Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus was launched recently and the web is abuzz with the infinite features and ravishing specs of this phone. With the device out now, the market is also now home to some of the best Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectors available to accompany this amazing new flagship as a must have protection.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus comes with extremely narrow bezels at the top and bottom along with a double curved edge display. Therefore, the screen protectors designed for this device have to factor in these features. We have picked out some of the best Galaxy S8 Plus screen protectors and listed them below.

Best Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protectors

#1. OTAO

OTAO Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

OTAO, a leading manufacturer and seller of screen protectors, gives you the best solution to protect your Galaxy S8 Plus’ delicate touch screen. With its installation tray, you can easily install this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen protector on the phone. This tempered glass screen protector boasts high sensitivity, and therefore, you can experience excellent touch sensation. The screen guard firmly sticks on the touch screen and never lifts up or falls off. It is case-friendly, and hence, you can use any Galaxy S8 Plus case to protect your entire phone. OTAO offers 18-month warranty to customers.

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#2. Whitestone Dome Glass

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S8 Plus

When you buy a product that is made of patented technology, you buy the best one. The case in point is Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The new Dome Adhesive Patented Technology fulfils all your expectations you have from a screen guard. This technology requires a portable UV machine, which you will receive in the package. This machine helps you install the screen protector effortlessly. This Dome Glass covers four F: Full Cover, Full Touch, Full Clear, and Full Fix. The screen protector automatically repairs minor scratches and scrapes, hence, your screen guard functions normally again. While providing full protection to your phone’s screen, this Dome Glass doesn’t look thick; it retains its slim look and touch sensitivity.

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#3. Armorsuit

Armorsuit Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

Armorsuit provides a solid protection for your device’s screen with its amazing MilitaryShield Kit. The protector is perfectly designed for the Galaxy S8 Plus and wraps around the contours of the device. The material used is flexible yet scratch-proof, extremely robust and military grade. It is also resistant towards the UV light making the yellowing process slower. This protector offers complete HD clarity along with self-healing technology. The coating on top reduces dust, oil and fingerprint smudges to a great extent.

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#4. IQShield

IQShield Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

IQShield has a great reputation for producing some of the best screen protectors and they are at it again with this LIQuid Protector for the Galaxy S8 Plus. The protector is invisible visually and offers complete coverage stretching from edge to edge. There is a one of a kind liquid molding method used to offer ultimate protection without adding layers in a singular sheet. This sheet is quite extensible, robust and gives “True Feel” responsiveness. This smart film protection helps to integrate screen safety along with enjoyable touch experience.

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#5. Skinomi

Skinomi Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

Another leading name in screen protectors, Skinomi brings out this wet-install protector that has a quick and simple installation approach. The anti-bubble liquid system makes it very easy to apply the protector while making adjustment as needed during installation. The material used is military grade TPU for protection against daily wear and tear like tears, scrapes and punctures. The film is also self-healing that enables it to extend, take in and even get rid of scratches. The cutouts are precise for the S8 Plus and the screen functioning is very smooth and fluidic.

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#6. Spigen

Spigen Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Spigen’s NeoFlex Galaxy S8 Plus screen protector is made with a flexible TPU layer with self-healing properties. It gives your device a clear screen view and keeps it safe from hits and scrapes. The installation is amazingly easy with a strongly adhesive wet-installation and a surface free from bubbles. You can also easily remove the protector with fluidity and without leaving any residues.

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#7. AquaShield

AquaShield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The ILLUMI AquaShield screen protector for Galaxy S8 Plus is produced with a military grade film that helps to protect against scratches, dents and other day-to-day harms that could befall your device. It is very slim, but equally durable offering top-grade end-to-end screen protection. There is a UV resistant layer which prevents or at least greatly delays yellowing so that your screen remains crystal clear. The screen protector is HD, very smooth to touch and maintains superb touch responsiveness.

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#8. DeltaShield

DeltaShield Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The DeltaShield Galaxy S8 plus screen protector has the self-healing technology letting the film return back to its initial structure in time making the suffered minor scratches and scruffs disappear. The protector is 99.9% absolute clear HD along with being UV-light resistant for avoiding yellowing. There is an anti-fingerprint coating that helps to avoid fingerprints along with grime so that your screen stays clear for an improved viewing. The film is totally transparent and wraps around the shape of the device beautifully. The laser designed fit provides for precise edge-to-edge fitting for ultimate safety.

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Do you like this list of best Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors ? Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen protectors are among the first set of accessories that you need to get your hands on for your new high-end smartphone. Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.


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