Best Power Banks for iPhone and iPad: Keep Your iPhones Charged

Power banks are best used when you are away from any wall-mounted power source. Like battery cases, portable chargers are need of the hour for all iPhone users and other smartphone owners. Power banks offer a quick solution when your iPhone is running on low battery; a highly mobile device, best power banks for iPhone and iPad can be your companion wherever you go.

Buyers should check the capacity of power banks and then place order for one. We have listed some powerful power banks for iPhone users. Each iPhone Portable charger differs from others in features like battery capacity, material and design. Pick up your choice of power bank online from the list. (Check this list of best iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Power Banks)

Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Best Power Banks for iPhone and iPad

#1. Vinsic

Vinsic Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Charge up your iPhone 10 times with Vinsic’s 20000mAh capacity. This USB C power bank for iPhone boasts dual USB ports to quickly charge two iOS devices at the same time. Apart from iPhones, you can also charge iPad and iPod touch with Vinsic’s 5v 3.1A dual port USB charger. No more worries about overcharging, over-discharge, over-voltage, over current and short circuit. Apart from its internal functions, Vinsic has superior external feature like slim design covered with hard plastic and aluminium alloy body; this makes the power bank solid and portable. Don’t miss the built-in LED indicator, which indicates remaining capacity.

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#2. Spigen

Spigen Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

A leading brand in iPhone accessories, Spigen presents one of the best iPhone power bank with 10000mAh capacity; equipped with 1A and 1.1A USB output for dual charging facilities. This power bank is compatible with all your USB support iOS devices. Aluminium unibody ensures high durability and sleek design. Appreciate its built-in torchlight that offers extra functionality and convenience when there is power cut during night. Check battery status of the power bank with its LED backlit screen.

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#3. Anker

Anker Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Anker’s leading technology has facilitated more than 10 million customers and you can join this powerful legacy by bringing home one of the best iPhone power bank made by Anker. Enjoy ultra-high capacity that charges your iPhone 6s seven times. Powered by PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, Anker power bank delivers the fastest possible charge up to 2.4 amps per port or 4.8 amps overall. Anker uses its certified MultiProtect safety system to protect your devices against any damage.

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#4. EasyAcc

EasyAcc Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

EasyAcc presents high capacity power bank that can charge your iPhone 7.5 times. Having 20000mAh capacity, EasyAcc power bank has got unique 4A dual ports input; you can recharge this power bank in 6 hours, which is 50% less time taken by other power banks with same capacity. It detects the device automatically and starts charging it fast. EasyAcc conforms to CE, RoHS and FCC standards, and this guarantees protection of your device against overcharge, short-circuits and over-current.

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#5. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

AmazonBasics boasts lithium-ion polymer battery that reduces weight and enhanced safety. This power bank has 16100mAh capacity with dual USB ports to charge multiple iOS devices. Your iPhone will be charged for 9.3 times; this means you can take this power bank with you on a week-long trip away from any conventional power source. For easy battery status, this power bank has four different indicators: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

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#6. Jackery

Jackery Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad.

Jackery’s power bank is touted as world’s most stylishly designed mobile charger, which has built-in charging cables. This eliminates the need to carry charging cables for your iPhones. This power bank for iPhone and iPad can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously with its lightning cable & micro USB cable apart from one open USB port. The 6000mAh power bank can fully charge your iPhone up to 3 times. The design and size of the Jackery Bolt power bank allow you to keep it in your pocket.

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#7. Kingtoss

Kingtoss Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Power and size don’t go hand in hand. This is proved by Kingtoss power bank, which looks slim in size and exudes power of 10000mAh. Charge your iPhone up to 5 times with this monstrous power bank, which can be slipped into your pocket without any hassle. This too has built-in lightning and micro cable for your Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. This power bank for iPhone and iPad is made of high quality materials that offer durability and effectiveness for long time.

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#8. Wish House

Wish House Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Charge your monstrous iPhone 2.5 times with Wish House ultra-high capacity 20000mAh power bank. This power bank for iPhone and iPad has polymer battery, which combines in dual USB ports to give high speed charging for any USB device. You can charge two devices simultaneously with its unique Dual USB ports. Use its 2.1A port for larger device (iPad) and 1.0A for iPhones. The power bank is 5.31 inches long and 2.67 inches wide; this makes it compact and highly portable during your travels. Its 4 LED indicators show how much power is remaining in the bank.

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#9. Viivant

Viivant Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

Make the most of your iPhone’s battery and drain it completely. Now connect your iPhone with Viivant power bank and enjoy 60 hours of straight talk time, 45 hours of LTE internet browsing, 50 hours of HD video playback, and 225 hours of audio playback. This is the power of AirX charger, which allows you to refill and repeat iPhone charge for more than 500 times. Look at the slim and light profile, which fits into your pocket easily. Also carry this power bank in your hand bag or purse. This power bank can easily impress you with its anti-skid material.

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#10. Polanfo

Polanfo Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

This feather light Polanfo power bank is lighter than 90% other power banks in the category. This makes it highly portable as it weighs only 7.2oz. This means you can safely put this power bank in your bag and do not worry about your important documents, which would have got crumpled by other weighty power banks. The power bank is as slim as your phone and this might cheat some eyes. For safety purpose, this power bank has polymer cell with aluminium alloy shell.

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Remember, sometimes draining battery is worse a situation than draining bank account. Therefore, a battery backup is always advisable for iPhone users, who have to travel extensively. Which portable charger you like most from the list of best power bank for iPhone or iPad? You can share your experience with us on our social media channels Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

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