How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership: Two Methods Explained

Amazon Prime is an online service offered by Amazon to stream music, video, and enjoy Amazon Kindle library. To win the hearts of customers, Amazon gives a one-month free trial membership of Prime. During the month, if a consumer is not happy with the services, s/he can cancel Amazon Prime free trial membership.

Normally, Amazon doesn’t fail to fulfill expectations of consumers. And $99 is a meagre amount for any citizen, who has subscribed to Amazon Prime membership. Anyway, you have all rights to discontinue this free trial membership of Amazon Prime. But remember that if you have failed to cancel Amazon Prime free membership before 30 days, Amazon will consider you as its Prime member after 30 days. For the loyal Amazon shopper, Prime membership brings quick delivery, and upon canceling Amazon Prime free subscription, such consumers lose this special benefit.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership from iPhone and Android Using Amazon App

Step #1: Open Amazon app on your mobile.

Step #2: Sign in with Amazon account details.

Step #3: Now tap on three dots from the upper left corner of the mobile screen.

Step #4: Next, tap on your account.

Step #5: Here, you need to tap on Manage Prime Membership from Account Settings section.

Step #6: Swipe down and tap on Do not continue from the left of the screen.

Step #7: Scroll down and tap on End my benefits.

Step #8: Next, move down slightly and tap on End Membership.

Step #9: Finally, tap on cancel membership

To save yourself from membership charges after 30 days free trial membership, you can use ‘do not auto-renew’ option from Amazon Prime Settings. Amazon understands that you don’t want to continue your membership with Prime services.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Membership from Desktop Site

Step #1: Go to Amazon website.

Step #2: Enter your Amazon account user id and password.

Step #3: Click on Account Section.

Click on Account

Step #4: Next, click on Your Prime Membership from the Account section.

Click on Your Prime Membership

Step #5: Now you need to click on ‘Do not continue my free trial’ from the right side of computer screen.

Click on Dot not Continue my free trial

Step #5: Amazon takes its chance to convince you to stay with Prime membership, and gives you three options viz. Remind Me Later, End My Benefits, and Keep My Benefits.

You can go for the second one, i.e. End My Benefits. You have made up your mind to cancel Amazon Prime free month trial membership, haven’t you?

Click on End My Benefits

Step #6: Here again, Amazon offers you something to stick with its services; you will be asked to switch to Prime Video. Along with, there are three options: Remind Me Later, End Membership, and Keep My Membership. Hit the End Membership button.

Click once again on End my benefits to confirm

Step #7: Last, you have to confirm membership cancellation; click on Cancel Membership.

Click on Cancel Membership

You will receive the Amazon confirmation in a couple of days. Now you can go back to the regular Amazon account and miss all those good services offered by Amazon Prime.

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