How to Find 4K and HDR Content on Apple TV 4k

So you have finally bought the latest Apple TV 4K to stream your choice of contents. Well, you know which movies or albums you want to stream through Apple TV. But are the contents available in 4K and HDR? To give your eyes a visual treat every day, you need to find 4K and HDR content on Apple TV.

Before you get 4K contents on Apple TV, note that it is advisable to use some of the best HDMI cables and high-speed internet connection. Apple has set up guidelines for watching 4K and HDR contents on Apple TV, and as per the guidelines, you must have strong 25 MBPS internet speed to stream 4K contents. If you don’t have this speed, your Apple TV will automatically reduce the video quality.

How to Find 4K and HDR Content on Apple TV

How to Find 4K and HDR Content on Apple TV 4k

Points to Ponder

  • HD videos are available in 1920 x 1080 resolution, which 4K videos are available in 3840 x 2160 resolution; this makes all the difference as 4K videos become sharper and present detailed picture quality.
  • Quality of HDR videos are beyond doubt as they boast stupendous range of colours and great amount of light.

Badges will help you find whether or not content compatible with 4K/HDR

One of the easiest ways to check 4K contents on Apple TV is to see the product page. The badges above the title speak loud about the quality; if you see 4K, HDR, or Dolby version, the movie is available in those formats.

Use Siri to Find 4K and HDR Content on Apple TV 

Using Siri is another cool way to search 4K and HDR content. Simply ask Siri by holding the Siri button on your Siri remote:

  • Show me movies in 4K
  • Show me movies in 4K and HDR
  • Show me movies in HDR
  • You can also use network name while sending commands to Siri to find TV shows, video and 4K contents.
  • Show me Netflix videos in 4K

Your intelligent assistant will supply you a list of 4K contents on your Apple TV.

How to Check the Quality of your Previous Purchases of Movies and Videos

If you have already bought HD movies from iTunes Store, probably you may have an access to 4K version, HDR, or Dolby Vision enhancements on compatible devices.

If the iTunes Store item doesn’t have a high-quality version currently, it might be added afterwards.

You can check the video quality of your purchases by tapping or clicking on a movie in your Library. For this, look at the top of the page for 4K, HDR or Dolby Vision icon.

Now enjoy visual extravaganza on a smart TV by streaming 4K and HDR contents through Apple TV.

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