Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android

Since early 1990s to the present day, virtual reality devices have come a long way. The commercial use of virtual reality headsets has evolved through years to entertain users. VR devices (virtual devices) are purchased for the purpose of computer games and 3D simulations.

This list of best virtual reality devices includes cheap, mid-range and high-end VR devices. Normally, all virtual reality gaming headsets perform equally irrespective of brands manufacturing such VR devices. This means there is no major difference if you own Google Cardboard or HTC Vive.

Check out this collection of best virtual reality headsets for iPhone and Android. You can buy these virtual reality headsets as gift to your kids and loved ones.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets for iPhone and Android

Best VR Headsets for iPhone and Android

#1. HLPB

HLPB Best Virtual Headset for 2016

Google Cardboard Valencia Quality 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses are the cheapest VR headset in the list. The device comes with Cardboard App you can download from Google Play Store. The Cardboard is well-matched with smartphones in the size range between 4 and 6 inches screen. It is made of Cardboard and resin lens; use your iPhone, Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Nexus 6 and 6P and Samsung smartphones to enjoy 3D games and movies.

Price: $6.35
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#2. Sminiker

Sminiker Best Virtual Reality for 2016

Sminiker presents a colourful range of cheap virtual reality headsets. The waterproof VR box Google virtual reality headset is made of high quality PU leather with fine workmanship. This particular headset also comes in pink in color, and hence it is a good gift to your girlfriend, wife, mother or daughter. Its HD optical lens is perfect for video, movies, games etc. This headset perfectly fits any smartphone with the size from 4 to 5.5 inches; if you have iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus, the headset precisely fits.

Price: $6.99
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Domo CARDBOARD Best Google Virtual Reality Cardbox

Inspired by Google Cardboard V2, Domo Cardboard is one of the cheapest virtual reality headsets falling into cheap range of VR devices. This virtual reality headset is compatible with almost all Android smartphone and Apple iPhones. This VR headset is equipped with Google’s conductive foam technology, which allows users to fit any smartphone into this headset. You would like to watch 3D movies, play VR games and feel augmented reality with this headset.

Price: $15.42
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#4. Bebo

Bebo Best VR Headset

Bebo presents virtual reality headset 3D glasses for Apple & Android smartphones of almost all sizes from 4 to 7 inches. Simply turn your smartphone into an exciting 3D panoramic viewing experience. Throw yourself into an incredible virtual reality enabled by superior 2016 G sensor technology. Wear the headset and enjoy its ergonomic design that offers great comfort and superior experience even while you are sitting or sleeping. For different users, this headset comes with adjustable focal length and pupil distance.

Price: $69.99
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#5. Mattel

Mattel Best VR Device for Smartphone in 2016

Experience virtual reality with view-master virtual reality starter pack. This kid-friendly VR device will envelope you with superior 360-degree environments to make you feel real life scenes and locations. To use this View Master VR headset, you need to download one of the View-Master VR apps, put your smartphone into the viewer, look at the Preview Reel and simply click the lever!

Price: $27.00
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#6. SunnyPeak

SunnyPeak Best VR Device for Games

SunnyPeak virtual reality device is made of superior quality ABS to give you long time use. Check the magnet button that lets you interact with the screen effortlessly. Adjust focal and pupil distance to have better viewing experience. SunnyPeak boasts large size of lenses for super wide viewing angle and stunning 3D experience. The device is perfect for Android and iOS smartphones with the screen size up to 6 inches. Maximum length and
width of phone is 160*87mm.

Price: $8.99
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#7. Sidardoe

Sidardoe Best VR Headset to Buy in 2016

Sidardoe presents an immersive, fun and exciting world of virtual reality; the headset from Sidardoe lets you enjoy 360 degree panoramic videos and photos. Experience adrenaline rush while you are flying through Grand Canyon or walking through the high streets of Paris. While watching split screen videos, your smartphone is turned into a private theatre. Tickle your senses with IMAX experience anywhere, anytime.

Price: $14.99
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#8. Habor

Habor Best VR Device for Android and iPhone

Habor virtual reality headset can accept any smartphone with the size range between 4 and 6 inches. You can use a wide variety of VR apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store, both boast more than 300 apps. Use Split Screen Mode from 3D VR contents and enjoy clear view from some apps. There is a button on the top of 3D VR glasses; adjust the position of spherical resin lens and achieve a better experience of watching movies. One of the glaring features of this VR device is blue coating film, which protects your eyes against blue lights coming from your smartphones.

Price: $57.89
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#9. VRKiX

VRKiX Best VR Device

If you are a movie or a game buff, VRKiX virtual reality headset is your perfect partner to consume entertainment for hours. Its thick soft face cushion guarantees long-lasting comfort; once you use the set, it is quite easy to clean the glasses. Give your eyes less strain by adjusting dual lens and controlling position. This headset boasts spring tension phone tray to adjust to fit most smartphones.

Price: $44.85
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#10. Samsung

Samsung Gear VR Best Virtual Reality Headset for 2016

Samsung Gear VR is one of the best virtual reality headsets as it is made by industry leader. Play games and watch videos comfortably after fitting this lightweight VR headset. Some of the excellent features that transport you to an exciting world are wide field of view, perfect head-tracking and low latency. Feast your eyes on thousands of 360 degree panoramic photos. This VR headset is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge.

Price: $54.95
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