Best iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Cases: Get Double Advantage of Charging and Protection

Your iPhone 7 Plus is packed with so many features that it can single-handedly manage every important task in your professional and personal life. With so many responsibilities, your iPhone needs energy, i.e. battery. For quick juice, the best source of energy is the best iPhone 7 Plus wireless charging cases. (check best iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Cases)

To choose the top Wireless charging cases compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, you don’t need to explore unfathomable World Wide Web. We have sourced the finest cases made by leading accessories brands. These cases for iPhone 7 Plus offer double advantage of protection and charging your phone in emergency. Now, check out this collection of wireless receiver cases for iPhone 7 Plus.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Cases

#1. Nillkin

Nillkin Magic Case Series iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

Nillkin offers multiple benefits of having a single wireless charging case for your iPhone 7 Plus. The Magic Case enables your iPhone to be compatible with wireless charging. You can put your iPhone 7 Plus on a wireless charging pad, which can be installed on your car’s AC vent. By doing so, you can avoid the use of iPhone 7 Plus car chargers. With the help of four built-in magnets, you can make your iPhone 7 Plus compatible with magnetic holder.

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Antye iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

How difficult it is to manufacture a wireless charging case that showcases extraordinary strength! ANTYE has successfully combined the strong battery power and robustness of TPU. While the battery capacity seamlessly charges your iPhone 7 Plus, its shock-absorbing TPU will protect the phone against shock and accidental drops. This iPhone 7 Plus wireless charging case works efficiently with any Qi-standard wireless charger dock. The case comes with ANTYE’s 12-month warranty.

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#3. MobilePal

Mobilepal iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

MobilePal has successfully combined style and protection in this wireless charging case for your iPhone 7 Plus. Take a look at this ultra-slim case and you will be awestruck by its beauty. This transparent case has four raised corners, which make you labour under the impression that they are curves. On the technology side, MobilePal is sound enough to charge your iPhone 7 Plus at the speed equivalent to the charging speed of Apple lightning cable and power banks.

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#4. Mophie

Mophie Wireless Charging Battery Pack Case for iPhone 7 Plus

When a single case combines qualities of a wireless charging case and protective case, it blows out of proportion to normal weight. Mophie has left this beaten track and done something extraordinary. Beyond your imagination, Mophie brings one of the best iPhone 7 Plus wireless charging cases that is incredibly lightweight. This wireless receive case has 2420mAh capacity and can provide 60% more charge. While your iPhone 7 Plus is being charged, you can check the status from LED light at the back of your phone.

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#5. Hanende

Hanende iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

Hanende offers you wireless receiver case for iPhone 7 Plus and a Qi wireless charging pad so that you can quickly charge your device at 2A. Hanende has already installed Ti chipset to enable your iPhone to wireless charging without inserting a lightning cable. The hard PC case protects your iPhone 7 Plus against all hazards like scratches, bumps, drops, and shocks.

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#6. Foxin

Foxin iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

When you buy iPhone 7 Plus wireless receiver cases, your top priority should be convenience. You can’t hold this phablet in your hands all day; you need to put it in your pocket. And that’s where comfort and convenience play a role. Foxin has done an excellent job by manufacturing a case that provides ultimate convenience. To charge your iPhone 7 Plus, simply put it on a Qi wireless charging pad; it is so convenient that you can save a lot of your time while you are driving or working.

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Wireless charging cases for iPhone 7 Plus are your best choice to keep your device charged always. Which Wireless Receiver Cases are you going to buy from the list of best iPhone 7 Plus Wireless charging Cases? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus..

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