Best Galaxy S9 Cases: High-Quality Cases for Superior Protection of Your Premium Device

Galaxy S9 is more powerful and feature-rich than iPhone X, and therefore, all Galaxy loyalists have got one more reason not to switch to iOS devices. Moreover, Samsung has improved its fingerprint reader glitch in this Galaxy S9 model. Given the value S9 carries, it goes without saying that one has to think of the best protection for this flagship. We have done this exercise on your behalf; check the list of some best Galaxy S9 cases.

This list boasts a few protective Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can cover your S9 with. The list of cool Galaxy S9 covers includes different type of cases like kickstand case, bumper case, leather case, wallet case, clear case, heavy duty case, military grade case, rugged case, waterproof case, battery case, slim case and thin case. Check all the features, pros and cons of each case and then make a smart decision.

Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases and Covers

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Best Galaxy S9 Cases

Protective Samsung Galaxy S9 Covers

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#1. Samsung LED View Case

Samsung LED View Case for Galaxy S9

The LED view case from Samsung is your best choice. You may find this a bit pricey, but look at the phone it is going to protect. You can easily set yourself apart from others with just an elegant case for your Galaxy S9.


  • LED View.
  • Integrated Credit Card Slot.
  • Slim-line design


  • Official Samsung product.
  • Stylish dot matrix design.
  • Can check current time, calls, messages, battery status, volume etc. without opening the case.


  • Pricey.
  • Limited colour options.

Price: £56.95
Buy it from Amazon

#2. Samsung Alcantara Case

Samsung Galaxy S9 Alcantra Case

The official Alcantara case is Samsung’s supreme commander in a brigade of cases. It boasts irresistible simplicity, which keeps your phone unique even if all your colleagues have purchased S9.


  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Impressive colour.
  • Allows you quick access to ports, controls, and connectors.


  • Simple design.
  • Thin case.
  • Style and protection.


  • Your phone may slip off your hands

Price: £36.95
Order it from Amazon

#3. Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy S9 Case

A rugged armor from Spigen is always good for protecting your valuable piece. To add to protection, Spigen gives equal stress upon style. Don’t miss the black silhouette to impress a few envious eyes.


  • Air cushion technology.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be inserted into a pocket easily.


  • Protection.
  • Brand value of Spigen.


  • The rugged structure doesn’t ensure style.
  • Will attract dust/dirt.

Price: $12.99
Shop it from Amazon

#4. Spigen Thin Fit

Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S9 Case

Another case from Spigen. But this time, the brand is more concerned with style. A thin case unarguably ensures greater style than any other bumper case or kickstand case.


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Bulk-free PC material.
  • Smooth curves.


  • Precise cut-outs.
  • Form-fitting profile.
  • Seamless appearance.


  • Phone may slip from your hands.
  • No raised bezels.

Price: $11.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy S9 Case

Neo Hybrid case creates a defensive layer around your Galaxy S9 to keep the device protected 24×7. Strong PC and TPU materials provide a robust defence against accidental shocks and drops.


  • Shock-absorbent layer.
  • Rigid bumper frame.
  • Form-fitted construction.


  • Easy accessibility to all ports.
  • All-round Protection.
  • Matte finish.


  • The design is not attractive enough.
  • The material is not anti-scratch.

Price: $14.99
Order it from Amazon

#6. Supcase

Supcase Galaxy S9 Cases

Supcase brings a robust case for your Galaxy S9 phone. The rugged design of the case doesn’t add much style but ensures complete protection to your smartphone. The textured grip never lets the phone fall from your hands.


  • Ribbed side grips.
  • Dual-layer drop protection.
  • Built-in screen protector.


  • No need to buy a screen guard.
  • Firm grip.
  • A holster case.


  • Lacks style.
  • Unattractive design.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7. Ghostek Rugged Waterproof

Ghostek Rugged Waterproof Case for Galaxy S9

Probably the first case in this series with waterproof quality. Ghostek is known for making rugged and waterproof cases for Galaxy phones. The Nautical series (a fitting name) for Galaxy S9 belongs to the most elite range of smartphone cases.


  • Advanced shock-proof technology.
  • Cutting-edge design.
  • Rugged waterproof case


  • Waterproof protection at a depth of 20 feet.
  • Elevated rubberized corners.
  • Touch sensitive screen guard.


