Full List of Siri Commands : Use Hey Siri on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod and Mac

Apple’s virtual assistant is a boon for those who don’t want to spend their energy by using a keyboard. For such users, their tongue is everything.

This list of Siri commands for HomePod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac will surely help you if you don’t want to use your thumb strength.

Before you explore the list of commands that work with Hey Siri, also note that Siri won’t be able to help you at times. For example, you cannot ask Siri to adjust your phone’s ring volume.

Moreover, Siri’s abilities change when you are using it on your Mac. Launch Siri and say “Help” and you will get the commands.

Or simply check our complete list of Siri commands for WhatsApp, HomeKit, Facebook, Apple Music, Phone, Email, Reminders, Translation, Messages, Apps, Notes, Sports, Apple Pay and more.

List of Siri Commands


Complete List of Siri Commands for HomePod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac

First, you need to invoke Siri so that s/he can listen to your commands and perform the action.

  • Press and hold the Home button on your iOS device to turn on Siri and speak a command. If you own an iPhone X, you have to press and hold the side button.
  • If you are using Apple’s earphones, simply press and hold the center button to turn Siri on; next, speak your command or ask Siri a question.
  • In case you have Apple’s AirPods, you need to double-tap on one of the pods to trigger Siri.
  • If Hey Siri is enabled on your iPhone 6 or earlier, speak ‘Hey Siri’ when your iPhone is connected with a power source. On your iPhone 6s and later, you don’t need to plug in your iPhone while speaking ‘Hey Siri’.
  • You can set up a special keyboard shortcut on your Mac to invoke Siri. You can either use a trick to enable ‘Hey Siri’ or click on Siri icon from the menu bar to send a command.

Siri Commands

Some basic commands.

  1. Call or FaceTime someone. For example: “Call John,” or “FaceTime Dad.”
  2. Start a call on speakerphone. For example: “Call my brother Jim on speaker.”
  3. Call an emergency number. For example: “Call 911,” or “Call the fire department.”
  4. Check voice mail. For example: “Do I have any new voice mail?” or “Play the voice mail from Juliet.”
  5. Text someone. For example: “Tell [Debora] I am on my way,” or “Tell [Arnold] I am going to the store.”
  6. Send an email. For example: “Send email to [Adam] about [subject: dinner] and say [message].”
  7. Listen to your messages or emails read aloud. For example: “Read my new messages,” or “Check email.”
  8. Set a timer. For example: “Set the timer for 20 minutes.”
  9. Check the weather. For example: “What’s the weather like today?” or “Do I need a raincoat?”
  10. Check stocks. For example: “What’s Apple’s stock price?” or “How are the markets going?”
  11. Conversions (of all kinds). For example: “How many cups are in a quart?” or “How many dollars are in a Euro?” or “How many pounds are in a stone?”
  12. Calculate tips. For example: “What is a 15 percent tip on $78?”
  13. Solve math problems. For example: “What is 426 divided by 8?” or “What is the square root of 25?”


Siri Commands for Phone and settings

  1. Take a picture.
  2. Take a selfie.
  3. Turn on/off [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb, Night Shift]
  4. Increase/decrease brightness.
  5. Open [Phone app].
  6. Assign contacts as relationships. For example: “My mom is Bella Linda,” or “Raymond Jackson is my brother.” Once a relationship is established, you can say relationships instead of names (e.g., “Call my brother,” instead of “Call Raymond Jackson”).
  7. Adjust music volume. For example: “Adjust volume to 75 percent,” or “Turn the volume up/down.”
  8. “How much free space do I have?” (This will work on Mac only).


Siri Commands Setting Up Schedules and Reminders

Siri Commands Setting Up Schedules and Reminders

  1. To Schedule or cancel a meeting. For example: “Schedule a meeting with [Bruce] tomorrow at 12:30 a.m.” or “Cancel my 6 p.m. appointment.”
  2. What appointments do I have tomorrow?
  3. Set location-aware reminders. For example: “Remind me to remember my office key when I leave,” or “Remind me to feed the cat when I get home.”
  4. Find out the date and day of the week of holidays. For example.: “When is Easter?” or “When is Labor Day?”
  5. Set alarms. For example “Set an alarm for 2 a.m.” or “Set an alarm for seven hours from now” or “wake me up at 5:30 a.m.”
  6. Delete/turn off all alarms. For example: “Delete all alarms” or “Turn off all alarms.”
  7. Check the number of days between dates. For example: “How many days until March 17?” or “How many days between March 17 and July 12?”
  8. Find out what time it is in another city. Ex.: “What time is it in Paris?”


