Mac and iOS Apps That Support Dark Mode: A Humongous Collection on Dark Mode List

Using dark mode websites on your iOS or Mac is the need of the hour. Whether you are watching entertainment stuff or doing your office work overnight, a dark theme will always help you. Even if you ignore the battery saver feature of the night mode, you must appreciate the way it protects your precious eyes. So how many websites or apps support dark mode? Thankfully, Dark Mode List creates and maintains a list of Mac and iOS apps that support dark mode.

As mentioned above, Dark Mode List frequently updates its list of apps that support night mode. If you are a website developer and want to add this feature to your website, you may contact Dark Mode List to get yours listed.

Dark Mode List -Collection Night Mode Supported Mac and iOS Apps

Dark Mode List: Impressive Set of Dark Mode Supported iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps

As of now, Dark Mode List boasts nearly 59 apps that support a dark theme. The site is committed to updating this list with new arrivals. Slowly and gradually, dark mode is gaining ground across the world, and they will fatten up the list.

Dark Mode is a boon for iPhone X users

Apart from its aesthetic values, dark mode on iPhone X can significantly boost battery life. The reason is simple: iPhone X has an OLED screen. Unlike OLED screens, regular LCD/LED screens have a full-screen backlight behind a grid of pixels; the backlight is always on (a battery killer). The pixel grid gives the best performance to block all the light behind it and shows black. But in turn, it becomes an energy-wasting exercise for iPhones with LCD/LED screens.

At the same time, pixel grid’s efforts to block the light also results in compromised black as some light passes through. On iPhone X OLED screen, every pixel lights up to prevent the dark section from using as much power as a bright section.

iPhone/iPad has already got Smart Invert, so why should anybody use dark mode support in apps?

Smart Invert has been there on iOS devices for long, and when users enable this feature, the entire device is supported with a dark mode. However, it is always good to use dark mode in an individual app instead of a uniform effect of dark mode on the entire mobile device.

Which apps are currently supporting Dark Mode?

Some of the popular iOS apps that support night mode are Fantastical 2, Twitter, Tweetbot 4, Omnifocus 2, Reddit, Slack, Skype, YouTube, Twitterific 5, Beam, Telegram, Telegram X, Reader 3, Newsify, etc.

Note that the Dark Mode List also gives you a list of Mac apps that support a dark theme. While using macOS, don’t forget to check if the app supports dark mode or not.

What about Windows users?

Well, Windows users can always use Chrome extensions on their laptops or desktop computers. By using any extension, they can enable dark mode in Google Chrome.

Summing up…

Earlier, users had to control the brightness on their iOS devices or Mac while browsing contents to protect their eyes. Thanks to Dark Mode List, they just have to check the dark mode compatibility of websites they are browsing. Use this website, bookmark it and save battery life and save your eyes.

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