The OnePlus 5T has recently been launched, and it is a fabulous device. However, no matter how powerful a phone gets, these are still pretty delicate devices and do deserve a level of care and protection. For that reason, we have put together a list of the best OnePlus 5T Cases.

All of these cases offer splendid protection to your OnePlus 5T from everyday wear and tear, as well as those accidental drops. So do enjoy our list of back cover, clear case, bumper case, leather case, rugged case, thin case, slim case, wallet case and kickstand case, and let us know which one you decided to buy in the comments section.

Best OnePlus 5T Cases

Best OnePlus 5T Cases

Table of Contents:

#1. KuGi SS [Scratch Resistant] Phone Case

KuGi OnePlus 5T Case

Starting off our list, we have the KuGi SS phone case for your OnePlus 5T. It is made using high-quality TPU material which provides great protection as well as a soft touch feel.

The case is reinforced to protect from all angles, even from the corners, which is mostly damaged by drops. Also, it provides adequate protection to keep your phone safe from scratches and scrapes which can happen from day to day usage. The casing also comes with a thin form factor, so the original design of your phone is preserved, and you won’t feel any extra added bulk.

Price: $7.99
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#2. Mustaner Carbon Fiber Phone Case

Mustaner OnePlus 5T Case

The Mustaner Carbon Fiber Back Covers comes with a shock absorbing properties as it is built with a combination of TPU and PC materials. It is one of the best OnePlus 5T Cases as far as protection is concerned. It will keep your device safe from everyday use, accidental drops, bumps, scrapes and so on. It also prevents dust accumulation.

Also, the case is available in plenty of color variants, so you can choose one which matches your style, and won’t have to stick to the regular boring black.

Price: $7.99
Order it from Amazon

#3. TopACE Shockproof Drop-Protection Scratch Phone Case

TopACE OnePlus 5T Case

This TopACE phone case is another one which takes protection seriously. It is made using a dual layer defensive design coupled with corner guards that use TM technology. Raised lips around the display also secure it from cracks or damages from drops.

Design wise, the case embraces a modern look, and it also provides a quality grip which further reinforces safety from drops.

Price: $9.98
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#4. Happer Studio Wallet Phone Case

Happer OnePlus 5T Case

This Wallet Phone Case from Happer Studio offers something unique and professional for your OnePlus 5T. The casing is specifically curated for the device with genuine handmade leather that brings a sophisticated feel to your device. Besides the classy look, the case also provides quality protection from wear and tear.

The case is light and slim, so you will not notice any significant change in the overall weight and size your phone. It comes with a couple of small pockets which can be used to store credit cards, IDs, or any other small piece of document you have with you.

Price: $54.95
Purchase it from Amazon

#5. AVIDET Shock-Absorption Hard Back Case

AVIDET OnePlus 5T Case

The AVIDET Shock absorbent case for your OnePlus 5T is super thin but manages to protect your phone with efficiency. Apart from keeping your phone safe and secure from bumps and scratches, it also manages to keep your device clean from messy fingerprints and dirt. The case is also exceptionally light and provides a good grip.

Price: $8.99
Buy it from Amazon

#6. KAPAVER Slim Armor Back Cover Case

KAPAVER OnePlus 5T Case

Kapaver offers a TPU built armor back cover for your OnePlus 5T with a Matte finish design complemented with the popular Carbon Fibre texture. The edges come with a glossy finish, and I built bumpers which provide extra protection from drops and falls. An anti-shock cushion is also added. Again, to protect the screen from cracks and scratches, raised lips are provided around the display to elevate it from any surface.

Price: $9.99
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#7. FOSO Carbon Fibre Phone Cover (Only for Indians)

FOSO OnePlus 5T Case

FOSO provides another back cover for your OnePlus 5T which also uses a carbon fiber texture. It is designed to be shock resistant, scratch proof, and can also keep fingerprints at bay. Overall, the case offers a great solution if you are looking for a quality product which adds design values to your phone and also compliments it with protective measures from everyday wear and tear.

Price: INR 299.00
Purchase it from Amazon

#8. CASE U Rugged Armor Case (Only for Indians)

CASE U OnePlus 5T Case

Case U offers a rugged armor like phone case for your OnePlus 5T. It employs a shock resistant technology coupled with an anti-slip rubberized texture which is both safety and security measure.

The case is designed using high-quality TPU material for resilient durability. Also, the screen portion has raised lips which keeps it safe from damage in case of accidental drops.

Price: INR 499.00
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#9. Annure Brushed Shockproof Back Cover (Only for Indians)

Annure OnePlus 5T Case

Annure comes with a shockproof, thin, and lightweight back cover for your OnePlus 5T. Design-wise, it has a silk brushed texture with glossy accents and carbon fiber imprints. This help to improve the feel and grip of the case. To further build on this, shock absorbent technology is applied to the corners to keep your device safe from impact.

The case also ranks high on durability as it offers an ultra-flexible, tear resistant, washable design. Heat dissipation is also handled properly to avoid chances of overheating.

Price: INR 199.00
Buy it from Amazon

#10. WOW Imagine Premium Shockproof Phone Case (Only for Indians)

WOW OnePlus 5T Case

WOW Imagine Phone Case is TPU built and offers shock resistant and scratch proof protection for your OnePlus 5T. It has a distinct, unique look with the smooth silk brushed design and carbon fiber texture. The case is also super thin and lightweight, so it will be protecting your device, even if you barely notice it there.

Price: INR 499.00
Shop it from Amazon

#11. Jump Start Soft Silicone Phone Case (Only for Indians)

Jump OnePlus 5T Case

Jump Start OnePlus 5T back cover offers a nice blend of style and protection. You get the option to choose a lot of varied styles for your back cover, all of which are sleek, slim, and stylish. It is also made with premium materials that help to prevent everyday wear and tear get the best of your device.

Price: INR 349.00
Order it from Amazon

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