Siri Commands for Search

  1. Define “pusillanimous”.
  2. What is a synonym for “information”?
  3. What’s the etymology of “Anarchy”?
  4. Find photos. For example: “Show me photos from last week,” or “Show me my selfies,” or “Show me photos from Paris.”
  5. Search Twitter. For example: “What’s Brad Pitt saying,” “Search Twitter for [keyword],” or “What’s trending on Twitter?”
  6. Find specific notes or emails. For example: “Find my note about ‘Real Estate’,” or “Find emails about “Project FDI”.”
  7. Find your friends (if you have “Find My Friends” set up). For example: “Where is Ryan?” or “Who is near me?”
  8. Find pictures of [keyword].
  9. Find apps. For example: “Get the Twitter app,” or “Search the App Store for tic-tac-toe.”
    Search for Word/PDF/PowerPoint/etc. in my Download/My Documents/etc. folder. For example: “Show all PowerPoint presentations in my office folder.” (This will work on Mac only)


Siri Commands for Navigation

  1. Take me home.
  2. What’s traffic like on the way home?
  3. Find [driving, walking, transit] directions to Wall Street.
  4. How do I get to [Richmond] by [walking, bus, bike, car, train, etc.]?
  5. Where is Madison Avenue?
  6. Where is the nearest Chinese restaurant?
  7. Find out how long until you arrive. Ex.: “What’s my ETA?”
  8. How much does gas cost right now?


Siri Commands for Entertainment

  1. Sports updates. For example: “Did the Barcelona win?” or “What was the score the last time the Barcelona played the Manchester United?” or “How did the Manchester United do last night?”
  2. Info about a sport or sports team. For example: “What basketball games are on today?” or “Get me college football rankings” or “Show me the roster for the Carolina Hurricanes.”
  3. Find movie times and locations. For example: “What’s playing at Regal L.A. Live?” or “What are some movies playing near me?” or “Is [Black Panther] playing near me?”
  4. Find out what song is playing in the room (through Shazam). For example: “What song is this?”
  5. What’s the synopsis of [Black Panther]?


Siri Commands for Apple Music and Music

  1. Basic controls: Play, pause/stop, skip/next, play previous song.
  2. Play Brian Adams or “everything I do, do it for you” or [album] or (Playlist).
  3. “Play some music” to begin a custom Apple Music radio station
  4. ‘Like’ the song you’re listening to. For example: “Like this song.”
  5. Shuffle my All Brian’s playlist.
  6. Choose the next song. For example: “After this, play “Here comes another bubble”.
  7. Find chartbusters from certain years. For example: “Play the top songs from 2015.”
  8. Play songs that are similar to the one you’re listening to. For example: “Play more like this.”
  9. What song is this?
  10. Buy this song.


Siri Commands for Travel

  1. Check flight status. For example: “Check flight status of ‘American Airlines’ and [flight number]”
  2. Find restaurants and make reservations. For example: “What’s a good Chinese restaurant near me?” or “Make a reservation at Terrapin for 8 p.m.” or “Find a table for four in Mojito Cafe tonight.”
  3. Find a business’ hours. For example: “How late is Mondeal Park open?” or “Is Walmart open right now?”
  4. Learn about the area you’re in. For example: “What’s the nearest museum?” or “Where am I?” or “What bridge is this?”


Siri Commands for Translation

Apple introduced Siri translation in iOS 11; this feature can help you with five different languages: French, German, Mandarin, Spanish and Italian. By using this feature, you can ask Siri to translate some texts. For example: “How do you say “Hello” in Spanish?” Another example: How do you say “Where is the washroom in German?”

Siri will read out the translated text loudly. If you fail to listen to once, you can play Siri’s translated text again by tapping the play button. You can also read the translated text before the play button.


Siri Commands for Third-party apps

Siri Commands for Third-party apps

Since iOS 10, Apple has allowed developers to integrate their apps into Siri. This means users can use third-party apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Uber etc. using Siri.

  1. Pay Ernest 20 dollars with Square Cash/PayPal/etc.
  2. Send a message using WhatsApp/LinkedIn/Skype/WeChat/etc.
  3. Call me an Uber/Lyft/etc.
  4. Show me photos in Google Photos.
  5. Show me pins/creations on Pinterest.


Siri Commands for WhatsApp

  1. “Read my WhatsApp message from Jayesh Purohit”
  2. “Video call Jayesh Purohit on WhatsApp”
  3. “Send a WhatsApp Message to Jayesh Purohit saying I come to office at 12 PM today”
  4. “Call Jayesh Purohit on WhatsApp”


Siri Commands for Notes

  1. “Note that I spent $20 on lunch”
  2. “Note to Self: Checkout that New Norah Jones album”
  3. “Find my office meeting notes”
  4. “Add touch the catacombs to my Paris vacation note”
  5. “Show my Notes from Sep 25th”
  6. “Read my note about Story ideas”


Siri Commands for News Digests

You can get news digests and summaries from NPR, Fox News, CNN, Washington Post, CNBC, Bloomberg, and ESPN.

