Bluetooth mice for Mac gives you a unique experience of smooth sailing and fine touch of the mouse. iMac and MacBook are the best ones in their categories, and to match its excellence, you need the best accessories. Our collection of best wireless mouse for Mac has got leading brands like Logitech and Apple.

Youth today is techno savvy and is crazy about iMac Pro, MacBook Pro and Air designed by Apple; this is the reason why young users prefer Mac. If you are using Mac, you would also like to accessorise it with some style, functionality, and richness.  So don’t wait and checkout the best wireless mouse for Mac from this list.

Best Wireless Mouse for MacBook Pro

Best Wireless Mouse for Mac (Works with iMac, MacBook Pro and Air too)

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#1. Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse

Apple’s Magic bluetooth mouse is the first multi-touch mouse. This mouse is designed to work flawlessly with your Mac. The Magic mouse is so smooth, sleek and light-weight that it can be carried easily.

Since the mouse is made by Apple, it is on a par with other Apple products in terms of technology, design, and functionality. Its laser technology delivers 20 times the performance of a standard optical tracking; just a gentle touch can be detected by its miniature sensors.

Price: $49.99
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#2. Tecknet

TeckNet Macbook Pro Wireless Mouse

TeckNet Pro wireless mobile optical mouse comes with the USB Nano receiver for Laptop, PC, Computer, chromebook, Macbook and Notebook. You can choose this mouse in different colors; you can match the mouse with other laptop accessories as it is available in five vibrant colors. Moreover, the mouse has 3 adjustable DPI level and up to 24 months battery life with battery level indicator. The auto-sleep feature helps you save battery of the mouse.

TeckNet’s Tru-Wav technology offers precise, smart cursor control over many surface types. Through TechNet co-link technology, user doesn’t need to re-establish pairing after signal loss or shutdown once it’s paired. Its contoured shape with soft rubber grips provides all-day comfort. 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity ensures reliable connection.

Price: $9.99
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#3. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2

The best wireless mouse for Mac is designed by Apple. This light- weight device has got the fewer moving parts as it has built-in battery and continuous bottom shell. The Magic mouse 2 is smooth, sleek and light-weight. The multi-touch surface enables you to swiping web pages or scrolling through documents.

The Magic Mouse 2 is rechargeable with the lightning cable; just plug your Magic Mouse and charge it. You can accessorise your MacBook with this amazing Magic Mouse as you can double-tap with one finger to zoom and double-tap with two fingers to call up mission-control. If you are planning to buy this wireless mouse, you can also explore some options of MacBook Pro keyboard with numeric keypad.

Price: $76.50
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#4. Logitech M570 Wireless Mice for Mac

Logitech M570

This Logitech mouse for Mac is one of the best mice. If you think that Apple’s Magic mouse is not pocket friendly, then you can opt for this Logitech M570. This mouse flaunts sculpted shape to support your hands; moreover, the mouse has got a built-in trackball to browse the documents and web pages without moving your hand. Now connect a wireless receiver to your computer using the USB port; you can connect up to 6 wireless devices.

With this mouse, you will get a smooth and precise cursor control wherever you use your trackball. The Robust 2.4 GHz wireless connection helps you to control laptop, desktop or home theatre PC wirelessly. It has got the long battery life with quick-access control.

Price: $23.49
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#5. Logitech G602 Bluetooth Mouse for Mac

Logitech G602 Gaming Wireless Mouse

Logitech G602 is the best wireless gaming mouse for Mac. If you love games then this is the perfect mouse for you. It boasts 250 hours of gaming battery life and comfortable shape to access every feature easily. It uses 2.4 GHz connection with 2 millisecond polling rate. With 11 programmable controls, you can press a button on mouse to trigger-in game actions instead of reaching to your keyboard.

The G602 is built to handle torturous gaming condition through primary mechanical switches. The unique feature is it has got the instant in-game sensitivity switching, shift your DPI level with single button press. You can record up to 5 DPI settings per profile. The best distinctive curves and slopes are comfortable and suitable for long gaming sessions.

Price: $39.99
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#6. Logitech MX Mouse

Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX is available in 3 colors. The unique feature of the thumbwheel helps for horizontal navigation and advanced gestures. It can be used up with up to three windows or Mac computers; simply connect the mouse by its unifying receiver or the Bluetooth smart wireless technology.

The Logitech MX easily switches between the computers with the touch of button. It can track virtually anywhere; the dark field laser sensor tracks even the glasses and high-gloss surfaces. Charge the mouse once and you can enjoy its long battery life for up to 40 days of power on single charge.

Price: $94.99
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#7. Logitech Wireless Bluetooth Mouse

Logitech Wireless Marathon Mouse M705

The Logitech Wireless marathon M705 is one of the best wireless mouse for Mac with 3 years warranty. The hyper fast scrolling feature lets you fly long documents and web pages easily. This mouse uses less than half the power of comparable wireless mice.

This tiny Logitech unifying receiver will stay in your notebook. The marathon mouse is sculpted and the right hand shape will guide your hand for the comfortable position. The responsive laser tracking also helps you to track.

Price: $30.80
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#8. Logitech M510 wireless Mouse

Logitech M510 Wireless Large Mouse

Logitech M510 is available in three different colors; apart from its aesthetic details, this mouse provides extra comfort and control. It lets you browse the web and flip the albums and navigate documents faster. With the long battery life, you can use this mouse anywhere and can take it in your office or holidays easily.

This Logitech ultrathin Bluetooth mouse comes with precision laser grade optimal sensor and three programmable buttons. The vertical, side to side scrolling and zoom helps you to scroll it easily. The mouse is compatible with multiple devices like Windows, Mac and Chrome OS compatible. With this Logitech M510 wireless large mouse, you would also like to purchase external Hard disk for MacBook Pro/Air.

Price: $21.99
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Which bluetooth mice you are going to buy from this list of best wireless mouse for iMac Pro, MacBook Pro or Air? You can purchase and Pair a Bluetooth Mouse with MacBook, and then let us know your experience. Share your views on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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