  • Bulky.
  • Unimpressive design.

Price: $39.95
Buy it from Ghostek

#8. VRS Design

VRS Design Galaxy S9 Case

If one case that can turn your beast into a beautiful piece, it is VRS Design’s slim, bulk-free case. The brand has always created high-quality cases, fulfilling the demands of users. It’s a premium case from the house of VRS Design.


  • Shockproof TPU silicon.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • Slim case.


  • Cut-outs boost responsive to feedback.
  • Durable TPU.
  • No bulk.


  • Single layer protection.

Price: $10.99
Order it from Amazon

#9. ESR

ESR Galaxy S9 Clear Case

The crystal clear transparent case allows you to showcase the real beauty of your Galaxy S9. This gel case will quickly fit on the body of your Samsung phone and stick firmly.


  • Anti-yellowing material.
  • Snug fit.
  • Raised lips


  • Complete protection to phone’s screen and camera.
  • Provides clean look to the phone.
  • Slim and lightweight.


  • Difficult to install and remove

Price: $11.99
Shop it from Amazon

#10. MoKo

Moko Galaxy S9 Case

MoKo brings a highly protective crystal clear case for your Galaxy S9. Check the impressive extra corner protection; this will ensure that your phone is secure even as you drop it accidentally. The simple design grabs your attention if you are looking something sober.


  • Anti-scratch cover.
  • Reinforced corners.
  • Single piece case.


  • Rugged protection.
  • Slim and thin design.
  • Perfectly crafted cut-outs.


  • May turn yellow after some time.
  • Bumper cases are always difficult to install and remove.

Price: $7.99
Order it from Amazon

#11. Otterbox Wallet Case

OtterBox Galaxy S9 Wallet Case

This wallet-cum-card holder case from OtterBox belongs to Strada series. This time the brand has made a sincere attempt to add some beauty to the case; however not at the cost of its celebrated strength and ruggedness. Don’t miss that card slot to store your credit/debit cards.


  • Made of genuine leather.
  • Dual materials.
  • Pocket-friendly design.


  • Easy installation.
  • Vertical card holder to protect your credit/debit cards.
  • Maximum protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and scrapes.


  • Limited colour options.
  • No style statement

Price: $49.95
Shop it from Amazon

#12. Encased Belt Clip Case

Encased Galaxy S9 Belt Clip Case

Encased has carved a niche in belt cases; take any belt case from Encased for any smartphone, you will get the best features. This one is made for Galaxy S9; the tough case is extremely rugged in structure, and therefore, there is no question about poor performance of the case. Get military-grade protection for your Samsung Galaxy S9.


  • Polycarbonate frame.
  • Rotating belt clip.
  • Easy installation and removal.


  • Vertical and horizontal use with belt clip.
  • Responsive press buttons.


  • Bulky looks.
  • Difficult to put in the pockets

Price: $15.96
Shop it from Amazon

#13. Zizo Military Grade Case With Screen Protector

Zizo Galaxy S9 Military Grade Case with Screen Protector

One look at Zizo’s Galaxy S9 case and you are convinced that it is a real rugged case for the best protection of your device. It is drop tested from the height of 12 feet to prove its military grade protection. This case comes with screen protector, which is a full curved glass screen protector.


  • Impressive colour range.
  • Robustly built.
  • Military grade (810.1-G) protection.
  • Built-in kickstand.


  • Comprehensive protection of your device.
  • Brilliant looks with striking colours.
  • Strongly hold your device with firm grip.
  • Fit the belt clip into your belt and take your Galaxy S9 everywhere.


  • Extremely bulky.
  • Cannot put into your pockets
  • Not easy to install and remove

Price: $17.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#14. Caseology Slim Case

Caseology Slim Galaxy S9 Case

The textured cover from Caseology’s Parallax series is your best choice for the protection of Galaxy S9 smartphone. The case is compatible with most third-party wireless chargers; its geometric design offers you an unbelievable grip in hands. TPU and PC materials combine together to absorb extreme shocks and drops.


  • Compatibility with wireless chargers.
  • Geometric design.
  • Textured cover.
  • Dual layer design.


  • Textured cover provides superior grip.
  • Slim design makes it lightweight.
  • You can quickly press buttons with responsive button covers.


  • Lacks in style.
  • Less colour options.

Price: $14.99
Buy it from Amazon

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