple Watch has been a friendly gizmo till date and continuously developing its features to let people utilize its serviceability for their best. Starting from sending messages to controlling your smart home appliances, it is a sweet spot of technologies. To add further, there is a variety of best Home Automation apps for Apple Watch.

Tighten the security with smart camera interface, control all your home’s lighting, adjust your thermostat’s temperature, and many more of these features can be used with these apps. Let’s take a look at some of the best Apple Watch Home Automation Apps.

Best Home Automation Apps for Apple Watch

Best Home Automation Apps for Apple Watch Series 3, 2, and Apple Watch 1

#1. Surveillance App

Surveillance App for Apple Watch

This is a security app which will serve as an extra pair of eye for your house when you are away very far. Download and install the app on your iPhone and Apple Watch and set it up by going through the signing in process. Choose which device you want to keep at home i.e, iPhone or Apple Watch. If your device at home detects any noise, you will be notified about it. You can even speak via your devices microphone to shock any unwanted guest at your home.


#2. ecobee

ecobee App for Apple WatchThe ecobee app is designed to control thermostat settings for your smart house appliances. Adjust the room temperature, align your schedules, monitor the remote room sensors with notification centre widget and live in comfort with ecobee. While using it with Apple devices, you can also command Siri to enable comfort settings, alter temperature, and the like.


#3. Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell Lyric App for Apple WatchThis app is devised to cut down the frills and boost your comfort by letting you control your smart appliances via the Apple Watch. The Lyric app uses the location of your phone to trigger changes in the thermostat, set temperatures, adjusting it when you are leaving and even saving energy when you are away. GeoFencing technology allows you to use a daily schedule, study location based temperature and accordingly adjusts it on your return so that you can enjoy a pleasing atmosphere.


#4. Philips Hue

Philips Hue App for Apple WatchThis app from Philips lets you control the lighting of your house remotely over Wi-Fi network. Personalize the theme of your room to match the mood. Save your own settings and have the right ambience ready for any occasion. You can also enable your device’s location and sync it with this app so that the lighting changes duly at sunrise and sunset.


#5. Nokia Home Security Camera

Nokia Home Security Camera App for Apple WatchThe Nokia Home Camera comes with environmental sensors to ensure that your dear one in the house is living comfortably without any hindrances. It records every movement happening in the house and reviews the whole clip of a day in a few seconds with time lapse. For added security, it is capable of informing about noise alerts. Browse through the Home Cam Journal to review all the events which happened during the last 48 hours. If you own an Apple TV, it is easier to keep an eye out on your baby, witness the activity happening in that room and look at the person knocking at your door.


#6. Heatmiser Neo

Heatmiser Neo for Apple WatchThe Neo app is designed to control your heating and appliances in a smarter way remotely. Adjust the temperature of your room or command it to set the assigned temperature daily at any particular time of the day. Set it up to automatically start warming your room when it starts to freeze by marking a freezing temperature in the app. It also avails Geo Location Feature which allows zonal identification of the user’s device and set different temperature for each zone inside your house.


#7. Lutron Home Control+

Lutron Home Control+ App for Apple WatchTo use this app you need to have Lutron total home control system like RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS or Illumination. Control lights, shades, temperature and create a comfortable ambience inside your house. You can also make temporary adjustments for different occasions to match your preferences. Scheduled triggering of your lighting appliances at sunset or sunrise can also be set in this app.


#8. Total Connect Comfort

Total Connect ComfortAnother Honeywell app is here to rely on while relaxing in your home and controlling the temperature of your room. Manage the heating and cooling system anytime, anywhere from you Apple Watch. Set indoor temperature and make it your default or view outdoor temperature and humidity to adjust indoor temperature accordingly.


#9. Home – Smart Automation App

Home - Smart Automation AppThis is the only app which is the pillar of all Homekit accessories controllable by this one. No matter which manufacturer’s product you are using, this app serves as the jack of all trades. Set a freezing point so that when the temperature reaches it, level of warmth will automatically increase. Adjust the brightness of the lights in your room or trigger them on and off at once. Swiping is a new feature which allows you to save energy by swiping left and reduce brightness instantly by swiping right.


#10. QuickSwitch

QuickSwitch Home Automation for Apple WatchThis app functions with Belkin WeMo accessories. With this app, you can trigger all WeMo’s on or off. Dim the light bulbs during night time or brighten it up if it is too dark. Create groups of a used setting for applying it the next time it is needed. Note that you use the same Wi-Fi network with which you have connected your WeMo devices.


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