Is your Downloads folder missing from Dock on Mac? Is Downloads folder deleted accidentally by you? No worries! You can get the Downloads icon back on Dock of your Mac if you have lost it.

We have listed two easy methods to restore missing Downloads folder to Dock on your Mac. Either you can drag the folder from Home directory or simply reset the Dock on your Mac. Check both methods when your downloads folder disappeared and get it back.

Downloads Folder Missing from Dock on Mac? How to Restore It

Downloads Folder Missing from Dock on Mac? Here is How to Get it Back

Solution #1: Drag your Downloads Folder from Home Directory

One of the easiest ways to re-add Downloads folder to Dock is to drag the folder from Home Directory as this won’t affect the current customization.

Step #1: Open Finder in your Mac.

Step #2: Next, click on Go menu.

Step #3: Now you are supposed to choose Home.

Click on Go Menu from Finder and then choose home on Mac

Step #4: Here, you need to find the Downloads folder in Home directory.

Then, simply click and drag on Downloads folder and drop the folder on Dock in your Mac.

Drag and Drop Download folders to Dock on Mac

This will bring back that missing Downloads folder to the Dock. By follow above method, you can also add other files to the Dock on your Mac.

Solution #2: Reset Dock

Resetting the Dock is another way you can get back the Downloads folder to Dock. During the process, you may lose the current customization.

Step #1: Launch Terminal on Mac.

Open Terminal on Mac

Step #2: Now type the following command:

defaults delete; killall Dock

Get Back Download Folder on Mac Dock

Step #3: Next, hit the Return key from keyboard.

The Dock will come back with default icon choices.

It is done!

Summing up…

Normally, users like to use Downloads folder from Dock so that they can quickly access the downloaded items. But sometimes they lose the folder accidentally; if you have committed such a gaffe, you can follow the two methods and restore Downloads folder to the Dock.

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