Best OnePlus 5 Cases

OnePlus has come back with yet another enhanced version of its mobile phone series. With the launch of OnePlus 5, its competitors like Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus may have to gear up as well. The phone is equipped with dual camera which enhances the clarity of the photos and videos through its Portrait mode. Its autofocus and charging is even faster now! If you have made up your mind to buy OnePlus 5, you might want to invest for its 360 protection as well with one of the best OnePlus 5 cases and covers as well.

OnePlus 5 back covers fully protect the phone and allow you to operate the device effortlessly. These protective cases and covers are precisely crafted and therefore, you can easily access all controls and ports on your smartphone. Like all its predecessors, OnePlus 5 doesn’t have card slot for extra memory power. So make a smart choice and go for the OnePlus 5 packed with 128GB memory; moreover, this 128GB version will give you 8GB RAM.

Best OnePlus 5 Cases and Covers

#1. OtterBox

Otterbox best OnePlus 5 Case

OnePlus 5 back over by OtterBox, provides a dual layer protection with hard shell external coverage and soft inner shell to safeguard your device from scratches. Its slim design can easily fit in your pocket whilst provide full access to camera, USB, keys and charging ports. It is available in 2 different colours including Black and Night fire.

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#2. TopAce

TopAce best OnePlus 5 Case

TopAce offers an HD screen protector with its case; now you don’t need to buy a screen protector for your OnePlus 5. This OnePlus 5 back cover is for those who are very fussy about their phones. A minor fingerprint stain can leave them rattled, forget those visible scratches. TopAce has crafted this case to resist fingerprints; moreover, the case is water-resistant, dust-proof, and anti-skidding. You can easily wipe out the stains from your case.

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#3. Tudia

TUDIA best OnePlus 5 Case

Simplicity always rules. Tudia believes in crafting cases that showcase simple design with high effectiveness. This heavy duty extreme protection case is rugged but slim. The dual layer case is crafted from polycarbonate outer layer and TPU rubberised gel skin which makes your case slim and lightweight. Many smartphone owners are in the habit of placing their phones in face-down position and thus, invite unwanted scratches on touch screen. This will never happen if you use Tudia case on your OnePlus 5 phone; its raised edges will protect your phone’s touch screen as the edges provide necessary elevation.

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#4. Belk

BELK best OnePlus 5 Case

Wallet case is favourite among professionals. Belk is a reputed brand that manufactures high quality wallet cases for smartphone users. For your OnePlus 5, you can consider this option as it boasts the best features. One thing that quickly captures your attention is the colourful range of Belk wallet cases for OnePlus 5. You can pick any one from six colour options like black, blue, brown, purple, red, and, buff.

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Orzly best OnePlus 5 Case

One of the best OnePlus 5 cases and covers, this ultra-clear case is made from flexible yet durable material which provides back protection from day to day damages like scratches, sudden drops, dust and dirt. Its transparent design further enhances the features of your phone. It has an internal goose bump surface which adds an extra layer which keeps the case slightly raised to prevent air bubble to be trapped and provide full access to the different ports.

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XEPTIO best OnePlus 5 Case

Compatible with OnePlus 5, the case is made from premium TPU which keeps your device immune to daily wear and tear including scratches. Its ultra-sleek design adds minimal bulk to your device and at the same displays all the features whilst maintaining the natural look of your phone. The case has precise cutouts providing complete access to different ports like camera, charging and USB port.

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#7. Riffue

Riffue best OnePlus 5 Case

Available in 5 vibrant colors, covers for OnePlus 5 by Riffue promises to provide protection and a dynamic look at the same time for your new device. It is made from soft TPU material which is lightweight, flexible and highly durable. Its 360 coverage is shock resistant with a vintage matte finish look which enhances the function of skid resistance and fingerprint-proof. Also, it provides convenient access to all the functions with precise cutouts.

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#8. SLEO

SLEO best OnePlus 5 Case

Leather flip covers for OnePlus 5, are made from premium quality poly-carbonate leather with a soft layer of TPU from inside. Its flip cover acts as a convenient stand for a landscape view so that you can enjoy hands free access to videos and on the go navigation. There are slots designed for keeping a couple of cards and some cash. Its magnetic closure ensures that your phone is safely placed and your valuables are not falling out.

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#9. Mangix

Mangix OnePlus 5 Case

In your fast-paced life, your OnePlus 5 is your best companion that helps you keep connected with your business and loved ones. While holding your OnePlus 5 in your hands, you should be careful to handle it tightly. But if you own Mangix OnePlus 5 case, you are rest-assured that your phone is comfortable in your hands. You would appreciate its subtle wiredrawing pattern design which resists fingerprints. Also check its environmentally friendly TPU material that ensures drop-resistance. Stay focused on your business and personal life – your phone is well guarded by Mangix.

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#10. Dretal

JGOO OnePlus 5 Case

Some like it robust! Dretal has a knack for producing strong cases for your OnePlus 5. This case is a proof of Dretal’s expertise at making high quality bumper case. The brand believes in manufacturing products that are friendly to environment, and therefore, it has sourced anti-scratch TPU rubber, which is considered the best material to craft shockproof cases. Moreover, Dretal’s emphasis on strength doesn’t take toll on beauty and style of the case. This case is slim and lightweight, allowing complete access to all features and buttons of your phone.

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#11. JGOO

JGOO OnePlus 5 Case

In their efforts to manufacture a strong phone case, many case makers completely fail to notice that customers are not able to access essential features of phone. This obviously means that the case itself creates hindrance between users and ports/buttons of the phone. JGOO has seen an opportunity here and presents a perfectly crafted case for your OnePlus 5. You can gain full access to all ports, sensors, speakers, cameras and other phone features. Add to this, its honeycomb design deserves your attention as it provides secure and comfortable grip.

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#12. Mustaner

Mustaner OnePlus 5 Case

Every OnePlus 5 owner has a unique reason to buy case. Some want to protect its beauty, while others want to safeguard the hardware of the phone. Among various consumers, there is a growing community who wants to watch videos & movies on the large 5.5-inch screen of OnePlus 5. For this, a kickstand case is the best option. Mustaner brings a strong case that not only protects your phone but also allows you to watch your favourite shows & movies on phone. This dual layer shock-absorption armor cover offers full-body protection and its kickstand gives horizontal viewing position. Not to forget, its TPU and hard shell frame ensures protection of your phone against accidental drops and scratches.

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#13. LK

LK OnePlus 5 Case

A thin case fails to protect your smartphone. LK has shattered this myth by presenting an ultra-slim scratch-resistant TPU Gel rubber soft skin silicone protective case. People love to flaunt the original beauty of their OnePlus 5 smartphones, and therefore, they avoid using any case. LK makes a successful attempt to convince such users that your phone can look awesome even when it is wrapped up in this slim case. Bring home LK’s TPU case which is enhanced by protective case cover.

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