WhatsApp is the future of messaging which has been made much easier with the help of internet. It lets you send messages in an instant over the air. Apart from messaging, it gives resort to many in-built features like sending media files, making video calls, voice calls, and convert WhatsApp voice into text too.

As this app is spreading very quickly, interactions are getting more intense among peoples. Nowadays, every one of us carries smartphone and WhatsApp is a common app to be found on almost everyone’s device. Verbal communication is slowly being transferred into texts or messages. People have recently started sending audio files to communicate in short. If you are outside in the streets and receive an audio file, it is certain that it won’t be audible because of noises around you. Have you thought for situations like this, if there could’ve been a way to translate WhatsApp voice messages into text?

Well, yes. There is definitely a positive reply for your common thought. Voice messages can be converted into texts. Continue to read and discover how to convert your WhatsApp audio message to text.

How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text on Android Phone

Step #1. Download and install the APK for “Transcribe for Whatsapp”.

Step #2. Launch the app. Clear the welcome cards by swiping from right to left and tap ‘Done’.

Step #3. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #4. Navigate to the chat box where the voice message is situated you wish to convert.

Step #5. Tap and hold down the voice message till it is marked with faint blue box.

Step #6. Select ‘Share’ button from the top panel.

Step #7. Tap on ‘Transcriber’ from the list of apps displayed below.

The app will now convert your voice message to text.

How to Translate WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Download and install “Audio to Text for WhatsApp” on iPhone.

Step #2. Open the app on your iPhone.

Step #3. When it asks for permission to access speech recognition, grant it by tapping ‘OK’.

Tap on Ok to grant Speech Recognization Access

Step #4. Launch WhatsApp.

Step #5. Navigate to the chat box where the voice message is situated.

Step #6. Tap and hold down to select the voice message.

Tap on Hold on Voice Message

Step #7. In the bottom right corner, tap on ‘Share’ icon.

Select Voice Message and Tap on Share

Step #8. From the list of apps, select ‘Audio to Text’.

Choose Audio to Text App from Drawer

The process is complete. Your text has been successfully converted in the form of text.

Here you will get WhatsApp voice into text

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The voice message feature is very essential when you have a very long text to write. It can be easily compressed by saying in words. Sometimes, the message may not get recorded clearly. In some cases, the person receiving the audio message may not clearly understand the content. For cases like these, the mentioned transcriptionist application comes in handy. It saves time as well as eradicates confusions and doubts in a matter of steps!


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