How to Create Digital Business Card on iPhone and iPad

Gone are the days when business owners used to exchange business cards with each other. You are now in digital era, where digital business cards are highly appreciated. So, here is a wonderful app that helps you create digital business card on iPhone and iPad.

Switchit is the name of the game. This iOS app is your best companion to instantly create a digital business card that displays your name, phone, web address, physical address, email and more. The concept of this app is appreciable but it is not properly tested by the software testers at Switchit. The app has its own drawbacks, which you will find during the walkthrough. Go ahead, and create your digital business card using Switch it on iPhone and iPad.

How to Make a Multimedia Digital Business Card on iPhone and iPad by Using Switchit App

Step #1: First off, download Switchit app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Launch the app on your iOS device (when you open the app for the first time, it will ask a few permissions to access your data or send you notifications – you can follow the on-screen instructions).

Moreover, Switchit offers you a new feature of video, audio, and graphics integration; you can explore this feature by updating to version 2.0.

Step #3: Next, Switchit will ask you to log in or sign up. If you have already signed up, simply tap on log in, or you need to sign up with the app.

You can use your Facebook account to sign up.

Tap on Sign and Fill Necessary Details

Step #4: Once you sign up, you need to log in with your newly created account details.

Enter your Login Details

Step #5: After logging in, the app asks you to add your photo; you can tap on the Camera icon and choose a photo from gallery or take photo from camera.

Tap on Camera icon to upload Photo

Step #6: Next, Switchit would like to access your photos; tap on OK button.

Step #7: Now select your photo from any folders shown there.

Step #8: Here you are…it is time to create your digital business card. Start with naming your first card.

Enter the Name of the Card

Step #9: Once you assign a name to your card, you will be landed on a screen, where you can see a few boxes in two rows.

This is where you can add title, company, phone, email, web address, address, and social media.

Enter the necessary details here

Step #10: After entering all necessary details, you can check the preview of your digital business card. Something is missing, right? Yeah, you can change the theme of your business card. Tap on Themes from the bottom menu and select your favourite theme to add some colours to your business card.

Tap on Preview

Tap on theme to change the theme

Step #11: Next, the app offers you two features to Upload Video and Upload Image. You can choose video/image from your iPhone or iPad gallery. Not happy with saved videos or images, you can take video or image from the camera.

Tap on Video and image option to upload it from gallary

Your business card is ready now. You can share it with your contacts on your iPhone. To share your digital business card, go to Home page by tapping the three horizontal lines. Next, you need to manually enter the contact number with whom you want to share this card. Finally, tap on Send button.

Switchit has to add a few more features to make it more user-friendly. We have noticed that users have to enter contact number manually to share their business cards. Moreover, there is no facility to share business cards on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or WhatsApp. For IT professionals, Switchit needs to add Skype in the list of social media icons as the community is more active on Skype.

This app can be a great tool to create your digital brand as people can open your business card on a browser, from where they can directly save your business card into their phone book.

Moreover, it is your one-stop to showcase your web address, physical address, and your social media pages.

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