Apple has got some dedicated fan-following for iPads. They have penchant for bigger screens and like to surf content on screen size of more than 6 inches. Last year in September, Apple launched its 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which obviously created much hype with its colossal size. While everybody was apprehensive of initial acceptance of this giant iPad, artists and creative people welcome iPad Pro with open arms. Experience the power of iPad Pro by wrapping the device into the best iPad Pro cases for 12.9 Inch and 9.7 Inch. (Also check our article for best 10.5 iPad Pro cases).

In March 2016, Apple surprised users with another iPad Pro; but this time, the screen size was shrunk to 9.7 inches. With its perfect size, powerful features, best camera in tablet, better battery life, super screen and high quality audio, iPad Pro (9.7-inch) has been declared as the best tablet by industry experts. This certainly inspires many users to buy this smaller iPad Pro, and consequently, they need to buy the best iPad Pro cases.

So once you have got any iPad Pro (or maybe both), you should now purchase protective cases for your precious device. This list of best iPad Pro cases for 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch has got the best brands of iOS accessories. Moreover, this collection of Apple iPad Pro case is general in nature; so you will see a variety in cases. You will find the best iPad Pro cases with keyboard, iPad Pro leather case, iPad Pro kickstand case and others.

Best iPad Pro Cases for 12.9 and 9.7 Inch

Best iPad Pro 9.7 Cases

#1. BoriYuan

BoriYuan iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

BoriYuan presents an iPad Pro leather case. Equipped with Apple PEN holder, this case is crafted from superior quality greased leather. This beautiful looking case boasts special design for effortless typing, emailing, gaming and video watching. Secure the elegance of your iPad Pro with this robust case that prevents scratches, shocks, dusts and other routine damages. BoriYuan’s smart cover turns your iPad Pro on when you open the case; and it turns off the device when you close the cover.

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#2. Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

Urban Armor Gear offers you an extremely light case for your 9.7-inch iPad Pro. It is as light as feather but can resist impact with its soft core and frogskin non-slip grip. With this case, you can also view movies and videos by putting your iPad Pro on kickstand mode. The kickstand is adjustable and detachable. Insert your Apple Pencil in a dedicated holder; this cover is compatible with keyboards. For full protection of your iPad Pro, this case has passed through military drop-tests.

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#3. OtterBox

OtterBox iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

OtterBox is undoubtedly the leading brand in iPhone and iPad accessories. This protective iPad Pro 9.7 case is from a famous Defender series. This case is compatible with iPad Pro 9.7” version. iPad Pro case OtterBox provides strong 3-layer protective case that can endure sudden drops, bumps and shocks. You don’t need to buy a separate screen protector as this case comes with a built-in screen protector for your iPad Pro. Check out that slot for Apple Pencil.

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#4. Supcase

Supcase iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

Supcase has crafted perfect cut-out for iPad Pro so that you can easily access all ports and button on your device. Moreover, you can easily install this case on your iPad. To retain sensitivity of iPad Pro, Supcase has designed the front cover with raised edges that protect your device against scratches. This case is made of PC hard shell and flexible TPU that bear sudden drops, bumps and shocks.

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#5. Apple Smart Case

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

If you love to use Apple’s accessories for iPad Pro, this one can be your good choice. Apple’s case for iPad Pro gives complete coverage of front and back; the smart cover is aligned by a magnetic hinge. This gives a perfect fit on your iPad Pro. Once you install this case on your iPad Pro, you don’t need to wake or put your device to sleep manually; it will be taken care of by the smart cover.

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#6. MoKo

MoKo iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

Get the slim and lightweight case from MoKo. The hardback design doesn’t add much bulk to your iPad Pro; however, you are rest assured about the protection of your valuable device. This case is made of high quality PU leather exterior and microfiber interior. Open the case and your iPad Pro will automatically wake up; to close the device, just put the lid back in place. For unhindered gesture swipes, MoKo has not provided bezels around the screen of iPad Pro.

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#7. JETech

JETech iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

JETech designs awesome case for 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This case comes with auto sleep & wake functionality for ease of usage. Its slim and lightweight profile captures attention of all; at the same time, this case gives your iPad Pro a stronger stand position. Never worry about the protection of your iPad as JETech’s synthetic exterior and soft interior takes care of security. All cut-outs and openings are precisely crafted by JETech engineers, and therefore, users can easily access all ports and button on iPad Pro.

