Best OnePlus 5 Accessories: Potpourri of Products to Boost Your Phone’s Performance

If there is one phone that gives you the best Android experience (Apart from Nexus and Pixel devices), it is OnePlus. Very silently but steadily OnePlus brand has captured smartphone market place by launching high quality Android phones. Now with its OnePlus 5, the brand is all set to recreate its magic. With a huge loyal fan club, many must have purchased OnePlus 5, and now they are looking for the best OnePlus 5 accessories.

These OnePlus 5 accessories include charging cable, ring grip, Bluetooth speakers, car mount, power bank, car charger, VR headset etc. All accessories are essential for your OnePlus 5, and therefore, it is advisable to go for all. Now check features and specifications of all OnePlus 5 accessories and buy one that matches perfectly with your smart, new phone.

Best OnePlus 5 Accessories

Best OnePlus 5 Accessories

Best Accessories for OnePlus 5 – Quick Links
OnePlus 5 Type C Charging Cable
Foso OnePlus 5 Back Cover
Skinomi OnePlus 5 Screen Protector
Ring Holder for OnePlus 5
Portable Speaker for OnePlus 5
Car Mount for OnePlus 5
Power Bank for OnePlus 5
Car Charger for OnePlus 5
VR Headset for OnePlus 5

#1. OnePlus Dash Type C Cable

OnePlus Dash Type C Cable

We know you love to spend more time with your OnePlus 5. This results into quick battery drain. No worries, you need a Dash Type C cable for your smartphone. This USB C cable instantly charges your OnePlus 5; a 30-minute charge gives you 60% battery. Quick charging never results into a hot cable; thanks to its oxide free cable and nickel, which make sure your OnePlus 5 gets charged faster and cooler than before.

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#2. Foso [OnePlus 5 Back Cover]

FOSO OnePlus 5 Back Cover

Your OnePlus 5 case should have eye-catching design, robust material, and powerful guard. If you find all three elements in one case, you should not wait for second to add it to cart. Foso offers you beautiful design, elegant materialization, and powerful protection to your OnePlus 5. This case flaunts spectacular design that grabs everyone’s attention with its sandstone matte slim back. Made from robust materials, Foso’s cases fight scratches and fingerprints effectively.

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#3. Skinomi [OnePlus 5 Screen Protector]

Skinomi OnePlus 5 Screen Protector

A screen protector is not only supposed to guard the touch screen of your phone but it should also give your eyes less stress while you are using a high-end phone like OnePlus 5. Skinomi is undoubtedly one of the best brands in manufacturing OnePlus 5 screen protectors. This MatteSkin screen protector provides full coverage on your OnePlus 5 screen; and its anti-glare quality extensively decreases glare and improves visibility in bright surroundings.

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#4. Ring Holder for OnePlus 5[SEGMOI]

SEGMOI OnePlus 5 Ring Holder Case

A phone like OnePlus 5 is unputdownable. Normally, the term we use for the best-seller novel, but this smartphone is no less than a popular fiction as every user has a unique story behind the purchase of OnePlus 5. You like to keep holding this phone in your palm, which begins to sweat after sometime. You can’t afford to spoil the beauty of this phone; we recommend this ring grip stand holder for your OnePlus 5. This ring grip allows you to hold your phone tightly in your finger; it is best used when you need to click a selfie with your friends. Moreover, there is little chance of accidental drop or fall of your phone.

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#5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker for OnePlus 5 [Cambridge Soundworks]

Cambridge Soundworks Bluetooth Speaker

This water resistant wireless Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Soundworks is the best companion of your OnePlus 5. It is an unforgettable experience to listen to Dirac HD sound of OnePlus 5 through this Bluetooth speaker, which boasts louder volume 10W+. You can take this speaker with you everywhere; ideal for golf, beach, shower and home. With its compact design, you can easily place the speakers on any surface.

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#6. Car Mount for OnePlus 5 [Maxboost]

Maxboost Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Car Mount

A long drive with your OnePlus 5 will be a memorable event! But you can’t put your latest sensation in glove box, right? You want to keep it in your line of sight. Well, you can do this with Maxboost’s universal air vent magnetic car mount holder. Your lovely OnePlus 5 is just a swipe away; take calls, make calls, use Google Maps, listen to songs and more. But don’t watch movies if you are driving the car! Maxboost’s magnetic pad can stick to any case to give you the best car mount experience.

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#7. Power Bank for OnePlus 5 [RAVPower]

RAVPower Power Bank for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Never run out of battery! This should be your motto when you get OnePlus 5 smartphone. Though 3300mAh non-removable li-po battery is strong enough, you always need some extra power for emergency. A surprise outing arranged by your loved ones take you out of home for hours; and this is when you feel the need of a portable charger or a power bank. With RAVPower, you can rev up the speed your OnePlus 5 is being charged. The 20100mAh battery gives you multiple charges at least for a week.

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#8. Car Charger for OnePlus 5 [Maxboost]

Maxboost iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Car Charger

On your trip to an exotic destination, your phone battery quickly drains – thanks to the GPS usage. But this should not be your worry as long as you have got Maxboost’s car charger. A car charger is a better option than a power bank, which after some time, needs charging. However, car charger doesn’t offer you mobility as it is not portable. As long as you are in car, you can charge your OnePlus 5 and other devices with Maxboost’s car charger.

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#9. VR Headset for OnePlus 5 [ETVR]

ETVR iPhone 7 and 7 Plus VR Headset

Experience virtual reality with the best VR headset for your OnePlus 5 phone! This VR headset comes with a remote control to provide you more comfort while you are watching thrilling contents on your OnePlus 5. The strong belt of this VR headset gives firm grip around your head so you can move your head easily in all directions. Moreover, you can use this virtual reality headset while you are sleeping. Since this headset is lightweight, you won’t feel much pressure on nose.

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