Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases: Keep Your iPhone Charged On the Go

The traditional ways of charging your iPhones requires an adapter and lightning cables – both create an unnecessary tangle on your workstation. The new wave of technology revolution celebrates wireless charging. No, here I am not talking about wireless chargers for your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus or iPhone X. The smart generation believes in mobile charging and therefore, they appreciate the best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases. (Visit this post for best iPhone 8 Battery Cases)

Recently, Apple has released three different iPhones for mobile aficionados, and all the three devices are different in size. Hence, you need to buy best battery cases for iPhone 8 Plus in a size that fits on your device. A battery case has a unique value as enables you to roam around with your iPhone being charged in your hands. Unlike your iPhone power banks, which are difficult to carry around, battery cases are lightweight and hardly add bulk to your device.

In addition to charging your iPhone, battery cases are admired for providing protection and elegance to the device. Makers of battery cases use robust materials and beautiful colours to add a pinch of style. An important aspect of all battery cases is their capacity to charge your iPhone. While browsing a list of top battery cases for iPhone 8 Plus, keep an eye on mAh of each backup battery case. When all these elements are combined, you get perfect iPhone 8 Plus backup battery cases. Explore this list of best iPhone 8 Plus battery cases.

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

Best iPhone 8 Plus Battery Cases

#1. Alpatronix 5000mAh Slim Rechargeable Protective Portable Charger Case

Alpatronix iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

A slim rechargeable battery case is a rare sight. You should not miss this opportunity as Alpatronix brings a 5000mAh protective portable charger case for your iPhone. In their attempts to add more power to the battery case, makers normally end up crafting a hefty case. Thankfully, Alpatronix has succeeded in manufacturing a strong battery case with a slim profile.

Get more than 150% charge from this rechargeable protective battery case for your iPhone. Equipped with Qi wireless charging technology, you can use this one of the best iPhone 8 Plus battery case with AirPower or any other third-party wireless charging pads.

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#2. Trianium Atomic Pro 4200mAh Portable Battery Case

Trianium brings simplicity in design. Glance over this nicely designed battery case and you will be impressed by its elegance. Next comes Trianium’s powerful Li-polymer rechargeable atomic pro battery, which gives your iPhone more than 100% extra life. With this fresh energy inserted in your phone, you can browse web world, make calls, watch videos and more.

This battery case clearly displays power status with LED indicator lights. For your iPhone’s protection, it has a unique bumper design that provides all-round protection to your iPhone. One of the drawbacks of this case is its inability to connect the headphones. You have to use AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones compatible with your iPhone.

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#3. i-Blason External Protective Battery Case

i-Blason has gained reputation as a leading battery case maker. This external protective battery case for iPhone 8 Plus has 4000mAh battery capacity, which is enough to charge up your iPhone while you are on the go. The case provides comprehensive protection to your iPhone in addition to charging its battery.

The slim case adds minimum bulk to your iPhone and you can easily put your phone into your pockets. The battery case plays dual role of charging your phone and syncing your phone’s data. Unlike other battery cases, i-Blason offers a case that gives access to all controls, ports, and buttons on your iPhone.

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#4. VPROOF 7200mAh Battery Case

VPROOF presents one of the best battery case for iPhone 8 Plus that boasts 7200mAh battery capacity. With its immense power supply, you can super charge your iPhone at any time. A notable feature of this battery case is advanced SYNC & Hassle-Free Charging. You can easily sync your iPhone data with your Mac or Windows computers, and at the same time, keep charging your iPhone without removing this battery case.

Another useful function is magnetic metal, which allows users to place the phone on a magnetic car mount while they are driving. If you are not happy with the performance of this battery case, get 100% money back!

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#5. Smaiphone Ultra Thin Rechargeable Battery Case

Smaiphone iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

Smaiphone presents a battery case that looks like just your simple iPhone slim case, but it has 4000mAh high capacity battery. With this battery case, you can easily charge your phone while you are on the go. The elimination of bulk is highly appreciated by users; it gives so much comfort and convenience to carry such slim battery cases!

The soft silicone material provides durability to this battery case, which further protects your iPhone with superior resilience. Experience smooth surface and super comfortable feel while holding your iPhone. The case quickly adds 100% extra battery life to your iPhone.

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#6. Maxdara 7500mAh Charging Case

Maxdara iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

A more powerful battery case from Maxdara! This is your 7500mAh charging case that immediately supplies essential juice to your iPhone during emergency. Never run out of battery wherever you are! This three-in-one battery case provides charging, sync data and protection. Enjoy more than 17 hours talk time and over 10 hours of video time!

Secure your device from scratches and other damage by this rechargeable backup battery case for iPhone. The brightly lit LED lights indicate the battery status of this case. You can use its on-off switch while you are charging your iPhone.

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#7. LoHi 7000mAh Ultra Slim Battery Case

LoHi iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

Your iPhone 8 meets a lot of challenges in a day, and every challenge reduces the battery installed in the phone. While you are away from your workstation or home, you can only rely on the best battery case like LoHi, which gives 7000mAh slim battery case. This battery backup case delivers 200% extra battery life; and with this added energy, you can enjoy music, videos, chat, and more on your phone.

There is no rocket science behind the construction of this case. Simply connect the lightning to USB cable or charging dock and you are good to go. You get comprehensive phone protection from this battery case, which is made of soft liner microfiber.

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#8. Foxin Super Capacity Extended Battery Case

Foxin iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

Beating all the above battery cases in capacity, Foxin brings one of the best iPhone 8 Plus battery case that is packed with 8000mAh capacity. You can’t ask for more for your iPhone 8, which has 2691mAh battery capacity. This case has nearly three times the battery capacity of your device, and therefore, your iPhone will never show low battery status on its screen.

With its polymer battery, you can enjoy safe charging at anytime and anywhere. Note that your iPhone 8 will weigh 0.35 lbs more once you install this case on it. For 360-degree protection, Foxin has used hard-shell backplate to keep your phone secure from scratches and other damage.

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#9. Baseus Plaid Portable Extended Charger Case

Baseus iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

All in a day, you are chasing your dreams. Your iPhone is your loyal companion, which occupies your one hand. You need a battery case that offers a firm grip in your one hand. Baseus offers a plaid portable extended charger case that eliminates massive grip feeling so that you can hold your iPhone with your one hand comfortably.

One of the important tasks you have to perform with your iPhone is transmission of data. Hence, you need this battery case that quickly connects power supply with the computer via data cable. This enables you to get data transmission function without removing the battery case.

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#10. HETP Ultra Slim Battery Case

HETP iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

A slim battery case is your first choice. HETP brings an ultra slim battery case that keeps you going through crowded places, jam packed streets, and busy corridors. During rush hours, you can walk fast without having to worry about your iPhone, which is smartly secure inside this 7000mAh powerful battery backup case.

This case is so user-friendly that you can easily install and remove it from your iPhone while you are having lunch. Perform all your tasks at office or at home while the case syncs, protects, and charges your iPhone. Keep an eye on 4 LED indicators that show status of battery charging.

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#11. Sgrice Ultra-Slim Lightweight Battery Case

Sgrice iPhone 8 Plus Battery Case

This slim and lightweight battery case is your best battery backup for you. Though it boasts only 4880mAh battery capacity, its thin profile attracts attention of all. Moreover, in a busy life, nobody can afford to own a hefty battery case that occupies more space and adds bulk.

A slim case allows you to move fast and easily in your office. You can get up and sit down comfortably in a chair or sofa while your iPhone is resting in your pockets. The case is so lightweight that you cannot feel its presence even as you hold your iPhone in your hands.

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