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#8. Snugg

Snugg iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

Snugg presents a range of colourful covers for iPad Pro. Pick your choice of colour and you will find the best case to install on your prized possession. This smart PU leather case offers great protection and security to your iPad; check its integrated hand strap and stylus loop. You can get better protection of your device and a good place to keep Apple Pencil. Snugg’s case features auto wake/sleep facility to save your time to press power button.

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#9. Spigen

Spigen iPad Pro 9.7 inch Case

Spigen brings slim and lightweight case for 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Though its slim design never compromises on safety front; you get a high quality case with synthetic exterior and smooth interior to protect your iPad. When you hold this case in hands, you will feel a soft touch coating and leatherette. Like other premium cases, Spigen’s too offers you auto wake/sleep facility; access all features and ports without any hassle as Spigen has precisely crafted all the cut-outs and openings on this case.

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Best iPad Pro 12.9 Cases

#10. ProCase

ProCase iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

ProCase has designed this case with unique craftsmanship that sets the case apart from other cases in the list. A simple but elegant iPad Pro 12.9 inch case which has precise cut-outs; check out its exterior and interior, which offer high quality leather composition. Use multiple slots to adjust different horizontal stand angles to watch videos and movies. ProCase gives you auto sleep & wake feature; its cover has magnetic closure. Gain total access to all features and ports like cameras, speaker, and buttons. Keep your Apple Pencil in its built-in holder.

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#11. Spigen

Spigen iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

Experience extremely slim and lightweight design in Spigen iPad Pro 12.9 inch case. Spigen has added synthetic exterior and soft interior to give extra protection and superior grip to users. Thanks to its better quality soft touch coating and leatherette, which offers powerful exterior texture on grip. Appreciate its auto wake/sleep feature that puts your iPad Pro to sleep when the lid is closed. Use all features, controls, and buttons without any hassle; Spigen has taken great care while crafting cut-outs on this case.

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#12. JETech

JETech iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

JETech has designed this case especially for viewers, who want to watch movies and videos on the 12.9-inch screen of iPad. Its firmer stand position clearly indicates that the case is a good companion for people who enjoy video and movie watching on large screen of iPad Pro. Made of synthetic exterior and smooth interior, the case is slim and lightweight. Enjoy full access to all ports, buttons and controls on iPad Pro with precise cut-out holes.

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#13. Poetic

Poetic iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

Poetic presents a high grade case, which is made of TPU back. You won’t be able to take your eyes off its stylish tech styling with new Poetic Design DNA. Take a careless walk through crowded places without having to worry about your iPad Pro; its tactile grip with micro grips gives you firmer grip position. To protect corners of iPad Pro, this case boasts extra cushion which can absorb accidental shocks. Raised edges of this case prevent damage from any surface.

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#14. OtterBox

OtterBox iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

OtterBox case is compatible with 12.9” iPad Pro version. This case has 3 layers of protection that can endure sudden drops, bumps and shocks. Its built-in screen protector protects your iPad’s screen against scratches and eliminates the need to buy an extra one. Put the Apple Pencil in a dedicated slot; protect your iPad Pro from dust and debris with port covers.

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#15. Apple Silicone Case

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

Get the best iPad Pro case from Apple itself. You can easily rely on this case made of soft microfiber lining that secures your iPad Pro. And its silky, soft-touch silicone adds aesthetic value to the case. Caress your hand on this smooth exterior and feel great in your hands. You can effortlessly pair the new smart keyboard or smart cover; this will give you complete front and back coverage.

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#16. Supcase

Supcase iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

Supcase brings an advanced iPad Pro kickstand case with snap-on design that gives hassle-free installation. The front cover snap-on case boasts perfect cut-outs for iPad Pro 12.9”. Supcase has manufactured this case with raised edges that protect the screen from touching the surface when you put it face-down. In your adventurous life, you may stumble across accidents; in this situation, you can safeguard your iPad Pro with Supcase’s PC hard shell and flexible TPU that can endure sudden drops and shocks.

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#17. MoKo

MoKo iPad Pro 12.9 inch Protective Case

MoKo has designed this iPad Pro 12.9 case with great craftsmanship. The case allows you to use all features and controls without any hassle. For protection, MoKo has made padded front cover and hard plastic back; this way, your iPad Pro is protected at front, back and all corners. Watch amazing videos and favourite movies by keeping the iPad at different angles. You can also type emails and watch eBooks on its built-in stand. Use MoKo’s interior hand strap to hold your iPad with one hand.

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