Let’s face it: advertisements are real speed-breakers to your user experience. But these are a means for the developers to make money as they provide you with free content, free services, and free software.

The developers have a family too. There are also humans with financial needs.

Now, some developers manage to strategically place their ads, so that it doesn’t become a hindrance to the user experience. Furthermore, some developers also know their audiences and provide relevant ads which can be rather informative than annoying.

However, the majority of the app developers do it all wrong and mess up an otherwise enjoyable user experience.

So what if you want to take the liberty to do away with ads from your user experience. Now there are hundreds of methods to do the same regarding your PC or laptop.

But in this article, you will learn of ways which you can use to block ads on your Android device. This will help you to get rid of those annoying pop-ups, which disrupt your experience while gaming, using apps or even browsing on your Android device.

So without further ado, here are some proven means for blocking Ads in Android apps, games and browsers.

How to Block Ads on Android Phone

Turn Off Cellular Data While Playing Games

If you play games that don’t require an active internet connection, then try turning off the cellular data.

You see, the advertisements that are shown on your screen are rendered on an active internet connection. So with your net turned off, the games or even apps will not be able to update or show ads on the interface.

Now it should be considered that this method is an excellent hack to combat ads that come up while using applications, but not for browsers.

Browsing the internet requires the internet (duh!) and with data connection turned off, not only will you stop seeing ads but also stop seeing any websites and webpages.

This method will also fail if you are playing games which are online or net-based.

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Use Adblock Browser

The above means for handling the annoying ad pop ups doesn’t suffice for browsers. However, if you install adblock browser on your Android device, then you will be able to surf the entire web without annoying Ads pestering your experience.

The application can be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store and using it is a no brainer. It is a simple browser which you can use to surf the World Wide Web, with the added advantage of no ads.

Use Opera Browser for Android

Opera Browser is a great lightweight internet browser which is extremely convenient for Mobile and Tablet browsing. It is also one of the simplest means for avoiding ads and adverts, thanks to the built-in ad blocker.

The best part of using the application is that it is ready right from the moment you download and install it through the Play Store. You can just go about with all your browsing necessities and the browser will handle the task of keeping the ads away from your experience.

Blocking Ads on Google Chrome

Now if you are bent on using Google Chrome for browsing the internet on your Android device, that too can be managed.

Many people just love Chrome too much to simply transfer to a different browser for their surfing necessities. If that be the case with you, then here are a couple of tricks you can do in the Chrome settings which should relieve you from the annoying ads.

If you are not bothered by all type of ads, but rather only annoyed by the pop up adverts, then you can simply disable them. Yes, it is that simple.


Simple open Chrome and go into Settings page and then head to the site settings. There you should see an option as Pop-ups. Simply mark it as blocked and you are good to go.

Data Saver

Another hack which you can use on Chrome would be turning on Data Saver mode. It is located right in the Settings Panel which you can access by hitting the three dot menu located to the top right corner of the interface.

Data Saver compresses certain aspects of the web page which are not required for mobile devices. And this includes the ads as well.

Hence, this feature is not only handy in terms of lowering your data bills, but also can keep the unwanted ads and animations away.

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Use Adblock Plus on your Android Device

Now addressing all the above mentioned methods, you should know how to block ads on your browser, as well as in offline games and apps.

But what about the ads on online games? Again, what about the apps show up in apps that require you to keep data connection turned on?

For such instances, you can consider installing Adblock plus onto your Android device.

In fact, it is a sure fire way to do away with all ads related irritations you face on your android device. But it is a bit tricky to set up.

Firstly the application is not available on through the Google Play Store. So you will need to turn on app installation from ‘unknown sources’ if you want to install Adblock Plus.

The application works great on both rooted and unrooted devices and will be your one stop solution for all Ads related annoyances.

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