iPhone VR: Best VR Headsets for iPhone 6/6S Plus and iPhone SE in 2017

Digital generation has gone a step further. Now they have adopted the virtual reality (VR). The new phenomenon has gained momentum of late as young people love to spend so much time using virtual reality headsets on their Android and iOS smartphones. But they know that mere devices will not satiate their desire to consume more entertainment. Hence, there are app developers, who regularly introduce virtual reality apps and games.

Popularity of these VR devices, as popularly known, has reached the crescendo as users are now buying virtual reality accessories for their VR headsets. This has encouraged us for another list of best VR headsets for iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone SE. You can check each device in detail and pick up the perfect of your iPhone.

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Best VR Headset for iPhone

Best VR Headsets for iPhone 6/6S Plus and iPhone SE

#1. Topmaxions

Topmaxions Best VR Headset for iPhone

Topmaxions presents an iPhone VR headset that is lightweight and therefore, it doesn’t give you much stress around the temple area of your head. This elegant-looking virtual reality device is impressive and simple in appearance. For different eye sights, this iPhone VR headset has adjustable pupil distance. Keep moving the button on the top of the 3D VR glasses to adjust the position of spherical resin lens. This should be done to give your eyes superior experience while you are watching movies. Appreciate its unique suction cups that keep the phone in the place.

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#2. Vcall

Vcall Best VR Headset for iPhone

Users who are suffering from myopia (short-sightedness) can use this Vcall 3D virtual reality iPhone VR. This VR headset for iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone SE has shock immersive viewing as you are in the world.

With Vcall VR, you can enjoy highly precise adjustment of all buttons – whether it’s focal distance adjustment or design adjustment. Even if you are watching a long movie, your eyes wouldn’t feel exertion as this VR headset boasts high quality spherical lens distortion. You can comfortably place inside and take off your iPhone as this device is equipped with adsorbed front cover design.

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MONIGE Best VR Device for iPhone

For movie buffs and gamers, Monige brings this VR headset for users, who are young at heart. Apart from watching visual entertainment, you can also answer the call and adjust the volume. Moreover, this VR device has stretchable earphones so that you can talk to your loved ones for long time. While playing games or watching movies on VR goggles, you don’t need to remove VR helmet. For extra comfort on your head and face, this virtual reality device is equipped with eye and nose cushion with soft memory foam for noise cancellation.

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#4. Sarlar

Sarlar Best Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

Your eyes play vital role in consuming visual entertainment, and therefore, you need to take extra care of the most delicate parts of your body. This VR headset for iPhone 6/6s Plus and iPhone SE is based on human engineering and gives zero pressure on the lower eyelid. Enjoy panoramic view with magnified screen; get access to unlimited world. Since it supports iPhone’s with larger size, you can use iPhone 6 and 6s Plus. Adjust the VR for the first time, and you can use phones with different size. Its aspheric lens and frame will give you more comfort and convenience.

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#5. Cesert

Cesert Best VR Device for iPhone

If you are suffering from myopia, Cesert iPhone VR headset is your perfect choice. Eliminate the fear or dizziness of other standard 3D glasses. Cesert VR device stands out with its features like 8-layer nano-multilayer coating, laser cutting, repeated 5 times automatic polishing and other military quality requirements. All this prevents visual fatigue and restores broad vision of 3D technology. Cesert takes in superior quality leather, which is breathable, durable and boasts cotton material. This gives you extra comfort while you are watching 3D movies and playing games.

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#6. Pasonomi

Pasonomi Best VR Headset for iPhone

Pasonomi VR headset for iPhone is made of high quality ABS and spherical resin lens. Check its T-shaped strap that can be adjusted on different heads and faces. There is a separate storage box to put your smartphone in; you can easily pull out the box and place your iPhone 6/6s Plus comfortably. One virtual reality device can be used by more than one user as this headset has adjustable pupil distance and object distance. You can also adjust position of spherical resin lens by moving the button on the top of the device. This will give you a better viewing experience whether you are watching movies or playing vr racing games.

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#7. Tepoinn 3D VR Glasses

Tepoinn Best VR Headset for iPhone

If there is one metaphor that perfectly describes your Teopinn iPhone virtual reality headset, it is a portable cinema. Now you can watch movies and experience real cinematic pleasure. Give your eyes visual treat and enjoy watching 3D movies using best vr headphones. Another benefit of Tepoinn VR headset is that you can watch content while sitting, standing, lying in the beach chair, airplane or anywhere.

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#8. Habor

Habor Best VR Headset for iPhone

If you love to watch 3D content, Habor has everything to make you happy all the time. Download more than 300 virtual reality apps from Apple Store and enjoy 3D effects on your iPhone. Set the pupil distance and object distance to have a better experience of watching movies. Enjoy viewing angle between 95 and 100 degrees. While giving your pleasure, Habor virtual reality device also takes care of your eyes by providing blue coating film that protects your eyes. Habor comfortably fits all iPhone’s; you can use your iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and other versions of iPhone.

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#9. HLPB

HLPB Google Cardboard Best VR Headset for iPhoneHLPB Google Cardboard Best VR Headset for iPhone

Google Cardboard finds place in almost every list of cheap VR headset. So here also HLPB is slotted in this list of best VR headsets for iPhone 6/6s Plus. This device comes with Cardboard app; you can easily install your iPhone in just 3 minutes. Control your iPhone with magnet support. Since this VR headset for iPhone 6s Plus is compatible with 4-6 inch screen smartphone, you can use your iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s Plus comfortably.

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#10. Akally

Akally Best VR headset for iPhone 6

Akally virtual reality headset sets itself apart from other VR devices with its excellent workmanship and elegant design. Its aesthetic details enhance your movie watching experience. Experience sheer pleasure and comfort with leather material around eye area; a headband makes it comfortable to wear while playing games and watching movies. Adjust pupil and focal distance before you watch any content. Charge and use earphone simultaneously through ventilation holes on both sides. This virtual reality headset is made of ABS plastics and high definition optical resin lenses. It doesn’t cause any damage to your eyes.

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