For this purpose, you need to have Music app enabled (in case you have offloaded the Music app). If the Music app is offloaded, Siri will say, “Sorry, I can’t do that because I can’t find Music on your iPhone. But you can restore it from the App Store.

“Play news headlines”
“Play news from NPR”
“Play news from CNN”
“Play news from Fox News”
“Play news from CNBC”
“Play some sports news from ESPN”
“Play news from Washington Post”
“Play business news from Bloomberg”
“Tell news from Fox News”
“Tell news from NPR”


Siri Commands for Homekit Accessories

Explore this list of HomeKit Enabled Devices, Get any device and set it up in your Home app on your iPhone and iPad to use the below mentioned commands.

  1. “Turn on the lights” or “Turn ON Hue Lights”
  2. “Turn off the lights.” or “Turn Off Hue Lights”
  3. “Dim the lights” or “Set the brightness to 70%.”
  4. “Set the temperature to 50 degrees.”
  5. “Turn on the coffee maker.”
  6. “Turn on the bedroom lights.”
  7. “Turn off kitchen light.”
  8. “Turn down the dining lights”
  9. “Dim the lights in the child room to 50%.”
  10. “Make the living room lights the brightest.”
  11. “Set the Tahoe house to 62 degrees.”
  12. “Set the thermostat to 50.”
  13. “Turn on office printer.”
  14. “Set up for a party, Siri.”
  15. “Set the dinner scene.”
  16. “Set my bedtime scene.”


Siri Commands for Apple Pay

Once you have setup Apple Pay on your iOS device, you can speak this commands to use Apple Pay. With iOS 11, you can also Send and Receive Money via iMessage using Apple Pay.

  1. “Apple Pay $50 to Jayesh Purohit”
  2. “Ask Arpan for $100 with Apple Pay”
  3. “Send $150 to Parthiv for dinner with Apple Pay”
  4. “Where Can I Use Apple Pay”
  5. “Show Me Coffe Shops that take Apple Pay”
  6. “Gas Stations that accept Apple Pay”


Siri Commands for Sports

As of now, you can get Sports information from Siri in Australia Austria Belgium (Dutch, French) Canada (English, French) Chile (Spanish) China (Cantonese, Mandarin) France Germany Hong Kong (Cantonese) India (English) Ireland (English) Italy Japan Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Republic of Korea Singapore (English) South Africa (English) Spain Sweden Switzerland (French, German, Italian) Taiwan (Mandarin) UK USA.

Currently, Siri Supports

  • Soccer: Italian Seria A, English Premier League, Dutch Eredivisie, Major League Soccer, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, and German Bundesliga
  • Baseball: Major League Baseball
  • Football: NCAA Football, NFL
  • Basketball: NCAA Basketball, NBA, WNBA
  • Hockey: NHL



  1. “Did the Giants Win?”
  2. “How did Kansas City do last Night?”
  3. “What was the score the last time the Tigers played the Red Sox?”
  4. “Show me the football scores from last night”
  5. ” Who will win the Pittsburgh Game”
  6. Game Schedules
  7. “When do the Giants play next?”
  8. “When is Kansas City’s first game of the season?”
  9. “What basketball games are on today?”
  10. “What channel is the Red Sox game on?”
  11. “When is England’s Next Match”
  12. “When is India Vs Pakistan Next Match”



  1. “Who’s the best team in Hockey?”
  2. “How did the Red Sox do last season?”
  3. “Did Pittsburgh make the playoffs?”
  4. “What are the standings in the AFC East?”
  5. “Get me college football rankings”
  6. “What are the standings in the Champions League?”


Player Information

  1. “Who has the highest slugging percentage?”
  2. “Who has the most home runs on the Giants?”
  3. “Which player scored the most goals in Italian soccer?”
  4. “Which quarterback has the most passing yards?”
  5. “Who is the starting pitcher for the Giants today?”
  6. “Who’s the starting quarterback for the Patriots?”
  7. “What is the starting lineup for the San Jose Sharks?”


Team Information

  1. “Show me the roster for the Giants”
  2. Who is pitching for Detroit this season?”
  3. “Is anyone on the Red Sox injured?”
  4. “Which team has the fewest penalty minutes?”
  5. “Which team has the most stolen bases in the NL Central?”



  1. Find out what airplanes are currently flying above you. For example: “What airplanes are above me?”
  2. Roll a die or roll two dice.
  3. Flip a coin.
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Tell me a joke.
  6. What does the fox say?
  7. Knock knock.
  8. Who’s on first?
  9. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  10. What is zero divided by zero?
  11. Learn how to say my name.


Cooking with the Help of Siri

“how many cups are in a stick of butter?”
“Set a timer for 30 minutes.”
“Pause the timer.”
“How much time is left on the timer?”
“How many calories are in a banana?”

That’s all friends!


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