How to Disable Startup Programs on a Mac

You must have noticed that there are many apps automatically start when you log into your Mac. These apps affect the performance of your Mac in that the apps slow down the speed of your Mac. This will also influence the time you require to log into your Mac. You can stop these apps from opening automatically on your Mac; you need to disable startup programs on a Mac.

This problem is quite irritating as it discourage you at the beginning of any activity on your Mac. Well, if you have set desktop picture in Photos for Mac, you can find some solace by watching happy faces of your near and dear ones.

How to Remove Startup Programs on a Mac

Step #1: First off, launch System Preferences by clicking on Apple logo from top menu bar. You can also fire up Spotlight search by CMD+Space and type it in.

Step #2: Now click on ‘Users & Groups’ and choose the user from left bar; this will decide who will enjoy the Mac without getting irritated from startup programs.

Step #3: Switch to Login Items tab; the other one is Password. You can see all items that open automatically when you log in.

Step #4: Choose the items or apps you want to disable and then click on “ – “ symbol. To choose more than one item, hold down CMD key on the keyboard.

It is done! This will remove the apps from the list and will not be seen automatically when you log in your Mac.

How to Add Startup Programs in macOS Sierra

In a completely different scenario, if you like to use certain apps on log-in, you can click on “ + “ symbol, surf to the installed location, and add the app you want it to start automatically. People who use not more than one app on their Mac will surely welcome this feature. For example, if you open Google Chrome very frequently on your Mac, you can set Chrome to open automatically when you log in.

How to Stop Programs from Running at Startup on Mac Temporarily

You can disable startup programs in Mac for the time being, you need to hold down Shift key when you restart your Mac and release the button when you see Apple logo. This sends your Mac into ‘Safe mode’ and will disable all third-party programs temporarily. You can troubleshoot some issues on your Mac this way.

Third-party apps may cause some issues and leave your Mac unbootable. This is when you can boot into ‘Safe mode’, uninstall the trouble-making apps and reboot your Mac. If you wish to exit ‘Safe mode’, you can restart your Mac as you do normally.

Other Mac Issues

Mac users have noticed many other issues when they log in; the first and foremost is they forget password to lock and unlock Mac. An easy solution is to lock and unlock MacBook Air or PC using USB drive. This will eliminate the need to remember password every time you log in to Mac.

The latest MacBoo Pro comes loaded with Touch Bar that offers many handy features. This too can be fussy at times when the Touch Bar doesn’t respond to your touches. You can follow some quick tips to solve the issue of MacBook Pro Touch Bar unresponsive or got stuck.

When you are stuck in some apps running on your Mac, you can use Escape key on MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro has become a popular feature among Mac users; so much so that users who use old Mac want to experience this feature. They can get new MacBook Pro Touch Bar on any other old Mac and iPad.

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